Cavs looking to buy Amare

Per Chris Broussard at ESPN:

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Phoenix Suns are closing in on a deal that would send All-Star forward Amare Stoudemire to Cleveland, according to sources with knowledge of the negotiations.

The Cavaliers would send Zydrunas Ilgauskas and J.J. Hickson to Phoenix in exchange for Stoudemire, one of the league's most dominant big man.

My first thought was the Bulls need to get in on this deal if this is all it costs for Amare.   However, the problem lies with finances.   The real gain to this for the Suns is the shedding of Amare's contract. 

Sure they get JJ Hickson [they also need another minimum salary player added to the deal], but what they also gain is the ability to send out 4 million more in salary than they take back.    That saves them 4 million in luxury tax payments plus about 1.7 million in actual salary still owed.

The Bulls aren't going to offer that much savings.  They'll stay under the luxury tax themselves in any deal, so the most salary savings they are going to be willing to offer the Suns is likely 1-1.5 million or so.

The Cavs, most likely, are also throwing in a couple future 1st round picks if they make this deal.   If I were the Cavs, I know I would.   Add Amare onto this team, and they become the favorite to win the title this season, and they become the favorite to win it next season regardless of what other big names do in 2010 FA.

This seems like a pretty crappy deal for the suns, they sure made a huge mistake by keeping Amare this season relative to the offers they had last year which would have had them under the tax this season already.


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  • I still don't believe this....What are the Suns thinking?!?

    If they get Amare the Bulls better be calling the Jazz for Boozer to get that deal on the table that they had earlier last year.

  • Is Steve Kerr on the Cavs payroll? Seems like it.

    He should get out of Danny Ferry's BED and focus on the Suns for once.

  • What about the buddy component in this deal? McHale gets a bunch of baggage handlers albeit a guy who can score in Jefferson, and Ainge walks away with a Hall of Fame guard and a championship over the Lakers.

    It's hard to believe this Cleveland "coup" would have evolved as the Suns best deal/final option for Phoenix if Kerr's buddy Danny Ferry isn't the benefactor along with LeBron. The league will make so much money off the ratings of Amare/LeBron Vs. Kobe/Gasol. It's always about pals and money isn't it(?)

    I've heard Jason Richardson might be headed to Cleveland as well..? That's rich. You wonder as someone else stated if this compels Wade and Bosh to join up for a super team to compete(further enhancing the league's ratings). Think about it. There may be so much money to be had in hyped personas of players on Super-Teams as far as endorsements that it will more then make up for the Bird rights/better max deal from the parent team. That would leave the Bulls "competing" going for a mini version of a super with Boozer and Joe Johnson. If this deal in Cleveland goes through the implications will be far reaching in deed. And it probably ruins the Bulls chances of getting a title caliber team, unless Wade and Bosh want to join up with D-Rose..? Let's see what Derrick can pull off in today's advertisement for FA's opportunity/All-Star game. I hope to god he plays well, and if he's playing very well I sure hope the Bulls/Van Gundy will extend his minutes.

  • Doug is the first "expert" I've seen highlight the real story here, the immediate cash savings. This is all about Sarven because as bad as he's been, I can't believe Steve Kerr is this stupid. He's serving a greedy master.

  • The bulls need to stop sitting on their azzes and do something cause sitting around watching these other teams wheel and deal is only going to set them back for at least another 5 to 10 years. No big name free agent is going to come to the Bulls cause these big name free agents want to win a championship now not build a potential playoff contender. The Bulls better make a move cause if this trade between Phoenix and Cleveland goes down and Joe Johnson stays in Atlanta, look for Chris Bosh to end up in Miami along side Dewayne Wade and Boozer not coming to the Bulls either leaving the bulls with nobody. So if they are going to make a move they better do it now and dont trade players away for nothing in return.

  • This is very frustrating know that the bulls more than likely are going to end up with none of the top free agents, I just cannot see these free agents coming to Chicago leaving a situation that is already good for them or a situation that has a very good future for them. I mean lets be realistic here Wade is not leaving Miami and why should he, he has warm weather and south beach to offer to Chris Bosh or any other big name free agent. It seems as though Cleveland is going hard after Amare Stoutemire and probably will get him, and why would Joe Johnson leave Atlanta if they are winning. That only leaves Carlos Boozer who cannot be trusted on anything. This is why the NBA is as sorry as it is cause it is all about money and not parity. Well... we as fans can look forward to another 2000 free agency when the bulls didnt get anything while trading away descent players for something thats not going to be this summer and another 5 to 10 years of losing cause why would Rose and Noah want to stay when their contracts are up.

  • The trading deadline isn't over yet, yet alone free agency. Seems a bit too soon to doom the next decade.

  • Wait, add Amare to WHAT team and they become favorites for the title? I hope you are not talking about the Bulls, because that is definitely not the case...

  • Everybody chill. This may work out well for the Bulls. Important to remember the Bulls are still at least 3 or 4 years away. Let Cleveland have their run for a couple years with LBJ, Amare, Shaq et al. Two years ago, we thought Boston with Allen and KG added, would have a long run and we see that ending already. Shaq and Amare will be done in a couple years and the Bulls should be ready then. The key for the Bulls is keep the young talent (aka D-Rose, Noah, Taj, Tyrus (yes Tyrus), JJ), identify and add young, up and coming stars like Rudy Gay, Greg Oden, M. Beasley, JJ Hickson, and others. IF the Bulls can keep the young guys and develop them, then add a couple young stars along the way, they should be able to make a championship run and the journey will start at this trade deadline. Remember the best thing about a championship run is the journey.

  • Earth to GarPax...are you alive? DO SOMETHING ALREADY!!!!!

  • Memo to management, if you have to trade hinrich salmonds and especially Tyrus Thomas, please get some descent players and not just cap space in return, first rd. draft pick also. I really do hate that Tyrus cant get his act together cause this guy is going to be good when he gets his head straight. Letting him and kurt go is going to hurt so all I can say is get something good back in return.

  • Than let me guess, Suns will buy out Big Z and he will head back to the cavs in 30 days, and stern says his league will have lost 400 million this year (shocker)

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