Bulls want expiring + 1st for Tyrus

Per Adrian Wojnarowski:

Everyone understood Chicago executives are now determined to move Thomas, and a clear price has been established for suitors: Expiring contracts and a 2010 or future first-round draft pick, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. The Bulls are also exploring ways to package Thomas with guard Kirk Hinrich to free themselves of his contract.

The Charlotte Bobcats bid Acie Law, Flip Murray and their 2010 first-round pick, a league executive said. The Bobcats have been searching for a long, athletic forward like Thomas, the fourth pick in the 2007 draft, and are expected to be aggressive pursuers. Portland Trail Blazers general manager Kevin Pritchard made an offer they'll have to improve upon to be taken seriously - one of his expiring contracts (Steve Blake or Travis Outlaw) and two future second-round draft picks.

The New York Knicks, Sacramento Kings, San Antonio Spurs, Denver Nuggets and New Orleans Hornets are among the multiple teams who've spoken to Chicago about Thomas. The Bulls are telling people that they have several teams willing to offer first-round picks - in 2010 or beyond.

Bulls management is telling teams they expect to take the bidding right to the Feb. 18 deadline. The Bulls want to avoid the possibility of Thomas accepting a $6.2 million qualifying offer on the eve of this summer's free agency, which would deliver a major dent to their salary-cap space. Thomas, 23, will be a restricted free agent this summer.

The Bulls are desperate to recruit Miami's Dwyane Wade back to his hometown, but one source familiar with Wade's thinking says he's "far less" inclined to bolt Miami unless Chicago has the ability to sign a "significant" free agent to join him.

If the Bulls can get an Acie Law, flip Murray, and the Bobcats 1st that would be a nice deal.  The only problem with that is the Bobcats can't trade their 1st round pick which sort of nixes the value of this rumor doesn't it?   They already owe it conditionally to the Timberwolves, and if they don't have to pay off the condition then they still can't move it because they might owe it next year [violating the multiple years in a row clause].   The clause has so much protection that the Bobcats can't trade a future 1st rounder at all until next year, so it can't even be a pick in the future.  So we can pretty much shoot down this rumor right away, but thanks for playing Mr. Wojnarowski.

If Portland offers up Travis Outlaw for Tyrus straight up then I'm sold.   If they throw in some second rounders [and seriously, Portland is the last team that needs a bunch of second rounders to try and fill out it's roster, so they might be willing] then I'm really, really sold.   The Bulls should really be looking to acquire second round picks in this draft, because it's a deep draft so the odds of getting a player are decent and because they won't have the cap holds of 1st rounders using up their 2010 cap space they want to keep open.

Count me as extremely excited about Travis Outlaw + 2nds for Tyrus Thomas.   If the Bulls move Kirk Hinrich in another deal then count me really excited about Steve Blake + 2nds for Tyrus Thomas, as the Bulls will need a backup PG, and Blake is capable.   You could also use him along side Derrick as a spot up shooter.

If the Bulls really have an offer for expirings plus a 1st rounder that may be a decent trade opportunity.   The downside to taking on a first is this trade actually shrinks the Bulls cap space next season.  

If may not be that big a deal as they could probably trade their 1st rounder before they sign him to another team, and the cap his is relatively small, but depending how the rest of the trade deadline goes, the salary cap, and Salmons opt out, acquiring 1st rounders could actually be the difference between having room and not.

Mark down Adrian Wojnarowski as another media guy who mentions the Bulls displaying an irrational fear of Tyrus accepting his QO immediately.   Maybe they do have such a fear, but I can't imagine why.  The Bulls don't need to give him the QO, and it's really, REALLY hard to imagine Tyrus accepting it without playing the market first if they did.

In their case though, I can't imagine them offering him the QO in the first place.   It's plain as day that they don't want to keep him would any team really do a S&T with Tyrus to pay him more money for fear of the Bulls matching a contract offer?   If I were a GM and the Bulls tried to tell me behind closed doors to offer something up or we'll match then I'd laugh my ass off at them.

Anyway, given impossibility of the leading part of this rumor, I'm somewhat skeptical of the information as a whole.


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  • Damn, I liked the sound of charlotte's lotto pick this year too.

  • In reply to senrad:

    Charlotte doesn't have a #1 Pick this year, unless they make the lottery.

  • In reply to senrad:

    Yea it looks like a lot of teams are we just have to pick the best 1. I really like the sound of getting another draft pick. But like you guys said, Bobcats dont have a pick. But im sure there are other teams offering 1st round draft picks for him. Portlands deal sounds can grab some decent rotation players in the 2nd Kalin Lucus,Luke Hanagrody among others. If the Bulls really want another 1st rounder, i wouldnt mind taking the Bobcats next year first rounder. The Bulls could end up trading Tyrus for a expiring an draft pick an then just trading that pick away in a package with Salmons or Hinrich. Lots of options...get it right Gar!

  • In reply to senrad:

    Him being traded to Portland would just be full of irony.

  • In reply to senrad:

    ESPN Insider report the POSSIBILITY of Spurs taking Tyrus & Salmons for Bonner, Mason, Finley & the rights to Splitter.

    That sounds TOO good to be true.

  • In reply to bulls6:

    If we could get the rights to Splitter, that would be awesome.

  • In reply to senrad:

    D Rose will participate this weekend..just heard on the radio....

  • In reply to senrad:

    Adrian has no idea what he is talking about. Tyrus cant take the QO if it isnt offered. Also it will be very hard to get a 1st rounder for Thomas.

  • In reply to senrad:

    I wonder how much of this Tyrus's sudden demand is due to his agent's push to generate some kind of buzz and non-available market. This also indicates that Tyrus and his agent have decided to get out of the Bulls desperately which was obvious to most of you guys. The only fear is as great as Rose has been we cannot get rid of all decent rotation guys and get nothing in return. We might end up becoming a little better than NJ Nets(they have Lopez similar to Noah, Harris similar to Rose)although Rose is playing much better than Harris.
    Also, another point: Heard Kevin McHale on the radio, he was talking about team chemistry. I hope the Bulls stop tinkering around and build a good nucleus of 5 to 6 players who will play for atleast 4 years.

  • Regardless of the credibility of the specifics, it is encouraging to hear there may be a market for him. He's not coming back, so if we can make an advantageous move, let's do it.

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    Any deal that gives the bulls the ability to be a player in 2010 draft and free agency is exactly what this team needs.

    I'd be willing to deal kirk for a lottery pick straight up. If that's on the table anywhere we gotta pick it up.

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    Hey New Jersey, are you listening?

  • In reply to msalivar:

    Why are just about all the deals you suggest completely one sided? It just wastes space.

  • In reply to msalivar:

    Isn't New York interested?

    Here you go.

    To Bulls: David Lee and Darco Milicic
    To Knicks: Tyrus Thomas, Jerome James, J.Pargo or J. Johnson and a #1 Pick

    The Bulls could keep David Lee and go after Dwyane Wade in July.

    PG - Rose, SG - Wade, SF - Deng, PF - Lee and C - Noah...that works.

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    In reply to msalivar:

    Okay Doug so you slapped down the idea about hinrich for a lottery pick. Yeah i was still a bit groggy when i posted that one. A late first rounder could happen though. I've just started taking a real look at this draft class and I love the possibilities in the late first rd.

    xavier henry - stock keeps falling for some silly reason so he might be there

    jerome jordan and michael washington are both skillful big men which is nice since this organization can't develop bigs. we need them wrapped in a tidy package

    greivis vasquez, jimmer fredette - either would replace and maybe improve on hinrich's skill set.

    this is first peek stuff though. can't start talking draft in earnest til march.

  • In reply to msalivar:

    As for the draft I'm hoping Memphis loses some more conference games, and somehow doesn't get into the tournament. You had D-Rose, Tyreke Evans, and dare I say one more good one(though not on those guys' level) in Elliot Williams. If he plays in the tournament a couple of good games will raise his stock up into the teens. The guy can shoot and his ball handling skills are underrated. And he has one of the longest, springiest NBA strides to the hoop I've ever seen. His athleticism is underrated IMO. I watched him play many times, but particularly in the game against UAB his last dribble was outside the three point line, and he hopped into the lane collected himself, and went in for the dunk. Amazing. 49% FG's on 20ppg. Defensively his lateral quickness, good stance(though inconsistent at this point), and active long arms would have top notch/lock down potential at the two. He's listed at 6'4, but he's so athletic and rangy he comes across more as 6'6/6'7. Also even with a weak dribbling left hand you'd have to take a long look at Dominique Jones out of the Big East USF. Of course after that big game/win against Georgetown so is everybody else. His rebound stats as a major barometer of athleticism(though anything over 4.5 rebounds pg is acceptable/exceptional) at 5.7 and 6(D-Wade numbers though he's not the athlete Dwyane is) this year tells you a lot along with his well above 45% FG percentage and his 20 ppg average in the beastly conf. that is the Big East. Also, I doubt if he's coming out this year as a Freshman, but Alec Burks SG for Colorado(school that produced Chauncey Billups) will be a Big 12 all-conference player next year, and has the superb athleticism, shooting, excellent handle, and charisma that has future NBA success at the two written all over him. By the way I still think James Johnson if he can get in shape will be a decent scorer in the NBA though that might be a year or two down the road.

  • Keep in mind that Charlotte gives up their 1st Round pick in 2010 to Minnesota, unless they are in the lottery.

    At least there are options out there. Hopefully, more come about.

  • If we can get rid of TT and Salmons, I'd rather keep our best defender, thanks.

  • In reply to msalivar:

    "...keep our best defender.." that is pure comedy. priceless...

  • 2nd round picks in the NBA are virtually worthless especially late round ones. You need a miracle equivalent to the Bulls winning the lottery to pick Derrick Rose to make a second round pick worth something.

    Even the ones that look like good "value" don't usually turn out to be good never mind great players, see Chris Duhon, Mario Chalmers, etc.

    The Blazers have been pedling Outlaw for 3 years now, with no takers, now that Webster is healthy they have no use for him, and Outlaw is nothing more than an expiring deal to the Bulls, although he provides some backup for Deng if Salmons is dumped.

    I'd rather get a guy like Haywood, if he is actually available.

  • Gordons Detroit stats this year are a dime a dozen, or is it a dime a dozen Million(dollars)per year.

  • we are moving all of them for cap space, can you sign 2 free agents(one max, one not max) who are better than the 3 of them, I think so.

  • and the Knicks are not trading him unless it is for a proven star, not a slug like Thomas.

  • Someone will take a Hinrich+Tyrus or Tyrus+Salmons deal in my opinion. I wouldnt mind looking at Sacremento's Kenny Thomas. Tyrus+Salmons For Kenny Thomas and swap of draft picks. The Kings loved Salmons when he was there and they pretty much get Tyrus for nothing because Kenny Thomas doesnt even play. The Kings probably wont be a big Free agent they get their two free agents here with Tyrus and Salmons. Bulls could swap picks and possibly land in the top 10. Plus you open up money for a big time FA this summer.

  • I dont think we have one individual defender, and certainly not Hinrich. Think the combination of the team playing better defense (especially in the paint, noah, tyrus, gibson) is the reason for the lower opponent percentage. But I am more inclined to believe that Tyrus is a much better defender, though I think he is playing out of position to be that effective. Guess he is given the "green light" to roam the paint, weak side help, etc.

    Of course you are basing your love for Hincrap and his magnetic defense on more than his scare scrow swing my arms animation? Or there are any numbers to support your assertion? But am sure he is a swell guy!

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