Bulls top Timberwolves for 3rd straight win; first look at the new guys

The Bulls beat the lowly Timberwolves on the road notching their 3rd straight win.   It's easy to be underwhelmed by the Bulls last three wins against very poor teams, but I don't think that's fair.   This was a good win for several reasons.
First, let's recall that before these last couple wins, the Bulls were only 10-17 on the road.  There seems to be this perception that the Bulls are a good road team because of the five straight they won on the ice capades trip, but they really haven't been.

Next, let's recall this is the team that gave up a 35 point lead to the Kings, the team that lost to the Nets, the team that's lost to the Clippers twice, and the team that lost to the GS D-League team.  

Finally, the Bulls have now won the past three games while Joakim Noah has rested.   The importance of this can't be overstated, because by winning these games, it gives the Bulls a little more cushion to allow Joakim to recover while improving their playoff position rather than falling off.

The Bulls have won three in a row, two on the road, and while the competition has been poor, the team seems to have found a way to drop at least one such game in the past when put in this situation. 

This game really came down to a familiar theme with the Bulls: Second half defense.   Both teams were hot in the first half as the score was 58-55 Timberwolves, but the Bulls held the Wolves to a mere 36 points in the second half.

The quick takeaways from this game are as follows:
The Bulls played well when they got out and ran.
They dominated the glass.
They were scary bad from behind the arc [despite Kirk tying Ben Gordon for most made 3s in franchise history, the rest of the team was 0-11].
New guys played okay, but nothing special.

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