Bulls talking to Magic about Anthony Johnson

Per KC Johnson:

Magic men: Two league sources said the Magic is one of many teams the Bulls have talked to in their attempts to pare payroll before the Feb. 18 trade deadline. Guard Anthony Johnson has an expiring contract and the Bulls are making John Salmons and Tyrus Thomas available to any takers.

The Bulls remain focused on acquiring at least one expiring contract before the deadline.

For a trade involving Johnson [from the Magic] and Salmons or Tyrus [from the Bulls] to go down, other salaries need to be included.   Looking over the roster, the only salary that really fits is JJ Reddick.   Everyone else makes too little or isn't expiring.

Working from a base of Reddick + Johnson, you don't have enough salary to match John Salmons, so the obvious trade would be Reddick + Johnson for Tyrus.    Orlando would also need to pick up a minimum salary player to meet the minimum roster requirements.

It's possible they could throw out Reddick + Johnson + Barnes for Salmons, but that would require them to grab two minimum salary players to fill out the roster plus they'd be taking on more salary than sending out, so it'd add a fairly hefty luxury tax bill to a roster that really can't afford it.    The Bulls would probably need to cover the extra 3 million in roster expense for the Magic in that case.

I'm not an expert on the Magic, but I think the first trade feels more likely than the second trade.   Though the second trade combined with a James Johnson + Tyrus for Brendan Haywood trade makes some sense, as the Bulls would lose: Salmons, JJ, Tyrus and bring in Haywood, Reddick, and Barnes.

They'd replace two rotation players with three rotation players while adding more shooting, defense, and better financial flexibility heading into next season.   There are reasons both those trades make sense for the other team as well, but neither is a no brainer for the other team.


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  • The Im in orlando and people here are really nervous about VC. Even with his recent good play nobody here seems convinced he will keep it up or be effective in the playoffs. Salmons would be a welcome addition I think.

  • I thought that I read something about Hinrich to the Magic for Brandon Bass, Redick, and another salary, I like Barnes in that deal. Bass makes $4 million in 2010, so we are only moving 5 million of Hinrichs salary, but I like his Body and we need his type of game, especially if we move Tyrus. Barnes is active and I like him better than Salmons at his point, and Redick provides the 3 point shooting that we need.

    Not a fan of picking up Johnson, but if all that we are doing is dumping Salmons, it is no big deal either way.

    Don't see why Orlando wants Salmons at all, Tyrus maybe they take a flyer on him.

  • Hey Doug, welcome back!. Question, If the Bulls drop off Tyrus rights on july, can this give the necessary cap relief they need? I know you lose Tyrus for nothing, but do you think he deserves 6 millons he whould get with the QO?

  • Its sad to see Tyrus go off like he did, because i really believe if he ever got his stuff together he could be a very very good defensive player for us. Only if he focused on Rebounds,Blocks,tip ins and Dunks he could be great for us. Forget all the jump shooting crap. But right now it looks like he is long gone. The Bulls should of been playing him the whole time so that people would actually get to see him...and maybe we would actually have some takers and a chance to raise his value. Who is going to trade for a guy that they can just sign at the end of the season for.

  • Couldnt agree anymore with ya....I really have grown to like Taj now...the guy just knows how to play the game...Now my question is...how could can Taj get? That jumper of his could be a great weapon for him as he gets older. His game is much like Joe Smith's but i hope he can do even more with it. I can see him being a great bench player for us for a number of years.

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