Bulls shopping Deng too?

According to Ken Berger they are:

• In addition to peddling Kirk Hinrich, sources say the Bulls also are
exploring interest in Luol Deng, who has four years and $51 million
left after this season. Trading both of them - or packaging one of them
with Thomas - would provide Chicago with enough cap space to score two
max free agents this coming summer, effectively placing them on equal
footing with the Heat in the 2010 chase. •

It's hard to say what the Bulls should do with Deng.  I don't particularly think he's worth his cap hit.  His deferred payments make the contract more mild than it looks, but that doesn't help the Bulls build a better team.  

He's a solid player on both ends of the court, and they're not going to just find another guy to replace his production easily either.   His three point shot seems like it's slowly coming around as his accuracy is much improved as are his number of attempts this season though he's still pretty far away from being a three point threat.

If Deng could become that three point shooting SF then he'd be an awfully good fit next to Derrick Rose, but even then, the final years of his contract are really cap killers.

Also, trading him for crap basically is likely to tank the team the rest of this season, again, making it much harder to lure FAs in the summer.   If the bulls did trade everyone for expirings and went into the summer with Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, and enough room to sign two max FAs I wonder what would happen.

Maybe you get Wade and Bosh or LeBron and anyone, but if not, you're left with a ton of money to spend on guys who will end up even more overpaid than the ones you just shipped off.

It's a dangerous game, if you go that route and win, you're looking a a team that could win multiple championships.  If you go that route and don't sign anyone then you're looking to rebuild around cap space and have to be awfully careful not to make mistakes on the second tier guys lest you lock yourself into a crappy future.

The upside is a team that probably wins multiple titles.   The downside is the odds of signing even one max FA could lower considerably.   How risky will the bulls play this thing?


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  • I would bet that they're standards for a Deng trade are much higher than with Kirk, John, or Tyrus. While it is noteworthy that they might move him, I doubt there's much of a chance they move him for "crap."

  • If you do trade like Camby+Rasual Butler for Deng+Tyrus it doesn't really kill your record and helps you drastically in free agency.

  • About TIME! Now you pursue Amare Stoudemire...Phoenix has always liked Deng...and with Grant Hill's career about to be done. Deng would make a great replacement. Send them Tyrus as well. As long as you can get a good core of players still in Bulls uniforms you are set. If thats not enough,give them next years draft pick too. It will be a bad pick because our team should be a lot better next year. Rose,Noah,Amare,Taj,Hinrich going into the summer of 2010 with money to spend!!!! To go after a Joe Johnson or Wade. This is exactly what you do. SF is the easiest position to Deng is replaceable. He will always be a guy in trade rumors around the deadline because he could be a good #3 guy for good teams. Trade him now while he playing good. No doubt in my mind, Amare would stay with the Bulls and help recruit another guy this summer. GO FOR IT GAR!!!!! If Pat Riley finds a way to get Amare, then Wade is going no where. And the possibility of the Bulls signing big free agents got slim really fast. You will be stuck over paying 2nd tier guys.

  • Rose,Hinrich
    Joe Johnson/Wade,Hinrich
    Cheap FA or Draft Pick,James Johnson
    Noah, Draft Pick or Cheap FA

    That team is NASTY!!!

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    If the bulls are shopping Deng do you think this means they have a bead on Outlaw in portland?

    I repeat that a move for deng with golden state that probably includes azubuike and definitely morrow i'm all good with.

  • Sure seems to me like they're going to go-for-broke in free agency this summer.

    Scary-good team or scary-bad team starting next year.

  • If Phoenix wanted Iggy and Dalembert, Im sure they would take Deng. Sixers arnt doing it because they lose 2 of there better players and there not sure if Stat would even stay with them after this season. And if Miami gets Amare...then it wont be good for the Bulls. Deng + Tyrus and maybe a draft pick FOR Amare. DO IT GAR! DO IT!!!

  • I'm all for it. After 12 yrs of crap you owe it to the fans and the team to do everything you can to put the best squad on the court. No risk, no reward. They've been too conservative over the years. It's time to go for broke and hope for the best.

    Also, you always mention that a crappy team will make it more difficult to attract a top FA or two. To some extent I think that's true, but the Bulls won't be just any old crap team. I think FAs understand that we're ready to compete and do everything necessary to do so. We already have a legitimate budding star and another top center. Mostly standing pat and grabbing one more piece won't necessarily get it done. In this new league of hoarding talent, I don't think the Bulls can add one piece and call it a day. Not when teams like the Lakers, Magic, Nuggets can beat you in multiple ways. But if you have the chance to put three perennial All-Stars on the floor every night, you have to take the chance to do it.

    Scared money don't make none!

  • In reply to jamatokwu:

    100% spot on, too bad the Bulls brainiacs don't get it.

  • Good luck unloading 51 million when teams are struggling to make money. Deng will be with us for some time.

  • Like i said...Phoenix really pushed hard for Iggy and Dalembert and they both have terrible contracts....Deng and Iggy are pretty equal as far as production and Tyrus and Dalembert are pretty similair besides the fact that Dalembert is taller then Tyrus. I would offer our next years draft pick too if it came down to it. Like someone else said...this is a different NBA, you need as many stars as you can get.

  • The deal is we need a good bunch of slashing/good shooters or what Salmons/Deng/Pargo should be. This is the case even if we get Amare. So trading Deng makes it a little scary because he is the best of the lot and is playing as a top 10/15 small forward in the league. One thing about money is the Bulls should be spending as much as they can. They are making/have made a ton of money in the last decade without a good product on the field. I understand getting under the cap now for FA market but they better spend over the limit into luxury tax territory if needed. Otherwise, the fans look like fools and will feel they have been filling Mr.Reinsdorf's pockets for nothing..

  • Deng, as everybody knows, doesn't get to the foul line due to a lack of explosiveness to create contact. He also has never shot threes nor is he doing so in volume this year. Taking into account those deficiencies I doubt anyone wants his long term salary. But still there's always a sucker in the crowd, especially with Deng's value rising/this season's play.

    I agree with the posters who think one is not enough. At this point you have to go all out for two max free agents because one will increase the odds greatly of attracting the other. You put two all stars together with Rose, and a team with Noah and a decent bench big in Taj and you have a contender. Only problem is guys are not going to want to come and play for an inexperienced/unproven coach in Vinny. So all you have to do is get a new coach, trade Deng, and then bring in two max players. Possible, but more likely an L.A. Story or Miami miracle, and highly unlikely in Chicago with Reinsdorf's alienating and very cautious ways.

  • Deng has played pretty well of late. The only thing I noticed is he is back to that step inside the three point jumper. He WAS starting to take more three's. I thought he was figuring it out... damn. Maybe he didn't want to raise his trade value TOO much. I sometimes wonder if that isn't Kirk and Tyrus' deal as well.

  • I'm all for what will improve the team including moving Deng. I wouldn't want Amare though. Too inconsistent, injury prone and averse to defense. It is a pretty big gamble to decimate the roster in the attempts to sign two big FA's this summer but if they think they can do it they should go for it.

  • Bosh is better then Amare...I know...but right now i think you cant be picky...if you land a all star bigman you do it. Deng will never be a all star because the SF spot is so deep. I wouldnt agree about Amare being inconsistent, the guy usually averages 20 and 10 on most nights. I say go for it! A team of Amare,Rose,Noah,Hinrich,Taj and money to go after another guy like Wade,Joe Johnson exc...could be unstoppable. I could play small forward for that team and we still would be unreal.

  • Since the only way to go after 2 free agents this summer is too Dump Deng(along with Hinrich, Salmons and Tyrus)I'd absolutely trade him for just about any package.

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