Bulls renew talks with Knicks about Tyrus for Al Harrington

Per KC Johnson:

League sources said the Bulls and Knicks have renewed talks that stalled in early December on a Tyrus Thomas for Al Harrington swap. Other Bulls' salaries would need to be included to make the trade work.

The Bulls continue to shop Thomas aggressively, including as part of larger deals involving John Salmons or Kirk Hinrich. The Bulls have told teams they are seeking expiring contracts and draft picks.

League sources also said the Bulls remain in dialogue with the Rockets for the $23 million expiring contract of Tracy McGrady.

Who wouldn't want a guy who's nickname is Nosharington?   Seriously though, I really like this trade for the Bulls.   Even if Harrington is the most selfish player in the universe, the Bulls desperately need offense and Harrington can provide more efficient offense than the vast majority of our team in high volume.

He'd also make Rose more dangerous by giving him someone who's actually dangerous off the pick and roll, and by giving the Bulls a legit front court player who can score.   Yeah, you're losing something in defense with the swap, but I think it helps the Bulls considerably, especially given that you're lifting Tyrus's bad attitude from the team in the process.

Jerome James is almost certainly the other piece to this puzzle going to New York.   The Knicks are like the Bulls.   They're not taking any extended contracts, so John Salmons is right out.  Jerome James + Tyrus Thomas for Harrington + Landry is probably the final deal.   The Knicks take on an extra 900k in the deal, the Bulls might through 1.8 million into it to make it salary neutral, maybe not.

KC also mentions the Bulls still being involved with the Rockets for Tracy McGrady and other proposals for Salmons / Hinrich.  It promises to be a busy All-star weekend.


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  • I knew this was gonna come back up around the deadline time...I guess since the Amare to the Cavs stuff is heating up (even though i don't believe it), we might as well forget about getting STAT at the deadline.

    I would love to get Marcus Landry though. Cool guy, i talked to him before a game once...

  • If I was Thomas I would be pulling for this deal, he could put up some numbers in D'Antoni's system.

  • This trade makes more sense to me than even the Outlaw or Blake deals. I think Harrington can play some PF in the East, and we can use a smaller lineup + Noah that should give other teams some problems. I understand this is a temporary thing, as Al would be gone after this season.. but it would at least be improving our team slightly while also getting rid of Tyrus, as opposed to the other deals I've heard mentioned. I don't dislike Outlaw, but I don't know that he fits as well, and he and Deng would cut into each other's minutes.

    Tyrus would have a chance to re-mold his game in NY, but he would also have a chance to sink into the land of the unknowns.. like Jared Jeffries, Eddy Curry, etc..

  • I think you're right about the mild benefits of Harrington. Yes, he's a pud, but we need offense, 3-point shooting and a forward who can pick and roll/pop. We could probably do better, but we could probably do worse.

  • In reply to muhammond:

    Harrington sounds like another T Thomas, Tim that is.

  • In reply to muhammond:


    Rose is pulling out of the Skills Challenge.

    I think that is a SMART move on his part.

  • Harrington is about to turn 30. The last three years his field goal percentage has been down as have his trips to the line/PER. If you look at Harrington's career overall his numbers are good. Up until this season he's shot the three reasonably well the last couple of years. Personally, as others have stated, I have seen Al throw tantrums and he is at least somewhat of a jerk. But he also seems to be a competitor. I'd have to think getting him would help the offense possibly in a major way if he can partner up with Rose on pick and rolls.

    If Hinrich's part of the deal it's going to hurt the team's flexibility defensively since when they were playing well Kirk was taking the teams best backcourt player and taking pressure off of Derrick. Overall though losing Thomas and gaining an offensive talent in a big who's an expiring works for me.

  • I would think the Bulls would want to go bigger then this deal but again, like everyone is saying its not that bad. And I would think the Bulls would rather have Amare then just go after TMAc for his contract. Plus you would have to gut your team to match TMac's salary. Signing 2 top FA's this summer seems unlikely. Best choice is to try to land someone right now and then grab another star this summer. Focus your attention on 1 guy this summer. Bulls usually make the trades no one is talking about, so we will see what happens...a lot of this trade talk is smokescreen trades made up by the writers.

  • As I sit here thinking about this whole thing, the same reality keeps smacking me in the face: Why do we constantly waste time with mediocre players? The more I think about it, the more I want the Bulls to risk everything and go for it. Keep Rose as your driver and Noah as your engine, and let all other parts be scrapped out in hopes that we can bring in Wade / Bosh / etc.. so that being said -- I'm getting on board with the Amare deal. Send Deng & Hinrich if you have to, and get Amare in here to see how he likes Chicago. If we can convince him to stay, it has to be appealing for someone like Wade or Lebron to play with Rose/Amare/Noah. I believe that is what has been mentioned before, and though it may be lofty and optimistic, I'm ready to take that chance. I find it much more unlikely that we can clear up enough space for two top level FA's and they both decide to come to Chicago in the offseason. I think having Amare NOW and through the rest of the season will make us a much more appealing place for FA's. Our record would be better, our playoff appearance would likely be more flattering, and if Amare likes it here, he could help recruit Wade, etc.. to come to Chicago.

    I'm just tired of trying to piece mediocre talent together to make everything work. We've tried that. It got us into the 2nd round once, but that was the end of it. I love Kirk & Deng, but they aren't going to bring us to the next level. Great players win titles. Right now the Lakers have twice the talent we do, so that should be our goal.

  • There you go Justin....and thats exactly what we should be doing. The chances of 2 major FA's leaving their teams and coming here is very slim. Say Miami makes a trade for Amare....Amare and Wade both will stay after this season leaving the Bulls to go after Bron and Bosh. Bron will stay because the Cavs are dominate right now. Bosh has even mentioned staying because the Raptors are also having success right now. Leaving us with Joe Johnson...who is 30 years old probably looking for a close to max deal. PLUS Atlanta is having a great season...why would he even want to leave there in the first place?

    I think the best possible way to get our team into a contender next year is to go at Amare right now. You get Amare on board with Noah and then have a 3 headed monster WITH money to go spend on another stud this offseason. The Bulls front office has to be thinking about this right now. Wade has already said, (according to websites) he would want another star to play next to him....How could he turn down a team of Rose, Noah and Amare...with guys like Hinrich and Taj as our bench players. We could be a dynasty if they make the right moves. It all starts with Amare though...once you get him...anything can happen from there.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Johnson is seven months older than Wade, with a far smaller injury History.

    If Amare opts in next season, there goes our free agent money, unless we get rid of Deng, Hinrich, Salmons and Tyrus, which I am massively in favor of doing.

    However, I want to use that double max money to sign Lebron and Bosh, the only ultimate 2010 strategy.

    A double max team is the only one that can Bring Lebron and Bosh together. Neither Cleveland or Toronto can get under the cap to sign the other, so the Bulls and Miami are in a race to get the furthest under the cap.

    Miami has to have an advantage with Wade, and the attractiveness of Miami to NBA players.

    don't get me wrong I'd love to have Amare, but he comes with significant risk to hitting a homerun in 2010

    How is Amare anyless of a letdown than ending up with Joe Johnson.

  • Justin/csharp3410- point made. I agree 100%. The time is now. let's not bank on the FA this year.

  • fb_avatar

    A lot of confusing moving parts before this trade deadline. I'm trying to view it as simply as possible. We've got Tyrus, Hinrich and Salmons to sell. For that we want to buy:

    1) Enough expirings for a max FA
    2) 1 quality player (eg outlaw)
    3) 1 late 1st/early 2nd round draft pick.

    If you guys think we're buying something different I'd love to know what the bulls are gunning for from your view.

    I don't like the Tyrus to NY move because the knicks don't have the pick we want. Portland does (1st). So does Sacramento (early 2nd).

    And just cause I'm obsessed with moving Hinrich, I wonder if OKC would be interested (harden + expiring). They don't really have a pure PG. I think OKC is one of the few teams Hinrich could actually start on and improve.

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    As much as I would love to get Harden, OKC is not wasting its cap space on Hinrichs contract, even if the move makes some basketball sense for both teams, which it might not for them.

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    .....maybe we should trade Deng or Kirk + fillers for Al Jefferson...legit big guy. Thoughts?

    ...and talk about that Dunk Contest. BORING. We should make a website called if that's all you have to do to get someone in the contest..

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