Bulls likely to get Warrick and Alexander for Salmons?

According to KC Johnson's twitter
there are multiple possibilities for the Salmons trade.

Hakim Warrick and Joe Alexander is most likely with Elson and Thomas still being a
possibility as well.

The Bucks are
either going to send Hakim Warrick and Joe Alexander OR Kurt Thomas and
Francisco Elson to the Bulls. Probably the former.

This is a much better deal for the Bulls.   Joe Alexander didn't have a great rookie year and is presently out with an injury, but he's still got at least a shadow of potential.  Hakim Warrick would be a solid rotation player for the Bulls and fit perfectly if Tyrus Thomas were to be traded as a replacement.

Either way, talentwise, this new deal, if it occurs is vastly better than the original.   We'll see if the Bulls have a follow up move for Tyrus.

Who knows.   We'll find out in about 8 hours.

[edit original speculation erased after finding out the Bucks declined Alexander's 3rd year option, wow they must have been disappointed in his rookie year]


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    It might be OFFICIAL. The Bulls receive Warrick and Alexander.


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