Bulls finally beat Blazers in OT

Derrick Rose was phenomenal all game long, but he missed the shot at
the buzzer.   The Bulls kept splitting FTs down the stretch to allow
the Blazers chances to stay in the game, but ultimately, the Bulls hung
on to win after Brandon Roy missed a three, and Luol Deng got a fast
break dunk to put the Bulls up four with 1.4 seconds left.

Derrick Rose just dominated this game offensively showing an incredible
array of offensive moves.   He could not be stopped from getting to the
basket, and he was nailing runners, jumpers, turn arounds, step backs,
you name it.   Eventually the Blazers finally just started trapping the
hell out of him every time he touched the ball.   Derrick led the team
in crunch time in the 4th quarter accounting for most our points, and
the only downside to Rose's performance was a turnover in super crunch
time, and the fact that he missed a buzzer beater chance to win the
game on a ball that looked like it would fall in.

Kirk Hinrich
and Luol Deng both shot the ball outstandingly and were
uncharacteristically clutch in the overtime period, and both did a nice
job defensively as well. 

Joakim Noah looked the best he's
looked since coming back from the plantar fasciitis (despite a horrible
turnover in OT that could have been game changing and failing to box
out Aldridge on the FT attempt at the end). 

The Bulls were
bipolar at the end of this game vacillating between giving the game
away with missed free throws, failed box outs, some terrible turnovers,
but then making key stops defensively and hitting clutch shots.

in all, it was a huge win for the Bulls.   A high quality win against a
high quality team, and the Bulls are going to have a lot of these tough
games coming up, so it's important to get them when we can.

P.S.  Stacey King, did you get the memo?   They don't call ticky tack barely touched you fouls at the end of games.   Brandon Roy had as much contact [with no call] a play or two earlier.


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  • Good Win by the Bulls. A few points:
    1. I am concerned about Noah's hands and decision making. I have seen him make some critical errors like throwing the ball away. I am hoping with more playing experience the game will slow down a little bit for him.
    2. Rose seem to turn the ball in the 4th quarter when he gets trapped. It is more like there is no Bull player near him to pass. Vinny needs to have this re-occuring issue fixed
    3. Deng is very underrated. He definitely needs to get a little aggressive and maybe Rose can help him get that mentality. Or maybe a year of no big injury will make him less tentative.

  • A negative +/- rating, only 2 rebounds and 4 assits plus 5 turnovers, and enough questionable ballhandling to make it feel like 10 is not phenomenal, it is just a typical "great" game for Ben Gordon, well except that Gordon never shoots 60% from the field.

    Of course I realize that in the Ben Gordon school of basketball the only thing that matters is how many points you score.

    This is the primary reason why the NBA is filled with so many contracts that people just can't wait to get rid of, and usually can't.

    In a city that witnessed Michael Jordan, we ought to have a much higher definition of phenomenal.

    While I enjoy watching Rose score as much as any Bulls fan, the rest of his game is hardly elite at this point in his career. Hopefully it will get there in the next year or 2.

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    In reply to BigWay:

    cp3's the only guy who can guard d-rose 1 on 1 in the league, and him just barely. he's elite. consider this the memo.

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    Consider this the memo, there is more to the game than a players scoring average.

    In fact other than Jordan, scoring champions don't win NBA championships. Right now the only part of Rose's game that could be considered even remotely elite is his ability to score.

    He is deficient too all the other elite point guards in most every other aspect of his game.

    Love the kid, but he is not there yet. We can only hope and pray that he does get there soon, next year is probably the make or break year.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    So I heard that Noah wasnt going to the Indiana game on Saturday. Did his leg get worst?

    Also, why cant the bulls Cut Jerome James or something to get a valuable player. Does it have something to do with his contract?

    Also, do you see the Bulls cutting one of Hunter, Law, James, Brown, anyone to get Richards or another big back since Noah seems to be having a hard time recovering.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    Noah was limping late in the game and Vinny said afterward that he played him too much. Noah could probably use about 3 months off.

    Any chance to upset a higher seed in the playoffs is probably gone with him injured.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Could we quit pretending this +- rating means much of anything? Or is the theory that Pargo was more helpful to the Bulls with his +6 rating, 2 points, 1 assist and 3 turnovers in 3-1/2 minutes? Aldridge should play like Jannero too since his 32 points was accompanied by a -11.

  • In reply to borg:

    Can we start pretending that turnovers, especially for a point guard, especially in the final minute of the game with a chance to close out the game, do matter?

  • In reply to BigWay:

    The 5th Seed?

    The Bulls are a win vs. Indiana and a Toronto loss @ OKC from taking over the 5th spot in the Eastern Conference Playoff Standings.

    That's a good thing.

  • 2 Thoughts

    1) Noah is needed badly on the defensive end. He shutdown Aldridge and Gibson, Warrick and Miller were getting killed by him.

    2) How do you prevent that trapping D on Rose? 3 straight possesions they took it out of his hands.

  • You prevent the trapping by getting better players around him.

  • Also, Doug I get the no call on D. Rose at the end, but how did the refs blow the call on Hinrich on that fast break. That was an easy call.

  • Doug, have to differ with you. Chauncey Billups gets that call at the end of the game. Brandon Roy gets that call at the end of the game. That was a serious bump. But with today's floppy/phony game you have to fall down/exaggerate the effects of the contact a lot of times to get the call. I guarantee in the same circumstances Chauncey or Brandon Roy would fall down like they'd been shot, and they'd get the call. The only thing missing from Derrick's offensive game is the ability to create contact, and get insurance points(as Roy did tonight) at the end of games.

    Someone needs to have a serious practice session(s) and a sit-down about complaining to the refs and falling down upon contact. It's sad, but it's become part of the game. And he's getting screwed. He could easily be getting insurance points at the end of games like the Washington game where they were struggling.Derrick's too quick, strong, and crafty not to be able to "draw"/create opportunities for contact, and then lean in and go up with his arm and get the "bump."

  • Even if you disagree on that end of game call, it has to be clear that Derrick with his mismatch speed and freakish athleticism and body control should be able to draw fouls like the other name scorers do Kobe, D-Wade, Chauncey, Roy etc. etc. If he does start doing this/filling this huge gap in his game with only 4 FTA's(free throw attempts) per game he will be averaging 25 or more points a game, and be winning many games in the fourth quarter before it gets to crunch time/the very end.

  • Doug,

    Are you growing more and more persistently annoyed w/ Stacey King's commentary? It seems like it from your subtle dig on the foul call. I don't think I minded him as much last season, but this year he's so bad I often mute the game or plug in to the delayed radio broadcast. He's becoming Hawk Harrelson 2.0. I can't take much more...

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    4 is possible. Don't underestimate the ability of one of the top 4 teams to blow it.

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    Consider this the memo, the Bulls have no shot at getting to the 4 spot unless an 8.8 earthquake hits the runway while one of the top 4 teams is getting ready to take off. or Michael Jordan unretires again and plays like it is 1996

  • Doug, the larger point is Derrick needs to learn to argue his case in general to the refs as other scorers do, and needs to learn to create contact to up his free throw attempts per game which are far too low for a player/scorer of his stature.

    I heard you refute my opinion on that particular play the first time. Geez. Besides the overkill on slamming my honest disagreement, Roy got some total sell job fall down like he'd been shot foul calls in that second half. You might at least acknowledge that instead of coming back about the simple disagreement over that last play with Derrick. And all caps?? I don't understand you sometimes man.

  • I saw were talking about fouls....but what about the travels in the NBA game!!! Constantly guys are picking up their pivot foots or slide their pivot foots back.They'll get the ball at the free throw line and end up at the 3 point line. Almost every play is a travel if you watch carefully lol One of Roy's last shots last night, he totally traveled...in fact it looked like he jumped to whole another spot lol But anyways...if the Bulls keep winning, they can get that 5th seed imo. They got to keep winning at home.

  • Absolutely, this is one of the 2 reasons why I did not view this performance by Rose as phenomenal.

    Right now you can pressure him when he has the ball and he breaks down.

    As you advance in the playoffs, teams figure out how to take things away, you have to figure out how to not let them take those things away.

    Rose has a lot to work on this offseason and every offseason. This is where I want him to be like Jordan, and where it is legitimate to compare him and every other player to Jordan, or Kobe for that matter.

  • As someone who predicted the instant that Jordan hit his "pose" to seal the repeat threepeat, that the Bulls would be the last Chicago championship in my lifetime I could not be more aware that we will never see another Jordan in our lifetimes, especially since I was aready 39 when Jordan hit that shot.

  • Unfortunately, it does appear that the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

    As someone who played without ever complaining about a call, I have to agree that the nice, quiet guy routine may earn you some respect, but it will not get you any calls.

  • Only if Bosh misses a lot more of Toronto's games.

    Also, I think that Miami has a cakewalk schedule the rest of the way, so if Wade is healthy we probably lose out to them also.

    That leaves us battling Milwaukee for 7 & 8, and Charlotte for 9 if Noah can't play very much, about what we expected going in.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    No disrespect, but you seem to be an extremely pessimistic Bulls fan. Why are your views so negative about the Bulls all of the time?

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