Bulls fall to Wizards

The Bulls lost this game in the 3rd quarter when their generous half time lead turned into a deficit inside six minutes.   The Bulls would fall down by 12, make a run, but ultimately come up short.

Even in the first half, there were signs that this might not be the Bulls night.   They struggled with isolation after isolation that ended with jumpers in the first quarter.  After a second quarter where the bench gave them a big lift and got the ball moving the Bulls looked like they might roll.   Then it fell apart.

What is there to make of this game?  For the most part, the starters failed the Bulls.   Derrick Rose was quiet up until the very end of the game, where he started to play big when it was just a bit too late.   Luol Deng, Brad Miller, Kirk Hinrich, and Taj Gibson just served up a platter of crap sandwiches for us.   That group combined to shoot 29% from the field.

Any positive takeaways from this game?   The bench played pretty well.  Hakim Warrick had a fairly solid game with a few defensive rotations that left something to be desired.   Flip Murray had an outstanding game, and even James Johnson and Jannero Pargo played well.   Joakim Noah missed another open dunk, but looks like he's coming along overall.

I'm not going to get too negative after one loss, even to a crappy team.   It's always tough to win on the road and after shedding their veteran players, Washington is just a big group of young guys with nothing to lose.   They played hard, and the Bulls just came out flat.

You have to wonder if the fatigue of playing five games in seven days has just worn the team down a bunch.   They won all four of the four in five and had a day off yesterday, but they've played a lot of games in the past week and may have just worn down.

Still, at the end of the day, these are the type of games you can't afford to lose often.   The Bulls did just win four of them, so if you're winning 80% against the bottom feeders that's still probably good enough, but the Bulls have a tendancy to turn these losses into trends and will need to avoid that when Indiana comes to town on Wednesday.

The Bucks already picked up a win, so they gain a full game on the Bulls tonight, the Bobcats play later this evening.


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  • ya none of those were legit and a lot of no calls but bulls still lost on their own but i liked wat i saw from warrick n murray

  • Can Vinny Del Negro coach? I have my doubts.

    With the Bulls trailing 95-96 and just under two minutes to go in the game, how come Derrick Rose, who brought the Bulls back from a 13 point deficit, doesn't get another shot attempt until 6 seconds left in the game?

    That is BAD COACHING by Vinny Del Negro!!!

    And I really liked his halftime adjustments with the Bulls up by 10 points. They worked out just great as the Bulls stood around and got outscored by 15 points in the 3rd quarter.

    My count has Vinny Del Negro losing 8 BAD GAMES for this team.

    vs. New Jersey (1-19)
    vs. Sacramento (12-14)...35 point lead
    @ New York (10-17)
    @ Golden State (11-27)
    @ LA Clippers (18-22)
    vs. LA Clippers (20-27)
    @ Philadelphia (16-31)
    @ Washington (19-34)

    There is NO REASON for the Bulls to keep losing against BAD TEAMS. I blame VDN.

    Take away those 8 BAD losses and the Bulls would have a similar record to the Celtics, the Magic and the Hawks. It's getting OLD and FRUSTRATING WATCHING THE BULLS LOSE CONSISTENTLY TO BAD TEAMS!!!

    Enough is enough already!!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Vinny will be gone after this season. That is when, i think, Skiles pay comes of our books...

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    The bulls in the first half, lost a lot of easy "winnable" games, (NJ,Knicks, etc.) and won a few "non winnalbe games, (San Antonio, Cleveland, etc.). And at the end of the first half were nothing more than a .500 ball club. The Bulls are now showing that they are winning "winnable" games. However, as the good teams start fine tuning themselves and the Bulls dont wins few of the "non winnable" games in the second half, then, at seasons end, will be just like the first half, a .500 ball club.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    So the Bulls get killed by a big man in the post. We've seen it before. It's nothing new. This time it was Andray Blatche. After playing such good team basketball nobody wants to go negative after just one loss. Joakim is still our best big man defender. He's hampered with injury and resulting conditioning issues. What are you gonna do?

    Still, if you're a really good team, as the Bulls have looked lately, you don't drop this game with a 15 point collapse to a sub .500 team in the third quarter. But then again really good teams have a crutch called a go to guy. An All-Star. Or a Superstar.

    OK so what about it D(D-Rose)? The kid/man scored 22 points and had seven trips to the free throw line. But he also had a four turnovers for just six assists.

    So do most guys we think of as go to guys/scorers for teams play at the PG position? No. Maybe CP3/Paul and D Williams. But lets face it. Derrick is not just the point guard for this team. He "is" the scoring(guard) star. The go to guy.

    What do good scoring guards have in common(and good scorers period)? High PER's. I hope I'm making Doug and the other stat/PER followers happy here. But the thing looking at PER showed/reminded me is that free throw attempts as an income/ppg supplement is critical to scoring wealth/success.

    D-Wade's free throw attempts? In his second season he had 9.(frickin)9 FTA's. Kobe? His second season 5.8 FTA's. But soon thereafter 7's and 8's. And Derrick? A whopping 4.0. So you think Derrick can't fairly be compared to guys that size? OK, take Allen Iverson. The man considered by many pound for pound one of the best players in the NBA for a decade. All he did was average over 9!, yes 9 FTA's per game. Shooting a paltry low 40's field goal percentage most of those years didn't stop AI from being a revered force in the league at what, 6'1? Even in his current post "practice" decrepitude, he showed a flash of the old AI in that 32 point blowout. Coming left to right with his dominant hand into/across the lane, planting, offering a slight head fake to lure the defender(who did a great job not responding/barely leaning) yet the ever crafty Iverson used body control to come up with his left hand "bumping" into the defender "weeep"(I don't know whatever the hell a whistle blowing sounds like). And the scorers much needed, especially when it's crunch time or they're struggling, scoring supplement. A super pill.

    I'm gonna tell you right now, Derrick is a scoring star. Make no mistake about it. Anyone who doesn't see that after that five game Western road beatdown he engineered, I don't know what to tell ya.

    Before this year's playoffs, right now, somebody has got to recognize this gap in Derrick's scoring star role/game. Get a crafty guard with the knack for getting contact in the lane to work with Derrick or have him study films of Iverson, and practice the hell out of this at the Berto. So many other scoring guards have reveled at how much their games were freed up once they learned how to "draw"/initiate contact.

    For the love of god somebody in the Bulls organization jump on this hole in D's game now. The scary thing is Derrick has the body control and strength to finish on these plays which just increases the players aura and license to get the calls every time there's contact. Of course the final step is to confront referees when obvious wrist slapping/raking occurs, and there's no call. D-Wade, Kobe, Michael, AI you name them, all were strong advocates for their own cause going to referees and arguing their case vociferously. It's hard to see D doing this, but it's at least a possibility once he's emboldened with the confidence of banging and getting to the line with the inflated scoring 25 or more ppg that would result. Somebody help this man take advantage of this hugely wasted opportunity right now! You do so, and you're looking at a 25 ppg plus playoff scoring star. I guarantee if Derrick Rose were playing for a Pat Riley(who I personally detest), but they would work with him relentlessly on this, and he would be a true 24-25 ppg or more scoring star right now, especially come playoff time. Vinny, Gar, get the f-ck to it.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Amazingly I forgot to add in that blabathon that guys who know they can get to the line at the end of game, amazingly are the same guys that can game winning shots. It takes so much of the pressure off and they just get conditioned/used to the fact that their shots (can)win games.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    We need Noah healthy for sure...and I agree that the officiating was ridiculous...still shoulda won that game. I dont hate on VDN as much as most but he should have put in the bench players earlier inthe 3rd quarter when we the Off looked awful...

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Bad cant lose those games. 3 traveling calls in a row is ridiculous. Brad Miller didnt travel. Taj did and Hinrich im not sure about. That ball that got knocked off Dengs leg (supposely) at the end of the game should of been looked at on replay but they didnt even look. And Randy Foye's heave from about half court, he picked up his pivot foot but no call was made. Still no excuse to lose this game....Andray Blatche CANNOT score 25+ points on you...thats terrible. Plus they lost Butler and Jamison AND Josh Howard wasnt playing and we still lost. Rose didnt even touch the ball on our last 2 possessions...besides a last second 3. Terrible but it is just 1 game....lets get the next 1.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    That third quarter was brutal. I think we had one bucket in the first six minutes and turned a 10 pt. lead into a six point deficit. One timeout, no lineup changes, turnovers, bricks and it was hard to believe Rose was on the court that whole time. These are the times you wish he would start taking some initiative and driving the ball. Seems like we really don't want to win sometimes. I turned it off in the third thinking we weren't going to turn it around. We didn't. Frustrating reality check.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Didn't VDN's team win against really good teams (i.e. Spurs, Celtics, Cavs, etc.)? Does he get credit for those wins? Thanks for playing.

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