Bulls beat Knicks in afterthought game;

Tell me honestly, were you paying more attention to the Bulls game or refreshing a combination of yahoo sports, csn chicago, espn, and chicagobreakingsports.com's web pages hoping to find out more about the Salmons trade and whether anything else was going down?
Oh yeah, so umm, back to that game recap...

Well it goes like this:  Derrick Rose was awesome, including a ridiculous cross-over into a reverse layup which was the highlight of the game for me.   Tyrus Thomas had some ridiculous dunks, and when the game was close and on the line, the Knicks had no hope of playing defense.

Despite that, the game really hinged on this.   When New York was up by a bunch of points, I checked the box score, and they were 8/14 from the 3 point line.    They finished 12 for 32.   Now I didn't go back through the play by play log to see if 8/14 was the absolute apex of their awesome shooting, so there might be a better cherry picked split, but I just happened to look there.

That means the Knicks finished the game 4/18 from the three point line.   Live by the three.  Die by the three.   Did the Bulls start playing better defense or did the Knicks just start missing threes?    Could be some of both, at least two of the Knicks early threes were ridiculously well covered off the top of my head. 

I remember thinking at the time that if the Knicks win this game it will be due to Galinari's crazy shot clock beating three while Kirk Hinrich was inside his jersey followed up a minute later by Toney [I hate alternate spellings of names, so I'm calling you toony] Douglas's quarter ending leaning buzzer beater three.    Early on, every time the Bulls made a run, the Knicks would answer with a flurry of threes.

Taj Gibson had a stretch where he was just killing guys in the post repeatedly scoring at will download on shots he created himself, and finished with a nice night of 14 points and 16 rebounds.   Despite being one of the Bulls best players on the night, Gibson mysteriously sat out almost the entire fourth quarter.  

Deng, Miller, and Tyrus also had solid nights.   Jannero Pargo shot 2-7 in the game, but after hitting his 4th shot (1-4), he still prompted Neil Funk to exclaim "he's picking up right where he left off last night!".   I don't know about that Neil, but 1-4 seems to be Pargo picking up where he leaves off most nights, somehow I don't think that's what Neil meant.   Still, it's weird while updating all the trade rumor websites and only half glancing at the TV, Pargo does look a little like Derrick Rose dribbling the ball far away from the basket.

Watching him dribble, I often wonder to myself, why isn't Jannero Pargo a better basketball player?   He has the ball handling to do some pretty sick moves, why can't he get to the basket.   Can he just not finish?   No first step to go with the dribble?   I don't know.   He reminds me of Jamal Crawford in that if you watches snapshots of what he can do at times, you'd think he could be a very good player, but then when you watch his whole game he isn't.

Moving along, this was a big win for the Bulls.   They've won two in a row without Noah now, and they're sitting a game above .500.   Noah's injury is probably the most overlooked facet of the team right now as we've been so trade deadline obsessed that we haven't really paid it as much thought [or maybe that's just me].    The Bulls schedule is fairly [though not incredibly so] favorable down the stretch, but it's especially favorable in the next ten games or so.   The Bulls took the first couple of those, and need to continue to play well to make their playoff push.


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    couple things since I didn't get checking the web til later and actually watched the game:

    The Knicks' 3pt shooting dried up because of defense. I'm not trying to say it was some stellar defensive performance. Chasing them all over the perimeter was just the only logical adjustment to make since the 3 ball was the only thing working for them except lee's 15 footer.

    The book on Gibson seems to be that you can pull the chair out from under him when he's in the post. EVERYBODY does it to him. It's getting pretty ridiculous.

    Jannero dished the rock and let his shot come to him instead of chasing it which is why he looked like a real player tonight.

    Time to check yahoo and see if we haven't sold the franchise yet.

  • The Knicks were 8/12 at one point in the second, so you're not cherry picking. Their great early shooting was the only thing that got them ahead. The Knicks defense was absolutely awful, it's one thing to let Rose get past you for a layup, but when Pargo and Hinrich are doing it you've got problems.

    Funny you say Pargo looks like Rose, I was thinking "Hey didn't Rose just get subbed out ... oh wait, Rose doesn't jack up a three with 20 seconds on the clock, must be Pargo".

  • So Pargo reminds you of Crawford and neither is a good player ?

    The knicks shoot themselves in and out of games as long you consistently control the boards you will win.

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