Bulls Beat #132 released

Okay Bulls Beat fans, you've been questioning when I'd finally release a new podcast, and I finally had a chance to do so today.   I'm not entirely certain how great the quality was since I had to record it while driving in a car off my digital voice recorder, but I did find a way to get you a new episode of the Bulls Beat.

Bulls Beat #132:

A discussion of the Bulls record and possibilities for this season,
trade possibilities at the deadline, and the new collective bargaining


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  • FYI:

    I emailed Sam Smith and asked him what he was hearing. He seems to think the Bulls are getting ready to make a trade with Golden State, but not for Monta Ellis...mmm.

    Could it be James Johnson for Devean George? Or perhaps, Raja Bell, Kelenna Azubuike and Devean George for Kirk Hinrich?

    Here are those two trades on the Trade Machine.

    James Johnson for Devean George


    Kelenna Azubuike, Raja Bell and Devean George for Kirk Hinrich


    Both of those do make some sense for both teams.

    Stay tunded!!!

  • The Bulls could try and unload Deng and Thomas to Golden State as well.

    That works too.

  • This was the first Bulls podcast I've actually gotten to listen to.. good stuff. Wish we could have one of these every month or so!

  • Nice show Doug.

    Hopefully that TMac and/or Harrington deal gets done since our FO didn't have the stones to go for Amare.

    Interesting about the Sam Smith comment on Golden State. Maggette maybe?

  • This was a good episode, but weird, too. You were so upbeat and energetic! It really shocked me in the first few minutes, I thought maybe you were someone else. I'm used to a more dour, drab Doug Thonus voice. But the new version is good too.

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