A random thought, Tyrus is playing tonight

A lot of talk about how John Salmons is not playing tonight because of an impending trade.   What's interesting to think about is that Tyrus Thomas is playing tonight.

The reason you don't play a guy you're trading is so that he doesn't
get hurt, or if the deal is actually finalized.   If the Bulls knew for
sure they were trading Tyrus would they really risk playing him this

I'm not sure the answer is no, but it seems likely that if they felt he was definitely gone that they wouldn't take the chance.


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  • I thought about this, too. I think our rotation is so limited that even if Tyrus were being traded, we wouldn't sit him. Our frontcourt is diminished with Noah out. Watch and see if Tyrus is used sparingly.. like, 10-12 minutes.

  • It could be for the following reason: If Salmons gets hurt, you could risk dealing with his contract issues this offseason. If Tyrus gets hurt, he's still off the books after the season.

  • That's why I think Salmons is heading out my himself.

    To Bulls: Raja Bell and CJ Watson (or Devean George or Anthony Morrow)

    To Warriors: John Salmons

    I think ESPN is saying that Tyrus for Harrington could go down and then the Bulls might ship Harrington someplace else.

  • I just think the Bulls realize how important it is that we win every game we can and try to make the playoffs, as to look more appealing to incoming potential FA's. So, I don't think they'll basically give up a game against the Knicks by sitting everyone involved in a trade. I am feeling more and more like this trade could possibly involve other players than just Salmons. But maybe it's just Salmons for a Brian Cardinal turd-type.. who knows. I think WearShades made a good point about Salmons contract being the reason he's at the hotel tonight.

  • Brian Cardinal got traded to Knicks for Darko Milicic a couple hours ago...

  • I think Tyrus will be here until the summer but you never know.

    But i wonder if we could get Antoine Wright for Pargo tomorrow...Wright played pretty good for Dallas starting in the backcourt last year with Jason Kidd and i don't think Toronto is using him that much, just a thought.

  • Maybe the bulls are not getting anything good for Salmons and are trying to drum up business on the almost deals made at the last minute . So he might be sitting to maybe somebody bite on a deal for him if they know he is kind of gone...

  • I didn't mean for Cardinal, was just giving an example of a turd that we could end up with for Salmons.

  • Just read that the Bulls are getting Antonio McDyess and Ronaldo Balkman in a 3-team deal that Salmons is part of. Just kidding.

  • i believe hes done.. & thats the exact reason.. thats what i first thought.. theres too many teams that like tyrus and hes having issues with the staff n u seen tim thomas and larry hughes go threw this just last year.. hes gone n the knicks are playing al who is goina get traded for tyrus tomorrow.. thats my guess.. i hope tyrus ,jerome james n pargo for boozer n a throw in works lol but expect a rumor out there to not be real..the ones that happend are the ones that dont come out..al for tyrus or tyrus n a package for boozer

  • Tyrus has played only 6 minutes so far. He may be part of a second deal.

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    Nothing changes if Salmons has a spectacular game but the Bucks could get twitchy if he has a lousy one.

    Thomas on the other hand has to showcase himself constantly.

    Wouldn't surprise me a bit if gms around the league just overestimated how badly we want to be rid of Tyrus. We want him gone, but we're not gonna shoot ourselves in the ass over it. First team to pony up a draft pick and some expirings wins and I don't think we've had that offer yet.

  • IMO there is discussion of TT being in a package or a trade alone, but nothing is close as it was with Salmons.

    We cant sit everybody! LOL Only Gibson and Rose would have played.

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