Would you trade Kirk Hinrich for an expiring?

Not that the Bulls necessarily win this game if they have Kirk Hinrich, but this one should set a level of apprehension for those who'd trade him for a pure expiring [ie guy who wouldn't contribute] and still hope to make the playoffs.    Drop one prouctive player off this roster, and the talent level simply falls apart.

- Kirk's contract isn't an efficient use of cap space relative to the needs the Bulls have
- It guarantees the Bulls have max cap room next summer even if the Salmons opts in

- It could significantly hurt the Bulls playoff hopes this year
- A worse record this season may impact the Bulls desirability in 2010

Also let's clear something up, there have been many media reports about the Bulls chasing two max FAs this summer with the notion that trading Kirk and Salmons opting out will give them enough room to do so.   It won't.   Not unless the Bulls do a S&T, though the amount of salary they'd need trade in a S&T would be much less.

The real question with this is how big of a draw is Derrick Rose to other superstars?   Would they rather go to an empty team with a potential star even if it misses the playoffs or are they more likely to go to a team with a slightly better record that scrapes into the playoffs?

I've said before if New York and Chicago finish with similar record why choose Chicago?  New York has a way better crowd, a better history of spending, and will absolutely put out a 100 million dollar payroll to win.  Granted, New York will lose some of the main pieces it uses to compile it's mediocre record [David Lee, Al Harrington, and Chris Duhon], but you'd feel comfortable with the Knicks pulling out all stops on trying to put a good team on the floor.

Trading Hinrich for an expiring is a tough choice.    Even though I don't think he's worth his salary, I do think he helps set the tone for the defense.    I do think this team loses at least five more games if you take Hinrich off of it and replace him with a Jerome James type.   I am concerned that those five games are the difference between Chicago getting a superstar FA and not getting one. 

They might mean everything, they might mean nothing, and at the same time if Salmons doesn't opt out of his contract then the Bulls won't even have max cap space either way.   Tough decision for Bulls management [or at least it would be if I were Bulls management, actual Bulls management may be completely attached to Kirk].


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  • I'm not sure trading Kirk is the right way for the Bulls to go. There is no certainty that one of the top free agents will join the team, much less two of them. Plus, I watched the game yesterday and I believe Hinrich is much more valuable to the team than most give him credit for. When he is on the court with Rose, Derrick is much more aggressive because he has someone else to handle the ball and distribute it. Besides, with Hinrich on the court the team is much more intense (make all the thrust jokes you want...). I'm not saying Kirk is this team's MVP but I think there are at least 4 players I'd rather trade before him.

    If the Bulls really think they can attract two major free agents, then deal Deng. Out of Deng, Salmons and Hinrich I think Kirk is the best fit next to Rose (specially since he has been starting).

  • In reply to agusnico:

    Hooray for mediocrity! I thought the point of letting Gordon go was to keep from being mediocre.

  • If there is a deal for a expiring to rid the team of Hinrich's contract, I think the Bulls have to pull the trigger. 2009-10 is a throw away season, and making the playoffs and getting smoked in the first round will not change that. Going forward, the Bulls have to worry about having the ability to sign a max level free agent, and filling out the roster with cheap talented players. Hinrich is just too expensive, and not a good enough player for a team unwilling (for the most part) to pay into the luxury tax. Though I believe trading him will land the team in the lottery, trading Kirk for expiring is a deal that still have to be made.

    If you look at the Nets, those guys are losing big time this season, and it will not harm them when it comes to signing a 2010 free agent. NJ have Harris, Lopez, a 2010 lottery pick, and the money to sign a max level free agent. The Bulls selling points are Rose, Noah, Deng, but they have to rid the roster of Hinrich or Salmons to be in the 2010 spending spree. If Hinrich is the guy that has to go then so be it. I don't think big name stars are going to worry about the 09-10 season when making their decisions. It's going to be all about a team's ability to pay the big bucks, surrounding talent, and how said free agent matches with the talent that

  • Use Kirk Hinrich to get Nick Young...haha

    To Bulls: Mike Miller and Nick Young
    To Wizards: Kirk Hinrich and James "Doug's Man-Crush" Johnson

    In all seriousness, I wouldn't trade Kirk Hinrich just yet. I would like them to get rid of Tyrus "I should be a D-League Player" Thomas first and then James "Doug's Man-Crush" Johnson second.

    After they get rid of those two IMMATURE and INEFFECTIVE players, then they can make a decision on whether or not they want to keep Kirk Hinrich or not.

  • I just cant see the Bulls trading Hinrich just for expiring - nor can I see any team trading cap space for the overpaid Kirk.

    If the Bulls can trade Salmons & Tyrus for expirings, it serves the same purpose of clearing cap room next year.

    Having Kirk on the team is a selling point for Free Agents. It looks bad if the Bulls constantly get rid of higher salaried players. Free Agents want to see the desire to spend for a winner

  • I think that Bulls fans' eyes are bigger than their stomachs.

  • If the Bulls pair 2 max guys with Rose, doesn't that basically give you 2 more years of Rose and then he walks. Rose may or may not be a max guy by then but I don't see how it works capwise to have 3 jumbos on one team.

  • Paxson/Forman need to find or trade for some BENCH DEPTH.

    - Tyrus Thomas needs to go.
    - James Johnson needs to go.
    - Jannero Pargo needs to go.
    - Aaron Gray needs to go.
    - Jerome James needs to go.

    Lindsey Hunter and Brad Miller bring experience and mentorship to Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah, so I'm okay with them staying.

    Kirk Hinrich is a keeper for now. He's done well as a starter.

  • Do you keep Hinrich, and hope a .500 Bulls club plays well enough making the playoffs to attract a 2010 FA, or dump his contract and free up more money for perhaps two free agents? Going over the luxury tax is going to happen regardless if you sign a max free agent and the other pieces to win. I still say the only chance Chicago has is two dump Hinrich, Tyrus, Salmons opts out hopefully, and you go after two big guys hoping a Bosh with Rose will attract a Wade or Joe Johnson. I just wonder if Vinny who again looked like a coaching neophyte at Golden State will dissuade any of the big names from coming here anyway. I would probably say yes.

  • I'd trade Pargo before trading Hinrich, if I were Paxson/Forman.

    Here's a new idea.

    To Bulls: Nick Young (he's checked out mentally in D.C.)
    To Wizards: Julian Wright (gives them depth behind Butler)
    To Hornets: Jannero Pargo (N.O. is really high on him)

  • My 8-Man rotation for the Bulls would be this.

    PG - Rose
    SG - Young
    SF - Deng
    PF - Gibson
    C - Noah

    PG/SG - Hinrich
    SG/SF - Salmons
    PF/C - Miller

    That's a better balance, then what they currently have.

  • Watching the game yesterday without Hinrich made it pretty clear the guy is valuable. Overpaid? probably, but its apperent that when he's out this team struggles. Without some clutch play we lose to the Wizards the other day possibly too. He's really a nice compliment to Rose as far as being able to handle the ball, and defend well.

    That being said, I wish he was a more productive 3pt player and Id say keep him all the way. If you could get a guy who plays tough perimeter D and can splash some threes....easier said than done.

    As for Thomas, Ive given up on Thomas. Wether its the management / coaching / or him, who knows, but I do know he's not going to work out for the Bulls so we should just move on. He's not worth anything though so ....

    Deng is coming along again and could probably be worth something. However it would have to be part of a pretty good player trade, not just an expiring, because even though its easy to knock him, he is a very capable jump shooter and provides our 2nd biggest (sometimes 1st) offensive threat. Its too bad he's overpaid a bit. I like him as a secondary player, and you see his often potential to be an allstar, but he's just one of those guys you get the feeling he'll never break that mold.

    Deng and Thomas + some to the Suns for Amare maybe? Im just speaking out of my ass and in no way am going to go play on trade machine and waste time on an imaginary trade to pretend Im a GM : )

  • No one wants Kirks 2 remaining years, he just isnt the same player anymore. I would see if the Celts were interested but i doubt it.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Since he's gone into the starting lineup he's been 2006-7 though. He has 55.3 TS, 46 from the field and shooting 42 from three. He bring's good defense and the 2 point guard seems to really work well with Derrick. If he keeps playing like this he could be Derrick's 2 guard for awhile

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    I would definately trade Kirk for an expiring, and no he wouldn't have helped the Bulls beat the Warriors, DRose didn't have a good game so we lost. Hinrich has been pretty much worthless to me this entire year and he isn't even playing good defense. Trade him for a fish taco like someone suggested trading this Happy guy who is still talking about Nick Young.

    And VDN is just horrible why didn't he play DRose more mins instead of putting in Pargo. Hinrich isn't going to be out too long so they couldn't play Rose heavy mins one game? The Bulls were up and VDN left Pargo in until they were down, why is he so retarted?

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Keep Rose, keep Tyrus, keep Noah, keep Taj, definitely trade Kirk, now. If they trade Hinrich and win, they are in better shape to get a hgh priced free agent. IF they trade Kirk and lose, they get a higher draft pick in what is supposed to be a very good draft. Now may be the best time to be buyers because everyone it seems is going to be in selling mode. The old adage is sell when everyone is buying and buy when everyone is selling. It appears that at the trade deadline the majority of teams are going to try and sell long term contracts. So it is time to be buyers.
    The Bulls need a combo guard who can play the point and the 2, exactly like D-Rose. Imagine what Monta Ellis could do paired next to Rose. That speed would be scary. Devon Harris in NJ, same thing. The Bulls also need another big. The key is the Bulls need to look for young guys to match with Rose so that they can develop together. Iguodala in Philly and Rudy Gay would fit well, and are rumored to be available. Amare and Boozer are too old, same with T-Mac although he is an expiring contract. Remember Rose will be entering his prime in about 3 or 4 years. That is when the Bulls need to be peaking. It is not going to happen before then, unless Rose is traded. So trade Kirk, trade Salmons, trade Brad Miller and Jerome James. Take on long term contracts of GOOD, YOUNG players and try to get draft picks in this draft.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    It may be the Jayhawk in me, but I want him in Chicago. (It's totally the Jayhawk in me.)


    Hinrich will play tomorrow, but now Salmons is sick and might now.

  • I think Noah will get an extension this summer.

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