Would you trade for Al Jefferson?

The Bulls stomped all over the Timberwolves looking like a team you could actually enjoy watching.   There were huge dunks all night, efficient, high scoring offense, and a defense that shut down the opponent after the opening quarter.   Given that I got home late from the game, and was too tired/lazy to write an immediate recap, I figured I'd take things in a different direction.

Would you trade for Al Jefferson?

It's a question worth noting for several reasons.   First, he's been rumored to be available.   Second, his contract isn't entirely outrageous with three years left at 13, 14, and 15 million. 

He's the low post scorer that Bulls media has clamored after for years providing relatively efficient, high volume offense in the post. 

On the downside, he's had quite a few injuries, he's not a great defender, and he's not particularly suited for a high paced offense.    He's also not going to be the pick and roll player you want next to Rose, and you'd probably need to trade Joakim Noah because they take up the same space on the floor.

The fit isn't particularly great even if he would add a dimension to the Bulls offense that it's lacking right now.   It's worth thinking about the contract as well.   How will his contract stack up to the deals we'll have to offer guys next season?   Will teams show some sense of restraint with the second tier FAs, or will it become a bloody bidding war ending up with Boozer, Johnson, and Lee getting max contracts (note Lee's max would be far less than Johnson or Boozer's max). 

If next season becomes the year of overpayment, Jefferson's deal will look cheap by comparison, if teams show restraint while suffering massive financial losses then his deal may not look so special [side note, restraint has never been the strong point of GMs, so the former is far more likely IMO]. 

Obviously going for Jefferson kills any hope we have of getting a 2010 FA unless Luol Deng and James Johnson were the pieces being moved [their future salaries are basically identical] or the Bulls find a way to move around enough other salaries [unlikely].

As for me, I say no. 

While I do think there's a good chance Jefferson ends up better than whatever we get in 2010, the fact that the ceiling of the team built around him simply isn't high enough to give up the potential of a major 2010 coup even if it's unlikely.


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  • something like jefferson for noah, salmons and johnson works, but you are still giving up 2 high quality assets and your team gets even shallower than it already is, and you really are no closer to winning a championship

    I really think you had to have kept Ben Gordon to go down that route.

    Al Jeff/Taj

    even then you are still hoping to catch lightning in a bottle as you hope Derek becomes your star and Deng,Gordon,AJ play to a high near allstar level. Although that team i would argue would be better than any team we will come up with unless we get wade lebron or bosh. None of which i see happening. Would of been an interesting talking point this summer.

  • The only way Al Jefferson is made available is if Minnesota gets someone like Cole Aldrich, the hometown kid, in this year's NBA draft.

  • Let's do that deal and also bring back Sessions and Wilkins (expiring but useful) but only if we can deal Hinrich for expiring in a seperate deal. Jefferson and Rose and room for a FA is interesting.

  • IF we could pull off a Salmons, Deng and unprotected first for Jefferson and Wilkins. That would be a great move for us. We lose enough salary to guarantee us 2010 and have a set front court. It would leave us thin at the 2/3 spots but it would save us enough money to bring in another minimum guy. We take a risk on the pick if someone gets injured but its still worth it imo and sets us up perfectly for 2010 as we drop another 3 mill next year.

  • It's wishful thinking. Minnesota won't do anything, unless they have a CENTER to replace Al Jefferson. I'm guessing they want Cole Aldrich, the Minnesota kid playing at Kansas, in the draft.

    If that happens, then we could see Al Jefferson traded.

  • A trade that could work for both teams is this one.

    To Bulls: Ryan Gomes and Brian Cardinal
    To T-Wolves: Luol Deng


    Minnesota does need a younger starting Small Forward and the Bulls would certainly clear the needed cap space for a top free-agent.

    Minnesota's lineup:

    PG - Flynn, SG - Brewer, SF - Deng, PF - Love, C - Jefferson

    Chicago's Lineup:

    PG - Rose, SG - Hinrich, SF - Salmons, PF - Gibson, C - Noah

    * Gomes could come off the bench for Hinrich or Salmons.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    minnesota would be the WORST SHOOTING TEAM IN NBA HISTORY..especially with brewer,deng and flynn on the perimeter..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    Luol Deng is better than anyone else they have on that roster at Small Forward.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    i never said he wouldnt but you made it seem like he's the talent they dream for..tyrus,loul,jerome james,a 1st on us taking on a contract gets the deal done by tonight if the bulls wanted..

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I like Al Jeff a lot, but as much as I'd like to have a better team, I don't see the point in modest improvements that lock your team into slightly-better-than-mediocre for the next few years. If we're being honest with ourselves, we know that no one is winning titles with a collection of good players. The Pistons were arguably the only team to do that in recent history, and they only won one title. You have to have a GREAT player who demands the most out of his teammates (ala Kobe, LeBron, Duncan, etc..) So if it's not Wade, it's not happening. YES, Joe Johnson or Chris Bosh would make our team instantly better. YES, Al Jeff would give us a low post threat. But we still would be missing that dominant player that brings the rings. In my opinion, it's Wade or bust. LeBron ain't coming. We missed our chance at Kobe, and while Rose is excellent, he's not on that level and likely never will be.

  • In reply to jmwebb:

    so what wades name brings him a title...how many lebron has? hes good put a team wins a title period..it takes a team at the right moment and everything going good..not one player..if thats the case then why didnt wilt win every year? wheres lebron titles? and why michael took so long?..derrick has a chance the kid is only 2 years in..you never know s dont ever say that..lebron didnt get in the playoffs his first year..wade and melo did but that doesnt make them better..its a team aounr your main core..period..

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Did you see the story about Minnesota offering up Al Jefferson to try and get Danny Granger? It's all over YAHOO.

    That just backs up my earlier point that the T-WOLVES are going shopping for a Small Forward. They would like to get their hands on Rudy Gay or Danny Granger.

    Well, I don't see that happening, but Luol Deng could be in play. Like I said, maybe they would take him for Ryan Gomes and Brian Cardinal.

    It's worth a phone call, right?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Here's the article again about Danny Granger.


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    i know i reported that eariler..they want to move on..they need a wing and deng can be that if its other pieces that fits their liking..tyrus,cash,jerome james, and take on a bad contract from them

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Jamison would seem to be a great fit in Cleveland (in my opinion). I don't know his contract situation, though. As for Murphy, he has reportedly been a bit of a problem this year.. sulking, complaining, etc.. so maybe the Pacers are more willing to deal him if those rumors are true. As for the Granger deal -- I can't imagine the Pacers dealing him, even for Al Jeff. They are thrilled with Hibbert's progress right now, and I think Bird is pretty proud of that draft pick. He's much cheaper than Jefferson at this point, and becoming very productive. That trade won't happen.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    jefferson wouldnt mess up our team and he does fit with derrick maybe not perfectly but i only think amare does anyway...look at perkins and rondo..rondon needs to push the ball..but because theirs spacing and weapons he can still be succesful with a guy who deosnt have a jumpshot at all..big al does..rose with perimeter shooters and a step out pf or c or both would bring enough spacing..big al can run maybe not like the wind..but who can keep up with rose anyways? deng and noah for big al works..if we wanna build a team then getting rid of hinrich later and deng and noah now and waiting for a 2010 team..chris bosh with rose and big al can happend later..i dont know why i said chris bosh but imagine that front court..wade,rose,and big al for 2010? anyone?

  • Does anybody like this idea or think it could happen?

    To Bulla: Terrence Williams and Josh Boone
    To Nets: Tyrus Thomas


    Terrence Williams is unhappy in New Jersey and not seeing much playing time these days, while Tyrus Thomas has been demoted by the Bulls and would certainly start at PF in New Jersey.

  • Tyrus Thomas makes Orlando Woolridge seem like a genius of court awareness. TT has one of the worse learning curves I have ever witnessed. Get whatever you can for him ASAP..His poor choices on the court are glaring and as Noah is already trouble for spacing the Bulls cannot leave them out there together much n hope for a positive result.

  • Doug,

    E'TWAUN MOORE...remember his name.

    Since we are talking about change. I have the next Chicago Bulls draft pick for you. That would be E'Twaun Moore. He's a 6'4" PG/SG playing at Purdue and out of East Chicago, Indiana.

    I'm guessing he goes mid-1st round and becomes the next 6th-man of the Year for the Chicago Bulls following the likes of Ben Gordon and Toni Kukoc.


    He's the shooter that the Bulls need.

  • As Bulls fans can we assume that the trainee Paxson is smart enough to pull off a good trade or draft an excellent player? Rose fell out of the sky!

    Paxson's track record stinks! This inept trainee has ruined the Bulls and the only hope we have is that the ownership spends some money on Paxson's replacement!

    As long as Paxson is in charge the Laff-A-Bulls will continue the stink up the UC!

  • I would probably accept all the negatives, but the one that kills it for me is the injuries. I mostly like Jefferson but I don't like that you can't count on him. That's what kills it for me--you can't add such a big anchor on your team if you can't count on that guy being there for you every night (start your Luol Deng jokes now).

  • In reply to Duke:

    yea but if tyrus leaves for nothing loul goes down again and we get in the playoffs and not even get a lottery and jerome james doesnt even play why not trade that for a guy who may not play everynight..regardless of what loul has problems,tyrus leaves for nothing and james doesnt even play and we wont get a high draft pick unless we lose alot..were not giving up derrick so why would it matter..its like gambling on amare,boozer or even chris bosh who gets injured here and there..big al is the best low post player in the league if not first then second..why not get him..loul doesnt amount to anything and neither does tyrus and this years 1st

  • I don't know what you are talking about. Minnesota's ownership has said nothing except being a player in the 2010 free-agency frenzy. In fact, they have mentioned numerous times about going after RUDY GAY.

    They don't sound broke to me.

  • Why wouldn't they keep him? They still would have $ to sign a top free-agent, assuming somebody wants to play in Jersey. Thomas has a better shot of starting and sticking their, then Yi JianLian.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Yis been playing great for them recently...soo i wouldnt say that..i would only want courtney lee from new jersey because brook wouldnt ever be rumored on the blocks.. =(

  • It's early yet.

    All everyone is talking about are the young BIGS and John Wall. Trust me, this kid is going to get noticed, especially if Purdue makes a tourney run.

    He's got "6th Man of the Year" in the NBA written all over him. He shoots and is clutch like BG7, but he actually likes to defend people.

  • Late 1st Round draft pick?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    thats highway robbery...tyrus around the right staff would always be better than anyone in the late draft now..we pick solid players..beside derrick name a highupside player other than tyson..

  • That write came after his Freshman year. He's a Junior now and soon to be getting some national attention. Hopefully not too much, because I would like to see him on the Bulls next year.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    These are the kind of write-up you'll be seeing about E'Twaun Moore this year.


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    uh the kid warren i forgot the rest..but him? he's the guy lol even though he's top 5..hes great..

  • Minnesota is NOT broke. They are in the hunt for a Small Forward. They want Rudy Gay, but that is a pipe dream.


    Luol Deng could be a nice fit there.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    they cant get rudy unless they trade for him or overpay him in the offseason..he wouldnt wanna go there anyway

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    They also tried to offer up Al Jefferson for Danny Granger.


    Last time I checked, Granger makes some pretty good money.

    If the T-Wolves are CLEARLY in the hunt for a new Small Forward, why not offer up Luol Deng for some lesser or expiring salaries?

  • Actually one of the reasons they would want to trade Jefferson is because they have this beast guy coming over named Pekovic. Maybe you could do something like Deng+Noah+JJ for Jefferson+Pavlovic+Ellington

  • Doug,

    Only a few players in the NBA can be counted on to be as consistently excellent as Gordon was when the game was on the line! No one on the current Laff-A-Bulls is even close!

    Thanks to the clueless Paxson the Bulls did not get anything for Gordon, not even a stinking draft choice!

    We all know that the Bulls will not get a high end FA. So that tells me that Gordon was and is "irreplaceable"

  • I wouldn't be surprised if Portland makes a move for him and put together some kind of deal with Andre Miller for Jefferson...

  • In reply to joeacook3:

    they then would have 3 pgs...under long term contracts..they would never do that becuase all of them lack enough size to play the 2..oden on the other hand along with rudy and a contract would def get the deal done

  • You mean our record would be at least as good as Detroits.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Hey Bigway,

    How many clutch shots have Kapt. Klank off the rim Hinrich the clock eater, Salmons and Pargo,
    hit this year??

    Which good guard did the slow Klank Hinrich shut down and where is all the improved defense???

    Gordon opened the floor for every Bull player and with out him they will be lucky to win 30 - 32 games! Pax is a clueless trainee!

  • In reply to Alex:

    That same standard reply even over here, eh Alex?

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Regarding Big Al and the Wolves financial situation...

    The thought in MN has always been that, in order for Al to succeed, he's going to need to play next to an athletic big. People have been clamoring for a guy like Noah to be traded over here (yes, I'm one of the few dozen Wolves fans that remains), although a lot of realistic fans assume that Noah won't be traded by the Bulls. I personally feel that a Noah/Big Al frontcourt would match up against any in the East, but that's just a subjective opinion. So I don't find a Bulls trade out of the question. Rumor has it Kahn really liked James Johnson and wouldn't have traded away the 18th pick to the Nuggets if Johnson was still available at the time.

    The Wolves, however, ARE losing money (Forbes explicitly mentioned them as a team that lost money in 09). I heard somewhere that they lost somewhere between 13 and 17 million last year (I can't find any link to those specifics right now). We also have Nikola Pekovic who has reportedly said he wants to come over to the NBA next year. His game is too close to Jefferson's, and he's unathletic enough to where a frontcourt rotation of Al/Love/Pekovic would be too redundant to last for the long term. His future contract would also be much less than Al's is now. These two points add up to (and this is pure speculation at this point) the Wolves wanting to make a trade for: 1. an impact wing that could be a number one scorer for the Wolves 2. an athletic big to pair next to Love and eventually Pekovic, or 3. expirings to help stop the bleeding. But with the Wolves losing money, they would only take back a non-expiring contract(s) for Jefferson if that player could fit into David Kahn's long-term vision. If not, then they would want to cut costs even more to stop the bleeding (which means picks, young talent, and expirings instead of established players). Deng is not that type of player that fills that description according Wolves fans, while Granger is. So while the team desperately needs a SF, Deng doesn't have enough value to be on a team with the contract he has. If his contract was smaller then obviously a different tune would be sung, but at this point it is what it is and many Wolves fans would rather see a deal involving picks, Miller's expiring, and/or Thomas and Johnson (although I'm probably undervaluing Al in comparison to what many Wolves fans think too).

  • I am not particlularly interested in Jefferson in any deal, however, I would absolutely reject a deal for Noah.

    Jefferson reminds me of a Zack Randolph type player, although, Randollph appears to be contributing to winning right now in Memphis.

    If we could unload Deng and/or Hinrich/Salmons for Jefferson, I might consider a Jefferson deal. I doubt Minni trades him in a deal in which the other team wins the salary cap side of the deal.

    Personally, I prefer to keep our "assests"(Deng, Hinrich, Salmons,Thomas)until the trade deadline to wait for the availablity of bigger fish. Which is exactly what I think the Bulls strategy is.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    umm what bigger fish? ovepaying chris bosh who is absoulety overrated..hes great but getting paid a max? he cant even play defense or beat a boston team that only had ray allen playing that night and they lost by double digits..chris bosh is the most inpactful player ever to get a max contract..amare,boozer,bosh and every other star pf besides duncan and kg are extremly bad defenders and dont even play against it..big al's biggest contract would be chris boshs 1st year..and chris bosh isnt even better..theyr just about the same all around or maybe a inch better or worse..

  • Just a comment regarding Al Jefferson. He is not the same player now as he was the last couple of years because of injuries. If he can completely overcome his leg problems he will regain his explosiveness and become the almost unstoppable low post force he has been in the past. IMO he has the best low post moves in the league.

    If we can get him w/o giving up Noah I would do it. I have read where it takes a year for a player to come back from the injury he had. We talk about selling high. How about buying low? His lack of defensive prowess is more than compensated by his offense. No one defender, including Dwight Howard, can stop him when healthy.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    exacty my point..hes def. on the blocks he was just rumored to be traded but declined..any way we can keep joakim and have jo play the 4 and have him play the 5 and both work on their range and defense..i would LOVE to have him...louls and tyrus and a 1st with a expiring would bring him..their ceilings isnt as high as big als..chris bosh wouldnt have a impact like big al if healthy and big al wouldnt cost the same as chris bosh

  • ...but if they're looking to trade Deng, i would trade him along with Aaron Gray to the Warriors for Corey Maggette and Anthony Morrow cause truthfully i don't think we're gonna get a potentially superstar player in a deal with Deng (unless it's Kevin Martin or Andre Iguodala) and this way we will have a chance to snag Morrow(cheap 3pt shooter) from them....


  • In reply to joeacook3:

    if that deal ever happens i wouldnt watch basketball again for a long time..it wouldnt be fair..

  • In reply to joeacook3:

    big al was rumored to be traded for danny granger just 2 hours ago..i would trade for him..noahs ceiling is now unless he puts on weight but thats been asked for for how many years now?..if tyrus is goina be traded for nothing why not trade him and loul and a expriring and a 1st for al jefferson,whoever and ellington.. i would gamble on him..period..he's too good..way to good..he's the only star big who gets doubled and tripled on a nightly basis and still is good..i think if he shedded pounds and played with noah and they both worked on getting jumpshot range even though al has that already i say it would be a really good front court...

  • F NO i wouldnt. he's built like glass. he goes out, and then we're left with nothing. if he made significantly less a year, i'd consider it. he just goes out every year...but he's damn good in the post.

  • Yeah, I figured it was worth a shot. I just wouldn't give up Rose or Noah for Jefferson, his numbers are great but he isn't a winner and has injury concerns. I don't really think they are after cap space, has minny ever signed a good fa besides the joe smith debacle? they also might be losing money but they have already have a ton of money dropping off the cap next year.

  • blah... blah.. blah... the bulls sucks!!

    enough said... the bulls used to be a legacy team..

    for the last 11 years.. the whole organization completely

    destroy the tradition...

    they need to change everything!! starting with the ownership...

    thats is why "the two greatest"(phil, jordan) left us..

    u know it.. and everybody knows it!

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