The sky is falling; Bulls lose game to Clippers

The sky's not really falling, in fact, I predicted the Bulls would be underdogs on every game on this trip and that there were no easy games.   They dropped the two easiest at least partially due to a flu virus that hit the whole team.   Was Kirk Hinrich 100% tonight?   Probably not, but it's not like a 3/14 night would be so rare for him even if he was and his 0-7 from the three point line didn't do much to help the team.
Derrick Rose played like Derrick Rose often plays, but people don't want to admit.  He jacked up a crapload of shots to get his points.   He really has little choice given that no one else on the team has a hope of creating their own shot, but you're getting a ton of inefficient offense from Rose who still can't draw fouls and can't shoot threes.   Have I said it before?  Yes.   It's frustrating saying it all the time, but it's even more frustrating watching it.

Joakim Noah got his numbers, but he gave up more than he got on the inside tonight.   Luol Deng had a decent statistical night without really impacting the game, but he did go 1/2 from the three point line to continue his run of 40% shooting from the three from a guy who's scared to shoot the three.  Stop it.

Tyrus Thomas had a big night prior to fouling out maybe some of the west coast executives saw the game and will want to take a look, but I doubt it. 

Otherwise, it's just another loss on the road to a lot more losses.   The Bulls are going to end this road trip in a big hole and have to try to dig themselves out before the end of the season.


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  • How SAD is this team?

    ONE BAD JUMPSHOT AFTER ANOTHER. That's the Chicago Bulls offensive scheme. It's so frustrating to watch and support.

    Where's the motivation?

    They were two wins against two sub .500 teams away from being back to even and in position for the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs and they can't SHOW UP or play for 48 minutes a night.


    Sadly, I think this team is heading for an 0-7 road trip.

  • Paxson needs to put down the Hot Dogs & Chips and DO HIS JOB!!!

    The bottom half of the Eastern Conference is a JOKE.

    As good as Charlotte is playing, they still have 19 losses and are getting ready for a long West Coast trip. Miami just got BLOWN-OUT by 39 points last night to Charlotte and now they have 20 losses. Toronto sees Chris Bosh put up a career high 44 points, yet they still lose to Milwaukeem, which puts them at 22 losses on the season.

    All the Bulls need to do is find a young SG that can play and shoot (Nick Young...41% from the arc and not playing anymore in Washington). They could also use a veteran PF (Haywood, Camby, Boozer, Bosh, etc.) that is MATURE and CONSISTENT.

    Let's go!!! Make a friggin trade already.

    Furthermore, Paxson should also FIRE VDN. In my opinion, three strikes and you are out. He lost to a 1 win team (New Jersey), he blew a 35 point lead at home to a sub .500 team (Sacramento) and lost to an under-manned team with three D-League players on it (Golden State).


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    R the Bulls included in bottom half or the latter? Not sure if you believe wat you write or write wat you believe!

  • it REALLY (mr. happy?) hurts to watch this team. I mean seriously. The highs and lows are worse than my previous relationship. We go on a 4-game winning streak to some good competition. We beat the difficult teams (sometimes), but then we appear like a totally different team against the scum of the league. golden state? I mean really, all we had to do was shut down their backcourt of ellis and curry and forced the d-leaguers to beat us, and we couldn't even do that. then the clippers. 2 games in a row to lousy teams. I expected us to lose one of them just because I know better than to think we are capable of a 6 game winning streak. Flu or no flu, these two teams should still have been wins, if not easy wins. I wish I worked with this team or had an inside scoop so I could have an idea of what the real issues are. because watching it as a fan with no idea of what causes the inconsistency just drives me insane.

  • Hey, why didn't Vinnie use his "All-Star" No-Shot Noah to pull out this game? Did you see how the Florida Fairy shut down Kamen?????

    The other Laff-A-Bulls led by Klank off the rim Hinrich circle dribbler was too dizzy to hit his open shots, was is it the flu or the circles???????

  • In reply to Alex:

    Needs.....more.....question marks....

    Florida Fairy? That's the best you got? Sometimes I wonder why people even bother....

    We are pretty terrible on the road (as average teams usually are) so I would be surprised if we win at all on this trip, especially with everyone sick.

  • In reply to evilhoban:

    Dear evilhoban,

    Yes, Florida Fairy is the best I got, but it is than enough! Some brainless sports writer and Vinnie claim that the weakling No-Shot Noah is an all star! That is pure stupidity and nothing but Laff-A-Bulls PR, bought and paid for buy the clueless Paxson!

  • In reply to evilhoban:

    I feel like Tyrus Thomas is going out of his way to make me personally sound like an idiot. I have officially stopped defending him. It's over. I will be glad when he is gone even if he becomes the greatest player the league has ever seen once he leaves the Bulls. He will never be that player on this team.

  • In reply to swolty:

    as a long time tyrus supporter and believer in his ability to come around, i too have given up on him and am finally ready to let him go or trade him.

  • In reply to Alex:

    As bad as this team looks, the guy that I can't stand watching anymore is luol Dung(no typo).

    He cannot beat anyone of the dribble, he proved last night that he cannot post up a mouse(Gordon), and he basically has no basketball moves of any kind. He is nothing more than a middling mid range jump shooter, whose shot looks off from the moment it leaves his hand.

    the only thing that I can give him some credit for this season, is that he has made an effort to hit the boards a little bit. Other wise he is a basketball waste product.

    I really don't expect much of anything from the rest of the crap on the roster, other than Rose and Noah, so Dung is by far the most annoying Bull to watch this year for me.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    aka ur Ron Mercer Clone for this decade...

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Tyrus cost us the game at the end with that pump fake foul on BD with under two minutes left. God I hate him.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    i watched the game last night, and yes tyrus bit and fell for the pump fake, but if u watched it (and the replay), the whistle was blown before baron even attempted the shot. and the aforementioned shot attempt was half assed. dude just last secondly flayeled(sp?) his arms and launched the ball in a very unnatural shooting form, and they called it a shooting foul instead of just a regular foul, giving BD 3 free throw attempts.

  • In reply to djphillie:

    if anything, tyrus kept us IN that game when no one else was doing shit.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Hey Bigway

    Deng is the Laff-A-Bulls second best player and he is grossly over paid. If his team mates were better, he would be an average player! He doesn't show up when he is needed!
    Hopefully Deng is traded before he beaks donev again!!

    No-Shot Noah is nothing more than a rebounder who can't compete against good and strong forwards and centers, he is a weakling who took 3 years to get into shape!

    The nothing more than average Kamen pushed the Florida Fairy around the whole game! Noah could not stop him with a 44 Mag! Noah is a joke but he is your "All-Star" Laff-A-Bull!

    Bigway, please get your eyes checked!

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I like Luol Deng still. What infuriates me is seeing him take shots JUST inside the 3 point line, ALL THE TIME. Ever since I started reading this blog and Doug's been banging on this point, it's stuck in my head and completely infuriates me.

    It's one thing to do it when you're moving and you get space for a shot that happens to be inside the 3 point line. Deng does that all the time, and he SHOULD try to step back and make it a 3, but at least you can see how and why that occurs. That's a bad habit but an understandable one.

    What really gets me is when he's STANDING at the 3 point line and gets a kickout from someone, and STEPS FORWARD and shoots a long 2! I mean, you're standing still, you're getting a pass, no one's on you...why are you stepping up? Geez!

    I really hope someone is trying to break Luol of this habit. It needs to go.

  • In reply to Alex:

    I am certain that the F squared could kick your ass with both hands tied behind his back, then again who couldn't.

    Pansies really shouldn't spend so much time calling other people names.

    You and Mr Happy shoud start your own private blog, where you could both circle jerk each other over and over and over and over and over and over and over...., oopps I sound like a broken Alex, or is it Mr Happy.

  • I'm really sick of Vinny DN's set rotations. Why do we have a set rotation?

  • yo new to the boards....did a trade on the trade machine n it was successful tell me what you think

    chicago get:Bosh, Barbosa, n Nesterovic
    phoenix get:Tyrus, Brad, Salmons, n Amir Johnson
    raptors get:Stoudemire n Hinrich

    the only thing is i think that there should be draft picks included to be a lil more appealing but havent heard anyone think of a 3 team includin those tell me what yall think n kno how to tweak it a bit

  • get the fuck out of here!! 4th string guard?? so pargo is better? hinrich is our 2nd best guard although i could understand people claiming 3rd best as salmons and hinrich are fairly neck to neck in what they contribute (as a whole)...

    love how a bad performance can draw such immediate hate. dude just recovered from the flu. i think i can let that performance slide..was it horrible? yes. but so was the team's performance too. hinrich has had much better games, and very few worse or just-as-bad games.

    your opinion means nothing to me now because of that ignorance that u just typed

  • I too am curious about this comment.

    I think the only way you could interpret this comment reasonably is if you're talking about LAST year, AFTER the trade. You could then make a plausible case that Hinrich was our 4th best guard (not great, but plausible).

    But then, the trade didn't happen when VDN was hired, so Kirk wasn't hired because he was "willing to play a 4th string guard enough to justify paying him $9 million". Unless you're trying to make the case that Larry Hughes was better than Kirk.

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