Should the Bulls play Tyrus more?

So I was browsing going through the user comments, replying to all of your good points, when one comment struck me: "This is our last chance to find out about Tyrus Thomas".  

I don't think management believes that's true.   I think they believe they've already found out, and they don't like what they've found, don't want what they've found, and have been desperately trying to replace what they've found with something else for two years.

I've already pointed out that it seems nearly impossible for Tyrus to come back to the Bulls next summer.   Much like the Gordon situation a year ago, it seems a foregone conclusion that Tyrus will leave.   Fans forgot that for a few minutes in the midst of a great playoff run, but Gordon surely didn't forget that Chicago pissed on him during negotiations a year ago, and neither side made any effort to stay with each other [no fault either way, an amicable divorce so to speak].

Well Tyrus is in a similar boat, and some fans haven't seemed to realize it yet.   Perhaps you're a Tyrus fan in the way I was a Gordon fan, blinded by your hopes that things can work out still.   They can't.   They won't.   Tyrus is gone.   Let's look at the evidence.

First, the Bulls have tried to trade him for the past two seasons without finding any takers.   At the very least, it shows they were willing to move him even if we don't know what kind of demands they had in the return on him.    Guys you want to keep, you aren't putting on the trade block every year.

Next, the Bulls need to renounce all their FAs to have maximum cap room in 2010.   They could give Tyrus a QO and revoke it without his permission up until July 23rds.   Whether they do that remains to be seen, because the QO may be worth more money than the first year of any other contract Tyrus has.    My bet is that they are so uninterested that they don't even bother offering the QO up front to eliminate the chance that he immediately signs it and screws up their FA plan.

They'd lose matching rights by not offering a QO, but they could still bid on him if everything fell apart with their cap space.   However, I can't imagine any scenario like that happening?   Can you?

If you accept that Tyrus isn't coming back, isn't it time to move past the "have to play Tyrus" mantra?   I've been pushing it for a long time, so this is a reversal of sorts.   I thought Tyrus is simply a much better player than Gibson, much like Gordon was much better than Hinrich/Sefolosha last year and needed to play. 

However, recently, Tyrus really hasn't been much better than Gibson.   Gibson is giving the team consistent effort and hustle, and while his peaks aren't as high as Tyrus's peaks, his lows certainly aren't as low either.    I'd absolutely ride out Tyrus in a game where he's giving me great energy and playing well, but Gibson has quietly improved his rebounding and is becoming more confident and versatile on offense.

If Gibson's the guy who's going to be here in some capacity next season [and we know he is] then shouldn't we start giving the benefit of the doubt on playing time to him without killing the coaching staff?

This isn't to say we need to bury Tyrus.   We don't.    We need to play him when he's playing well and use him as best he can be used.   However, it's time to end any thought of developing him or seeing what he has.   That ship has sailed.  

Tyrus is just a stand in, much like Gordon a year ago. 


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  • Tyrus is starting Thursday, from what i read, cause Taj is dealing with some plantar fischamacallit injury....

  • Taj Gibson is hurt, so Tyrus Thomas may play more and start.

  • What's your gut telling you? Do you think the Bulls will trade Tyrus Thomas by the deadline?

  • How come mr happy always has to repeat everything I comment-_-

  • In reply to joeacook3:

    Did you post the article? NO!!!

  • How come mr happy always has to repeat everything I comment-_-

  • In reply to joeacook3:

    Did you post the article? NO!!!

    Any while you are at...GROW UP!!!

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    Did anybody catch the OSU vs. Purdue game last night?

    Evan Turner looked great, while E'Twaun Moore and William Buford showed some good skils. I don't know what happened to JaJuan Johnson? He was non-existent last night.

  • In reply to joeacook3:

    It's weird to me that last year, given playing time, Tyrus played so well that Steve Kerr was rumored to be interested in him in a package for Amare Stoudemire.

    And while I like Taj and think he can be a starter down the road, what helps our eventual contending chances more: (1) giving Taj 25mpg for the next twenty games, or (2) raising Tyrus's perceived trade value by giving him 30mpg for the next twenty games.

    Choose (1), and we probably get a tiny boost from Taj due to more experience. Choose (2), Taj stays on his current track, but now someone's interested in Tyrus, our 23 year old freak athlete with a 15.5 PER. We got a 1st rounder for Thabo last year, I gotta think we can get that value for Tyrus. Playing Taj instead just seems like a safe solution to nowhere.

  • In reply to YaoPau:

    I thought the Knicks wanted tyrus badly and even initiated the Harrington for tyrus deal?

    I find it hard to believe nobody wants Tyrus.

  • In reply to YaoPau:

    heres a deal that can go through....

    boozer & crittenton to chicago
    caron to utah
    tyrus and jerome james and jannero pargo to washington to allow them to move jamison if theyr really goina do so and get future cap relief and get away from the crittenton and arenas troubles..

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    I would think there is some market for him but as ever with pax n gar they will sit n not pull the trigger in time to get good value back. It was suggested elsewhere that the Spurs could use "good" Tyrus n Pop could help tame the outbreaks of DUMB that plague his game. Well fine, but could be gotten in return?
    as of today I would not worry that the Bulls will be burnt by trading him n then seeing him blossom. that may be true but he will not blossom on these Bulls so move that sucker outta here while the team can still get some in return.

  • In reply to drob:

    As much as I dislike Tyrus I can see him being a valuable rotation player in San Antonio. In fact, two years ago it was rumored that the Spurs offered Ian Mahinmi straight up for TT and Pax turned it down.

    Some players absolutely need a change of scenery to blossom. It happens all the time in sports. Who thought that Cedric Benson would be a stud in Cincy? Same dynamics with TT IMO. For this reason alone, I would try to keep Tyrus for the next couple of years on a reasonable deal (e.g. 3yrs/$15M) and hopes he gets his head out of his ass.

  • In reply to drob:


    Blake Griffin was just traded to the Chicago Bulls...okay I'm just kidding. However, he is done for the season.

    Maybe they would want Tyrus Thomas now?

  • In reply to drob:

    I'd start this knuckle-head the fist 10 minutes of every game for the next several weeks. VDN needs to communicate to this knuckle-head that if he plays with his head in his a$$ during this time he'll be benched the rest of the game. But, if he plays with energy, rebounds, blocks shots, does'nt take bonehead jumpshots or make turn overs he'll play 40 minutes or until his head goes up his a$$ again. You can't make it any simpler than that.

  • In reply to cleansupwell:

    Pretty much my point on Tyrus. I stated over 2 years ago that he is simply too stupid as a human being to even play basketball, he will never get it.

    But maybe we can play him and he can fool somebody with his supposed freakish althleticism.

    By the way if he is such a freakish athlete, why is it that he cannot finish any kind of a shot around the rim. Gibson is actually a better finisher than Thomas.

  • In reply to drob:

    This is my thing... Taj said he prefers to play of the bench & feels he plays better doing so. Tyrus prefers to start & feels he plays better doing so. So why is Taj starting and Tyrus coming off the bench? I could understand starting Taj if he was like A.I. and felt he needed to start to get his game going. But since he doesn't why are we wasting Tyrus? Word has it no one is interested in trading for him, and if that is indeed the case then you have three options. One option is to play him in hopes that he contributes enough to draw other teams interests. Another option is to play him in hopes that his shot blocking and energy can help the team play better. And the final option is to keep limiting his minutes and get little out of him this season and just wave good bye to him next year. I am of the feeling that were paying for him this season regardless so lets get some thing out of him. Play him... as long as hes not playing bad start him and make things more comfortable for Taj coming off the bench. I'm just sayin'

  • In reply to YaoPau:

    I tend to agree with you here. Operating under the theory that this year is nothing but preparation for next season and beyond, I think showcasing Tyrus over the next month is the best move for the future. In an ideal world, we use him to get rid of another contract (Hinrich or Salmons).

  • ooo the Cavs want david west now....interesting.

    The 76ers wanna trade Iguodola (i dont think i spelled that right but whatever) for T-mac!?!? Umm no.....If they are gonna do that i would definetly trade Deng for Iguodola....

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    Del Negro on the injury (from the trib): "He's feeling better, but the plantar fasciitis has bothered him and he needs some treatment," Del Negro said. "He just really irritated it the other night in a game.",0,7121884.story

    Just to quell conspiracy theorists (not that we have any around here), it makes sense. It's the kind of injury that works in exactly that way and he's not practicing either.

    Anyway, Tyrus is a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a knucklehead. Going forward, I definitely prefer Taj. But at this point in their careers Tyrus is still better than Taj, especially Taj with an owie on his heel.

  • Showcasing Tyrus? A term Neil Funk throws out now and then. So I guess the practiced may be used by the Bulls organization. Have they done similar things with past players before the trade dead line like Larry Hughes a few seasons ago getting more time.

    These have been my suspicions since I read the article about Taj. But then I guess Taj would have to be in on it right?

  • Doug,

    The Chief Knuckleheads are the trainees & Vinnie and the totally clueless Paxson. Would Tyrus have reached his potential is he had better coaching from day one?

    Do you really expect Paxson to fix the Bulls with free agent signings??????? If Rose didn't drop out of the sky and landed on top of Paxson, would the Bulls be the Nets?

  • When will the media start holding this organization responsible for their own mess? In 3 years this organization has let one of the best clutch players statistically in basketball(Gordon) and one of the best on ball defenders in the league(Sefolosha) go and is in the process of letting one of the most athletic talents and shot blockers in the league go. All under the age of 27. All draft picks, with nothing to show for it but Taj Gibson. While at the same time hiring a coach who never coached before and having a GM who really didn't want to be a GM so decided to pass GM duties to some guy who's scare to speak to the media about his own coach's future. Really? Yet these guys are the guys to trust when it comes to reason's why Tyrus Thomas isn't as good as he should be?

    But all we can talk about is what we can get for Tyrus Thomas? Or how he's a knuckle head? This organization drafted a raw 19 year old "knuckle head",never invested in him, and because they didn't reap the benefit of all their hard work in actually coaching the kid, management wants to label him a malcontent and get rid of him while praising a 24 year old bench player like Taj Gibson because he's a "hard worker" and "mature". Why should Tyrus fans accept watching raw talent walk out the door because management is too inept to do its job? Give me a break.

  • In reply to dils:


    You are got right to the heart of the problems. Management and coaching are trainees who still don't have a clue. They think another Gordon wili fall out of the sky like Rose.
    Paxson is not capable of fixing the Bulls even with free agents.

    Tyrus, JR Smith and how many other talents have been wasted?

    No-Shot Noah is a half of a player. He is a weakling who took 3 years to get in shape. Now, Noah is a core player just like Klank Hinrich and Fragile Deng! Which star free agent wants to play with this group of clowns?

    When the UC is empty of paying customers, Paxson will be gone. Monkeys will fly out of Paxson's butt before the Bulls win a championship. In the meantime don't spend a penny on this losers!

  • In reply to dils:

    Unlike you I am not a Tyrus fan. However, I agree with your assessment of Bulls management and would rather keep him on a reasonable contract with the hope that he can turn into something. I am tired of losing obviously talented athletes for nothing. Yes, I am one who thinks he is a knucklehead. But you know, some knuckleheads actually grow up.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Hey Johnfriendly,

    You are right Tyrus is a knucklehead! Where are the coaches that were supposed to mold this very young talented guy!

    Skiles realated to Klank Hinrich but not to JR Smith or Tyrus, where has Vinnie done to help this kid progress! 50% of the blame lays at the door of the coaches, trainers and management!

    It is obviuous that the trainee Paxson's crew is clueless.........why did it take three years for the weakling No-Shot Noah to get into shape and why is the rookie Johnson so fat and obviously out of shape.

    Will the Bulls flush Tyrus, probably they are that stupid!

  • In reply to hgarbell:


    Tyrus Thomas and Kirk Hinrich are going to Portland?

  • In reply to dils:

    I agree the Bulls have given up on Tyrus, but I don't agree that no other teams want him. Don't tell me that Quentin Richardson and Darko Milicic can get traded but Tyrus can't. The Bulls Brass is probably being unrealistic in their trade demands. Even if he isn't making a lot of money some team would take a chance on a contract that ends this year even if its just a few mill coming off.

  • In reply to dils:

    My gut feeling is that the Bulls have had offers for Tyrus - but none involving players that they really want and probably most involve players owed salaries for next season.

    I see a chance that he could be traded by Feb 18 - but it would probably be as salary filler rather than the main component

  • In reply to dils:

    Where exactly are these statistics

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