Reserve All-Star Ballots due today; Did Rose do enough?

Per ESPN on Jan 22nd (so Tuesday refers to today):

The starters for the 59th NBA All-Star Game were revealed Thursday
night. The reserves in each conference will be unveiled next Thursday.

The gap is bridged here with our own annual selections -- just like
the coaches do it -- to fill the seven open seats on the respective

Instructions for how to select All-Star reserves have been e-mailed
to all 30 teams, with the head coaches asked to vote for seven players
in their respective conferences -- but none of their own -- by Tuesday
at 3 p.m.

It appears to me that it comes down to Rose or Rondo for the final guard spot.   I don't think the coaches vote in two pure PGs as reserves.   So if it goes down to those two who gets the spot?

The Bulls actually have a better record on the season than the Celtics do without KG.   The Celtics murdered the Bulls in the two games Garnett played, but they lost the one game without KG with Rose winning his individual match up with Rondo that game.

In the end, if Rondo makes the all-star game, it will be due to having an incredible supporting cast rather than his own merit.   Switch Rose and Rondo and the Celtics are unstoppable, and the Bulls are a 30 win team instead of a team hovering around .500.  

Rondo is not a primary piece to any team.   Derrick Rose has shown he can be that guy on many nights.   The Celtics have considered trading Rondo, their only young 'star', multiple times over the past two seasons, seems like a crazy stance for a guy who's an all-star doesn't it?

Today is the day the decision happens though we'll have to wait for Thursday [barring any leaks] to find out the results.   I have my doubts that Rose will get in, but it's an injustice if he doesn't.


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  • I won't be crushed if he doesn't make it, because he really hasn't had the consistency you expect from an all star. Yes, he has come on strongly the last couple weeks, but that's hardly enough to earn a spot. I do agree that Rondo doesn't really deserve to be on the team any more than Rose, and probably less, but that's less a case for Rose and more a demonstration that the guards in the east are pretty bad.

    I'd say Noah is more deserving at this point, not that they should drop a guard for him. He's had a few bad nights, but for the most part, he comes out with energy and is impactful every game.

  • Derrick's played great lately, but the first 6 weeks of the season should count for something too. On the whole, Rondo's been the better player, no matter how he might fit into a team in the grand scheme of things. He has provided far better production on both sides of the court, and therefore, would deserve that All Star spot over Rose. Also, you've made this point a couple times about Rose somehow turning the Celtics into an uber-team, could you expound on that? Rondo just fits in so well with what that team does, play great defense, I would think Rose's D would be as much a hindrance as his offense helps. One more thing, why should Rondo be punished for the Celtics roster having become incredibly thin over the last couple years?

  • Rose should become an all-star this year, no question. Rose is way more explosive than Rondo, I bet Doc Rivers voted for him.....

    Oh yeah Devin Browns new number is #0 lol.

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    will this be a sign that he'll start toting guns to the locker room?? hahaha

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    The Rondo over Rose is laughable. I keep seeing he carried the team without Pierce and Garnett, Pierce has missed 5 games. Rose can hit anyone coming off a pindown for a jumper. And there is no way Rondo is craftier getting to the basket than D.Rose or finishing. If Rose had a wide open lane I'm sure his FG% would rise. Rondo is a great role-player for the C's but no way he's an all-star.

    I know Stan Van Gundy knows how much Rose means to the Bulls he said the reason the Bulls are playing better is because their best player is healthy that might be a vote. And D'Antoni thinks Rose is a top 5 PG now, so you'll never know he might get it.

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    #16 + #24 + #2 = 0 (production)

  • The interesting thing will be if they decide against picking a second center as theres not really any great candidates and pick a 3rd guard

  • If Mo Williams doesn't get injured, he's in the All-Star game for sure.

  • In reply to Scoot26:

    I find that doubtful. He only made the game last time because Nelson was hurt. He's not a first choice of the coaches.

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    In reply to Scoot26:

    I'm not sure it's a direct horserace between Rondo and Rose. I think Rondo's in for sure. Why? First of all, he has a ring. Yeah, but without Garnett and Pierce, and blah blah blah blah, yeah I know but he has a freakin ring. Second he's the East's assist leader and if you look at his numbers game by game his assist #s DON'T CHANGE with the C's lineup. Third, personally, I can't stand the kid. Everytime the Bulls play him I'm screaming "how could you let him DO that!!". That's an all-star.

    Derrick should get a spot in the East, but might not. He might have played himself in. He's had trouble with injuries early in the year that affected his numbers and his teams W/L. Problem is, injury consideration is the kind of thing you overlook for a player who's ALREADY been an all-star.

    I want to see him in. I think the NBA is dying to invite him in to their exclusive little all-star club, with it's free concierge service from referees. But, if Rose doesn't make it this year I just shrug and wait for him to get picked as a starter next year. Besides, if he doesn't get picked it'll be fun to watch him play angry.

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    I think you scream how do you let him do that because he's not very good. That's why I scream that when I see him play. I say step off and go way under all-screens, that's not an all-star. And you say his assist don't change KG has missed time but Sheed for the most part has stepped in. And Pierce has missed 5 GAMES. That's all.

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    After the last three games by Derrick, and you throw in the Washington "closer" turning the corner game, he certainly looks better then just an All-Star for this stretch. Just a fluke? I don't think so. Derrick has the fire. Problem is sometimes as rookies and young guys do it takes him a while to build it to an every night pitch. Will see if there's more unimpressive nights by Derrick, but I think he's pretty much arrived. I don't know about you guys, his jumpshot looks for real to me. He's not just an All-Star in my book. Time/the rest of the season will tell, but to me he is emerging as one of the top players in the Eastern Conference period. And Joakim is whooping some serious ass as well with Deng following right behind him, and Taj bringing up the rear.

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    Totally, with you guys. Derrick should make the team this year and should probably be a starter next year. (BTW I don't have a problem with AI getting his farewell appearance, hope he lights it up).

    Let's look at this thing the way the rest of the league is seeing it right now. The crap I'm seeing and reading is ridiculous. That sick jam Rose had in Phoenix? #6 on espn's plays of the night. #4 or something on nbatv's. WHAT?? Some article I checked out on yahoo sports where the guy is really having a tough time trying to decide between Rose, Jennings and Mo freakin Williams. You gotta be kidding me.

    People around the league just aren't getting it. I think the Bulls had too many completely unwatchable games - some very recently - and people just don't want to look our way. Which means they're not looking Derrick's way. It's a shame. The hole the Bulls dug themselves might be too deep for Derrick to play out of in time.

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    I think Rondo and Rose both get in. Iverson will start, but won't get that many minutes. Besides, he's not a point guard. Rondo and Rose gives the East two PG.

    Iverson, Wade, James, Garnett, Howard, Bosh, J. Johnson, G. Wallace, Rondo, Rose, Pierce, and one more big man D. Lee, Noah, or Horford.

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    If you put your NBA conspiracy hat on and take it a step further....what two markets are currently without a prominant NBA superstar. Chicago and New York....If we all agree that Lebron may end up in New York, how fitting would it be for D Wade to come to Chicago and breathe life into a Chicago New York rivalry that has been seriously lacking the last decade. Also, that would put a prominant NBA superstar in all 4 major markets...NY, LA, Boston and Chicago.

    Im sure Stern is wetting himself over that possiblity.

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    NBA is a business and one of the biggest markets is Chicago....If its between Rondo and would seem that the NBA would put Rose in there so they can get some ratings from Chicago. Celtics already will be represented by KG and Peirce. Rose is going to make it imo.

  • Rondo's D is vastly overrated. All he does is swipe at the ball, let you beat him..try to hack you from behind and if you miss, he simply grabs the rebound. Andre Miller destroyed him the other night, as have multiple point guards this season. Rose wouldn't have debuted the playoffs with 36 points last season if Rondo was so "great" at defense. He is only a great defender because of the supporting cast he has. Same on how Ray Allen's defense has improved since going to the Celtics. Its just an all-around team effort that makes Rondo look better than he really is.

    To me, Rondo is a good PG and would do good on several teams in this league, but because of who he plays with, he is vastly overrated.

  • Sheed's been ok this season. Daniels hasn't played half the team's games this year and wasn't that good when he was playing. House and Davis, are ok role players, but hardly the quality to begin make up for a missing KG. Scalabrine is an end of the bench type sporting a 4.4 PER this season. That he's getting any minutes outside garbage time is an indictment of this team's lack of depth. Perkins and Pierce are certainly high quality starters but Ray Allen is done(14.1 PER this year and I can't imagine his D has magically improved).

    I would much rather have Rose than Rondo right now. Obviously, Rose has a higher ceiling. Still, I think you would agree, the All Star game should be about actual production. Rondo has produced more this season. He has contributed in the ways his skills best serve. No, he doesn't have to carry the scoring load like Rose does and the Bulls would likely struggle to put up many points if the 2 were swapped. At the same time, the Celtics would sorely miss the rebounding and defense that Rondo currently provides them. Rondo has provided more over the entire course of the season and greatly deserves the All Star spot over Rose.

  • Derrick Rose. Allen Iverson. Hmm? I know there are a lot of stats out there with TS, EFF. etc. Still, if you look at FG% of all-stars, contenders, and especially champions you'll find so many guys have four to five and more years with 45% FG or higher. Iverson has shot above 44% only three times in thirteen years. This season he's at 45%, but that's in 22 games on only 14.5 ppg. Derrick Rose I believe shot .470 something in his rookie season, and is above/hovering at the .470 mark again this year. The dude may not have highest TS or EFF. or the most free throw attempts, but he is a quality scorer. Sure he needs to cut down the TO's that's his Achilles's heal. But you shoot 47% on 19ppg, that's quality. You want to factor in all these other things per possession, free throw attempts etc. fine. But please don't lump in D-Rose 47% with Iverson's 41% and 39% his first two years. Derrick Rose is better then that.

  • I guess Rose and Rondo will make it. It'll be Bosh, G. Wallace, Lee, Joe Johnson and Rondo as the per position reserves with Rose and Jamison as the wildcards

  • It shouldn't be between Rose and Rondo, and if Rose doesn't make it I will puke. There are 2 wild card spots that the coaches do not have to go by position. If David Lee or Josh Smith makes it and Rose doesn't then it will be a straight up crime. I heard one guy on SI or ESPN.COM actually say he would put Lee over Rose because Rose is on a losing team. ARE YOU SERIOUS, I GUESS THE KNICKS ARE 4TH IN THE EAST IN HIS WORLD!

    Side Note: How come Boston gets lumped with NY, Chicago and LA. Boston pales in comparison and isn't even close to being the 4th largest market! Boston is about the 12 biggest city in America. San Diego, Houston, Philly, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Dallas are all much bigger cities. There is a lot of business and commerce that goes through Boston vs those other towns, but it is not a large market. Seattle and Atlanta might even be bigger towns.

  • Maybe its because all of New England claims Boston? If you talk to someone from Main or Rhode Island they always route for Boston teams and I guess they must count as the Boston market for TV purposes?

  • its absolutely embrassing to think that the all star game would have 4 celtics and 2 arent deserving..paul pierce isnt as good as people make it seem like..the nerve of him to call himself the best player in the world at one point is amazing..rajon rondo is a above avg role player..he's playinq with a deep team..he had triple doubles but to act like their lebron esq triple doubles is wild..the all star game shouldnt be voted by fans..that should be the dunk contest and three point shootouts..allen iverson? kevin garnett? rajon rondo? tracy mcgrady nearly in and deron not? its an embrassment to the williams isnt ever a allstar and he made it..jameer nelson isnt ever a allstar and why did he make it..but yet they get in? why does steven jackson go over rose? how is rondo more better or more important than rose?rose isnt the greatest but rondo and a.i over him? & how does al horford & david lee get viewed better than noah at this point? its amazing how vince carter,allen iverson, ray allen & etc are mentioned in this..its amazing how dirk and durant isnt starters..& whats even more craizer is how rose is getting no love from the coaches but is 4 in jersey sells and is at a all star level since the 3 week of the season..he shouldnt be under rondo or a.i and etc..the all star weekend isnt what it used to be anymore..the dunk contest is too much acting rather than the actual highlight..the three point shootouts arent with dirk,nash,allen and etc just more guys who are ok and not cared about..why is gerald wallace and potientially eric gordon in the dunk contest..the game cant have stupid ideas anymore...the fans wanna see the best players playing for the all star game..and the fans wanna see their favorite dunkers and shooters in the weekend games..the league has it all wrong..the chinese people are messing up the quality of all star weekend and the nba needs to address the things that lead up to the major games with the BEST players and not the KNOWN ones..

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