Mark Stein: Tyrus is available but no one wants him

Per Mark Stein:

I've been reliably assured that Chicago's Tyrus Thomas, back at last from a forearm injury, remains highly available.

No trade partner has emerged for the enigmatic former No. 4 overall
pick, but moving Thomas before the deadline is still Chicago's

The Bulls drafted Taj Gibson at least partly because they saw him
as an ideal replacement for Thomas and they like the progress Gibson is
making as a starter.

Hardly surprising.

Not just because Tyrus simply hasn't been that good in his career so far, but this is the least desirable he's going to be for a team wanting to take a chance on him.   Even if you trade for Tyrus and he completely blows up and plays great you'll be facing a contract extension with him after the season left to wonder if he's going to keep it up or not.

He hasn't shown enough ability to definitely be good, and no matter how well he plays, there will be doubts about his ability to maintain that level leaving you to have to overpay him based on potential flashed over a two month period.

If he doesn't play great, then obviously he's not helping you any.

Oh yeah, and the Bulls won't take on any long term salary for him, and would want a player as good as Tyrus back. 

The only type of trade that makes sense involving Tyrus is one where he's just one of several pieces going out for the Bulls to acquire a much better player.   However, in such an event he won't be the main attraction, he'd have to be the filler.


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  • Doug,

    This is where a trade with New Jersey could materialize. TWILL has been griping about his playing in New Jersey. He's had a few DNP's and 5 minute efforts lately.

    I heard from Sam Smith that the Bulls' management thinks TWILL is a little bit out-there, personality wise. Well, my response to that is, so is Joakim Noah. How's he working out, right now?

    If they could get TWILL and Josh Boone for Tyrus Thomas, I would be happy with that.

    To Bulls: Terrence Williams and Josh Boone
    To Nets: Tyrus Thomas

    Nets Lineup:

    PG - Harris, SG - Lee, SF - CDR, PF - Thomas, C - Lopez

    That's not bad for them. And the Bulls would get some good back-ups for Hinrich and Gibson. If I were John Paxson and/or Gar Forman, I would, at least, make a call to Rod Thorn.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    lee is the only player i would want from new jersey..and before that statement i shouldve said lee is better than twill anyways..

  • It's either something like that, or my 3-team BLOCKBUSTER with New Orleans and Toronto.

  • That's depends on Salmons opting out or not.

  • It's a long shot. Toronto and New Orleans would have to go on serious losing streaks before the deadline.

  • Here's another interesting idea.

    To New Orleans: Tyrus Thomas
    To Chicago: Devin Brown and Hilton Armstrong

    If you go on RealGm, there are stories about both Brown and Armstrong being available for trade. I even think they tried to trade Brown, but it fell through.

    Brown and Armstrong have expiring contracts, but still can produce off the bench for the Bulls this year. Isn't Brown shooting 41% from the arc? Tyrus obviously is from Lousiana and probably would fit in really good with Chris Paul.

    It's just a thought.

  • TWILL would also be nice, if the Bulls can't get DWADE or Joe Johnnson. They mine as well find a young SG to play with Rose.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Are you Terrance Williams?

  • In reply to agusnico:

    lmao^ i wouldnt want terrance williams ext to rose on any day..two non shooters..go watch the yes network if you wanna see him play so badly..

  • Here's a another interesting idea, that could be a steal for the Bulls.

    To Bulls: Nick Young and Brendon Hayward
    To Wizards: Tyrus Thomas, James Johnson and Jannero Pargo
    * The Wizards could take Gray, if they don't want Johnson.

    If saves the Wizards money and makes the Bulls really deep.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    It's Haywood, not Hayward...oops. Also, it gives the Wizards flexibility to trade Jamison or Butler. Or they could just renounce Tyrus Thomas, like the Bulls will probably do, if they can't trade him.

  • The Bulls would have room for Devin Brown, as long as he keeps knocking down 3pt. snots. You know what I mean?

  • Brown has trade kicker so that's probably not going to work

  • I tweaked my Washington trade.

    To Bulls: Nick Young, Brendan Haywood and Dominic McGuire
    To Wizards: Tyrus Thomas, James Johnson (or A. Gray) and Jannero Pargo

    That would make the Bulls better and give Washington flexibility.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    brendan haywood nor noah can play the pf spot and have enough shot in their jump to keep defenses honest..i wouldnt do it unless noah was injuried/traded or something crazy..

  • Tyrus is such a tease. I was at the game against the Hornets when he came back from the injury. He played well and everybody was talking about putting him in the starting lineup right away. He hasn't had a good game since.

  • fb_avatar

    Hey Doug,

    I've been reading the board for a few months even though I just started posting. But I've been meaning to ask you about this idea for awhile.

    Look at the Utah Jazz. They're way overextended on salary. 22 mil is tied up at PF and then there's ak47. If it turns out Tyrus Thomas' free agent value is below 10 mil/year (and it will be), I think the Bulls could put a cherry on top of Tyrus' free agent price and work a sign and trade for Millsap. That gives us an upgrade at the 4 at half the price of Bosh so we can wait for a good shooting guard to shake loose (maybe Kevin Martin or Eric Gordon?).

    I'm all about avoiding the max free agents. Noah and Rose will want to get paid at some point and it'd be nice to be able to oblige them.

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    The Bulls can't avoid the MAX contract SUPERSTAR. They need a MAX free agent or two on their team, if they expect to win a championship.

    Rose and Noah can get paid as well, as long as BIG JER pays the luxury tax, like the Lakers, Celtics and Spurs do.

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    We should forget about Bosh too cause the Lakers are offering Bynum and some pieces for him...

  • In reply to joeacook3:

    That's unrealistic. Bynum has salary restrictions and the Lakers don't have other quality pieces to offer the Raptors.

  • In reply to joeacook3: now Tyrus Luol n Kirk are all untradeable?....clever way to build a roster. a fine mess

  • In reply to joeacook3:


    Doug, if you want to do some early scouting for the NBA draft, check out tomorrow night's game, Ohio State vs. Purdue.

    Local kids like Turner, Moore, and Simmons will be playing, as well as a few other good prospects, like Johnson and Bufford.

    It should be a fun game to watch.

  • In reply to joeacook3:

    We should just trade john salmons and Tyrus to the knicks for Nate Robinson and David Lees 1yr contracts. (But knowing the knicks they would probably try and throw jarred jefferies in the deal and we would probably send jerome james back to them)

  • In reply to joeacook3:

    I would trade Salmons before I traded Tyrus. Right now they are going out of the way to make it so he can't produce. He's not starting and not getting the minutes. And with all that going against him hes getting 6-10pts, 6-10reb, & 1-3blk each game. He shown over games where he had the playing time that he could get ten and ten. I would love to Salmons go out for a player who can hit clutch shots and score off the dribble. But hey maybe that is just me.

  • In reply to joeacook3:

    This came from cbssports.

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    i wish eric gordon would be let loose..rose use to play w. him & theyr good friends off the court..gordon brings everything we need at the 2 besides size and defense..he has range,athleticism,dribble and etc..he also doesnt have the mindset like ben gordon who thinks he's the worlds greatest player..eric is actually humble..if we ever got him we instantly need to make him a catch and shoot 1st and 2nd type of player..but kevin martin is a bench guy..he cannot stay healthy enough..he is the perfect verision of a manu ginobli..

  • Doug,

    Forget the Tyrus Thomas for Hilton Armstrong and Devin Brown trade idea. Armstrong was just traded to the Sacramento Kings.

  • I think Redwhitenblack has the right idea--do we really need to throw all of our money at a 4 and sacrifice the SG position completely? I don't think so, especially given our current team makeup. In fact, if we are going sign a max guy (and Im fine doing that), I'd much rather have it be a SG--either Wade or Johnson. I also think the obsession over Bosh is overblown. Is he really as good as people make him out to be? He hasn't even been able to get Toronoto into the playoffs last year in a very weak Eastern conference. I mean, think about that--the Bosh led Raptors were 8 games worse than the Bulls last season. True, his supporting cast isn't amazing, but is it that much worse than the Bulls, Johnson's supporting cast in Atlanta, or Wade's supporting cast in Miami? Hard to say. So between that and our current team makeup, I would rather have Wade/Joe Johnson at the 2 and Taj/James Johnson at the 4 than Bosh at the 4 and Hinrich at the 2 with no other guard on the roster that can give you any quality minutes. Of course, this all assumes that Deng and Hinrich are untradeable, which I absolutely believe they are.

  • In reply to rorypshea:

    Toronto not making the playoffs is not Chris Bosh's fault. His supporting cast is MEDIOCRE at best.

  • In reply to rorypshea:


    Guess what?

    Brendan Haywood's name just popped up on the ESPN INSIDER RUMOR MILL SECTION. Now, is the time for the Bulls to make a move.

    To Bulls: Nick Young, Brendan Haywood and Dominic McGuire
    To Wizards: Tyrus Thomas, James Johnson (or A.Gray) and Jannero Pargo

    This trade gives the Bulls what they need. That would be a younger SG and a veteran BIG-man. It also gives the Wizards, who are going no-where, what they need. That would be money and trade flexibility. Having the cheaper Thomas and Johnson allows them to trade the expensive Jamison and Butler.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    This just came in from cbssports.

    There are no untouchables on the Wizards

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Or swing a deal with Washington.

    CBSsports is reporting:

    There are no untouchables on the Wizards

  • i wouldnt ever want gilbert on my team..honestly his demand of the ball is the reason washington couldnt be good when healthy...he slowed down antawn and caron soo much..they were three good players who never complemented each other..

  • i think they would take tyrus....................if boozer was guaranteed to but look at the odds of them actually believeing him..

  • i would...bynum next to bargnani is a better fit than bosh next to him...toronto would do it..bynum has potiential and they wouldnt ever get ripped for taking him..just nobody would like l.a if this deal ever happend..

  • fb_avatar

    Thanks for answering my question about Millsap, Doug. Actually, Salmons+Pargo for him is a good idea. If it were on the table I can't see why on earth we'd even hesitate. You're probably right about the Jazz not wanting Tyrus but I'm not sure if that's true of the whole league. There was a time when lots of teams drooled over him and there's got to be someone out there who even today thinks they can bring him in and coach him up.

    And I agree about wanting one dominant guard. That's why I advocate for Martin. He can come off screens and do a lot of complimentary things, kind of a reggie miller type (even though reggie was a dominant guard).

    Off topic - you guys think they're giving Brad a hard time in the locker room tonight? He's the only Bull who didn't score :)

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