Kobe Bryant view of management

I don't go off topic too much on this blog, but this quote I saw by Kobe gave me a good chuckle.

"I'm set up to have a good run here," Bryant said. "I've been very
fortunate. I went through seven years of hell. Management decided that
it was time to spend the money to bring in the players here."

This is the guy who refused to sign an extension unless a top 5 player in the NBA was traded off the Lakers, and he's saying that management is finally spending money to bring in talent?   Dude, YOU ARE THE REASON there was no talent there for quite some time.

The Lakers have paid the luxury tax every year there was a luxury tax.   They've been over the threshold every year since Shaq left (and for some time before Shaq left, possibly every year there's even been a threshold).   

It's funny because he's trying to compliment management on doing a good job, but it shows how huge the gap in understanding players have of what management has to do.   Kobe simply thinks the Lakers just needed to decide to spend money despite having one of the largest payrolls in the NBA the entire time Shaq was gone.

Seriously, great basketball player, but remember this moment if Kobe ever decides to go into management later in his career and stay away.

What makes this situation all the more amusing is that Kobe was trying to convince the Lakers to trade him to the Bulls who absolutely refuse to go into the luxury tax, boy you thought you had it rough with the spending habits in LA, try and play anywhere else in the league outside of Dallas/New York, and you're screwed. 


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  • athletes are not the brightest people in the world remember that, also he only has his high school degree which pretty much means nothing since he was probably just handed grades. Kobe is basketball intelligent and thats it and if you dont believe me just listen to what he told the cops when he was being questioned about the rape (Shaq does it as well).

  • lets not forget what he said to folks outside the mall in 07 about his own teammate Andrew Bynum.


    Hinrich will play tomorrow, but Salmons is sick and might not.


  • whats that have to do with Kobe Mr. Happy?

  • hmm we've been through twelve years of hell. Rec me. Oh you can't.

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