If I were a Bull, my New Years resolution would be...

We all have our New Years resolutions coming up, I'm going to finally lose that extra 15lbs, and all that jazz.   So what New Years resolutions would you force on the Bulls?
"I resolve to attack the rim and look to draw contact instead of looking to jump away from contact to get off a better shot" - Derrick Rose

"I resolve to retire after this season." - Lindsay Hunter

"I resolve to shoot at least two three pointers a game.  I know you want me to shoot at least three, but baby steps man."  - Luol Deng

"Dude, I'm to old to resolve ----" - Brad Miller

"I resolve to sprint up and down the floor on both ends every possession because I can impact the game significantly on both ends by doing so." - Tyrus Thomas

"What?   What do you mean I need to resolve to learn the names of my
players.  Kurt is one of my favorites, that's ridiculous." - Vinny Del

"I resolve to continue lift weights in the off-season and show you that this season is the tip of the ice berg rather than a fluke" - Joakim Noah

"I resolve not to eat any team members if there's a plane crash in a deserted area" - Jerome James

"I resolve to pass the ball anytime I've dribbled it for more than four seconds" - Kirk Hinrich

"I resolve to give Vinny Del Negro a positive endorsement.... on his next job interview" - Gar Forman

"I resolve to make a concerted effort to box out opponents when I'm a defensive rebounder" - Taj Gibson

"I resolve to get into a shape other than round." - James Johnson

"I resolve to shoot the team back into at least two more games that appear lost". - Jannero Pargo

"I resolve to stop passing up wide open three point shots even if my shooting hasn't been where I wanted it to be" - John Salmons

"I resolve to at least win the best bench cheerleader award over James Johnson." - Aaron Gray

"I resolve to pay the luxury tax before I die.  as long as I live until at least 150." - Jerry Reinsdorf


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  • Another New Years Resolution for Chairman Jerry. Hire an intelligent, veteran executive (e.g. Pritchard, Presti) to run the team and then go down to Scottsdale and keep a low profile.

  • Very funny Doug!!! I laughed my a** off!!! Specially with: "I resolve not to eat any team members if there's a plane crash in a deserted area" - Jerome James... Very Family Guy like...


    GO BULLS!!!

  • Add a SHOOTING GUARD with some size that can stretch the defense with his shooting by trading James Johnson, who the Bulls don't need!!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    yours truly,

    John Paxson

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    I have a question for you.

    Can the Bulls wait until the June NBA draft to trade Hinrich or Salmons, in order to create more cap room for the July 2010 Free- Agency Period?

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    I'm confident that Salmons would have to be dealt before the deadline, in order to secure the needed cap space.

    Hinrich on the otherhand, could be dealt at or before the Draft, if need be.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    it should be..."coach or no coach..were goina play hard and focused for every possesion possible we lead by team and example."

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    something derrick should say^^...

    & the front office?...."look 2010 is after this season..and kirk and loul hurts our chances at landing better players..our love for them is one thing..but sometimes your own child gotta get punished and not get what they derserve..they dont derserve their pay..we made a mistake..and now were goina fix it"...

    vinny's- "work extensively with derrick,tyrus and joakim and push them and only worry about them..make derrick captain after kirk or loul is traded..and if both are make tyrus captain to keep him hungry. cuz joakim will always be"

    salmons-come out and shoot..your not a bad shooter..you are dealing with problems fans wouldnt understand (a new father,position and age but just play basketball and take 6th man as a chance to work back ...just shoot"

    gar...please stop hiding..your becoming the most hated person in the organiztion and your just being a spokesman, tell the truth for once or just stop being a puppet"

    and last but not least..tyrus and joakim..
    "we have a chance at being the best defensive front court for the next 8 years if we use our minds more and get bigger.we have athleticism,quickness,and length and those are the hardest to get..10-15 pounds for both and studying to play defense and rebounding could make us special..

    and every bulls fan..make reasonable arguements..james johnson was a project and a guy dealing with weight problems before the pros..stop blaming him for something the bulls already knew..he has TON of potiential and thats exactly why we get so mad wit him..but like tyrus..hes goina need a coach and a wake up call soon.."contract year or michael redd style..lmao"..happy new years to every bull's fan and players..were all family..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    What is James Johnson's POTENTIAL bringing this team this season? NOTHING!!!

    I'm tired of this team talking about POTENTIAL and VERSATILITY. They need a Shooting Guard with size that can stretch the defense and/or run with Rose. They don't need another guy with POTENTIAL, nor do they need another CHEERLEADER on the sidelines, who can't find productive mintues.

    I didn't like the pick when they made it and I think the Bulls' management needs to stop BS'in their fans and trade James Johnson. He's a MISTAKE and a bad draft pick for what this team needs!!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    same way people felt about tyrus..look at eddy curry..tons of potiential..just didnt put the work in..but look at when tyrus and eddy did ..they become key parts..your really blaming a guy that was 7th on our rotation to start our season..and probably is 8th now..he's not a starter and niether an important bench guy..and yet you find ways to bash him and only him..thats really becoming more of a you and him problem..it has nothing to do with the bulls..he wasnt viewed important..he was scouted and viewed for a long time by the bulls who do a pretty good job with drafting..just not developing into all stars but into solid players which i hate..but he has talent..he's just not taking the game serious..he is NOT A KEY PART SO WHY KEEP COMPLAING..blame salmons,blame deng and blame hinrich..those are underproducers..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    I'm blaming John Paxson and Gar Forman for drafting James Johnson, especially when they knew they would be losing BG7.

    They didn't need another SF when they had Deng and Salmons, not too mention Ty Thomas if need be. They needed to draft a taller SG, who could contribute.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    the problem was james johnson came out playing the 4 with a 3 skillset..it wasnt there fault either..the kid had upside in a bad draft..you think thabeet would be pickd over evans and jennings..you think rubio would be pickd if minny knew..they had a security blanket..deng was injured and salmons was a one hit wonder..tyrus was the odd man out because vinny never wanter to give him minutes even when he played great..james johnson was a great pick at the moment..we didnt know much but it made alot of sense..they also knew later how much gordon was goina get because detroit couldnt tamper by offering him money when hes already on a team..they didnt knew but found out and said your not that good..goodbye..and dont say tyrus at the 3 cuz then hes goina start playing finesse like aldrigde and its going to hurt murt than playing pargo

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    When asked if he had any New Year's resolutions, Del Negro said: "There's not enough tape on that camera for my new year's resolutions." lmaooooo gotta love vinny for his smart mouth..lmaoo

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Anybody like 25 year old SG Mardy Collins for James Johnson?

    He did shoot 46% from the arc last year with the Clippers. I know the Bulls did like him back in '06.


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    James Johnson: seriously shed 30 pds

    John Salmons: stop watching Ben Gordons dvd on how to dribble.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    doug we should only be after carmelo i dont know how lol but impossible is nothing and with all the situations and reasons why i can name..i always felt the bulls knew he was available the year we was drafting rose but didnt want him because his offseason problems that year..we had deng,gordon and kirk before they got billups..we couldve gotten him easily..but like i said just read along and i could name you more if you want... =) it makes sense.. i mean..he's the perfect go to scorer since the jordan era..his game perfectly fits along with rose(wing who can shoot and take the load off of him as being our go to guy)..big market,can get a max contract when his original is done..and already being apart of team jordan like dwayne(who i really would stay away from with a max contract and playing style and injury history)..anthony already deals with bad weather in colorado but denver has 2 more years until a whole rebuilding process starts..billups=gettin old or already is and is just waiting to break down in 2 or 3 yrs,nene,martin,anderson are all 30 and above..j.r smith is goina be in and out of jail soon with his criminal records and somewhat association with gangs,ty lawson=above avg future but not much,no money or free agent with their location,george karl will only coach 3 more years because he knows his team age thats why his extension wasnt long honestly..he doesnt wanna start over..they will have to do soo much moves to keep this a good team after 2 years...and for bulls fans

    courtney lee ? lol maybe?
    & jumpin joakim lol =)

    melo deserves a max contract more than any other player named lebron in the 2010 free agent class..bosh doesnt impact, wade has a background that screams arenas all over except from the gun part,stat(everyone besides new york or memphis will stay away from)boozer=29 bad background and joe johnson should only be a get if you can get a win now team...Melo should be our offseason get for 2010..no free agents or tanking season.. trade whatever in the world 3 future 1st,they thought about deng before hey get him outta here,hinrich fills in for billups whatever.. i dont care,give them our first,work a 3 way deal like last year with bosh and amare..look i dont care..melo is 25 going on 26 and a mvp candidate..why would we want dwade who doesnt fit but because he was born here we would bring his name up..noooo..not bosh he's been to the playoffs like what 1 time..we def aint getting lebron..hes too picky..but paxson pleaseeeeeee bring melo to the chi and play with derrick,a trampoline in thomas who will win defensive player of the year in his time,a rebounding champ in joakim,,passionate fans,3rd most storied franchise,big market,city,a soon big name coach..hell maybe george karl can come with him and we can bring that denver success in the east and we would def be in the finals... throw everything and all you got for this guy..he won on every level like derrick..its not anything else but a championship and a mvp missing on his resume..get this guy here..he's 25! not 28 or 29..25! and a mvp candidate..im not asking for k.d or kobe..im asking for something thats more easier then those guys..bring carmelo....anthony!

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    love john paxson and every other chicago bulls fan themselves...lmfao... melo and d.rose!

  • In reply to Yunqn:


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    What about Nick Young from DC? We could do that and stay under the tax.

  • In reply to edwardbuell:

    I have brought up Nick Young too.

    There is a handful of young guards out there (Wayne Ellington, Terrence Williams, Sam Young, Jermaine Taylor, and Nick Young) playing for bad or average teams. Hopefully, the Bulls' management can acquire one of them.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Throw in Mardy Collins (LA Clippers) as well.

  • finally a someone else blame thats non james johnson like..you guys acting like he avg 30 fouls,23 turnovers,and 98 points for the other team..i never seen a rookie prospect bench guy get bashed so for no apperant reason..he must have f*cked somebodys mother or something..leave him alone he's a 8th or 9th man..theirs 8 others ahead of him on the depth chart..

  • http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=4781509

    it is touqh to fault vinny after all of these problems..our front office and players are playinq like they dont wanna be here..miller,pargo,jj,loul in the 2nd half,and kirk is nice but kyle lowry can give us the same exact production with less mins and money..i kinda feel bad for vinny..if we land bosh at the deadline by having tyrus and loul go on a hot streak (20 & 10-which theyr capable of doing)and trade miller for mensu bonsu and take on a bad contract or 2..besides turk they dont have one..but any like marcus banks and so..i could see it getting done fairly soon..tyrus and deng have to raise their stocks..i could see toronto doing it before the deadline which is almost here in a month..

  • I still like Wayne Ellington too.

    He had a very nice game vs. Orlando yesterday. He scored 13 points off the bench, while shooting 5/6 from the field, including 2/3 from the arc.

    Maybe if the Bulls took on Mark Bount's high expiring contract, they could get something done.

    To Bulls: Wayne Ellington and Mark Blount
    To T-Wolves: James Johnson and Jerome James

    Anybody notice that the T-Wolves are starting Damien Wilkins (expiring contract) at Small Forward? Clearly, they need younger and new guy in that position. I bet James Johnson would get more playing time in that system.

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