Gibson to play through plantar fasciitis against Boston

Gibson's going to suit up for the Boston game:

"KG and Rasheed (Wallace) already welcomed me into (the rivalry) by smack-talking me, so I'm looking forward to throwing some more elbows," Gibson said. "In college, coaches always told me to play through pain, never complain and do your job to help the team win. So I'll just play through it."

"Just imagine getting up in the morning and you can't even put your foot down," Gibson said. "It's tough to walk. Imagine jumping around in basketball all day long. Vinny had it most of his career and he told me it can be a career-ending injury, so it's best to get on top of it right away and take care of it.

"The doctors checked it out. It's getting better. I'm just taking it slow. The last MRI showed I just stretched it. I'm happy I didn't tear it like Danny Granger from Indiana because then you're out at least two months."

It's interesting to find out he's played through the injury for so long already, but that it's flared up worse recently.   Plantar Fasciitis can become a chronic problem which never really goes away for some players, and playing through the injury for so long surely can't be helping him much.

Reading stories like this makes me feel sorry for professional athletes.  The stuff they endure to continue going on the court/field is really completely unreasonable at times.  Especially when the effects of these types of decisions could ravage the guy's body 20 years from now when many athletes have the knees and backs of 80 year olds at 50.

Still, for the Bulls, it's great that Taj has been toughing it out.  I've been hard on Taj for much of the season, but he's really stepped up and performed at a solid level.  I hope, for his sake, that he's able to find a way to get enough rest to move past this injury.

Tyrus Thomas would have started in Gibson's place which makes me wonder what he thinks of all this.   It has to be an interesting dynamic, after all, his starting spot was taken because of his injury, and he didn't immediately earn it back even though Gibson hasn't played as well as him on the season thus far. 

It seems like the reverse may happen soon, but would Tyrus permanently regain the starting spot if Gibson were to miss a few games?   I kind of doubt it.   As I said yesterday, the Bulls are in a position where it makes more sense to start developing Gibson, and Tyrus isn't providing a great enough improvement over Taj to justify a greater commitment.   


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  • We should go get Coby Karl!! COBY KARL COBY KARL COBY KARL!!!!

  • Speaking of young rookie PF's, did anybody, besides me happen to see what DeJuan Blair accomplished last night? He put up 20+ points and 20+ rebounds. He's the 1st Rookie to do that since Tim Duncan.

    All I can say is, the James Johnson pick looks really good right now.

    Thank you Gar Forman and John Paxson!!!

  • Umm look who Blairs coach is.....

    I guarantee you Blair wouldve never done that if he was with us and VDN was his coach...

  • Umm look who Blairs coach is.....

    I guarantee you Blair wouldve never done that if he was with us and VDN was his coach...

  • Having Tim Duncan as a mentor isn't all that bad either.

  • I'm hearing trade talk or rumors about Andre Iguodala and Samuel Dalembert going to Houston for Tracy McGrady.

    My question is, "If Philly wants to dump Andre Iguodala for an expiring contract, then why don't the Bulls offer up John Salmons and Jerome James?"

    To Bulls: Andre Iguodala (from Springfield) and Royal Ivey
    To Sixers: John Salmons (from Philly) and Jerome James

    Would Andre Iguodala be worth, kissing the 2010 free-agency good-bye?

  • Futhermore, who are the other NBA teams the Bulls could make a trade with?

    - Washington (Haywood, Young, Butler, Jamison, etc.)
    - New Jersey (Boone, Williams, Hayes, Simmons, etc.)
    - LA Clippers (Camby?, Butler, Collins, Smith, etc.)
    - Minnesota (Ellington? Cardinal, Gomes? Blount, etc.)
    - Utah (Boozer, Brewer, Korver, Koufos, etc.)
    - Philly (Kapono, Iguodala?, Dalembert, Brand, etc.)
    - New Orleans (Peterson, West?, Wright, Brown, etc.)
    - Sacramento (Martin? Udrih, Thomas, Nocioni, etc.)
    - Houston (McGrady, Taylor, Scola? Cook, etc.)
    - Portland (Outlaw, Blake, Miller, Przybilla? etc.)
    - Dallas (Gooden, Howard?, Barea?, Carroll, etc.)
    - Toronto (Bosh?)

    I see 12 teams out there that the Bulls might be able to make a trade with.

    Anybody on that list you want on the Bulls, besides Chris Bosh?

  • Man DeJuan Blair's 26 and 21 last night. If I were a lot of teams right now I'd be kicking myself for not drafting him(as if they weren't already). But if I'm the Bulls? Sure hindsight even with all the knee concerns and he does not have good lateral quickness outside the box which would hurt him on a lot of teams who don't play smart team D like the Spurs do. But you still knowing what you know now have to take him. With that said, one thing we should be able to agree on is Taj is a good guy you want on your ball club. I could see him as solid 13 ppg high field goal %/quality starter or bench guy for a winning team. If he can overcome the silly fouls and some defensive strategy errors, he really could be a steal. I guess he really is already. I just hope the Plantar Fasciitis isn't chronic. I think Tim Duncan overcame it. Hopefully Taj will too.

  • They want to clear both of them so they can have money in the FA market next year, I could see a J James Tyrus, Brad and Salmons and 1st for AI, Dalembert and Kapono. Then you could try to package JJ, Noah and Dalembert with some kind of combination of picks in a sign and trade or straight up deal for a bigman this summer.


    you could potentially run people out of the gym, even if you cant get a big man and you keep noah and dalembert you have a pretty solid team. However without getting a bosh type player as well, that team is probably still a #3 in the conference, with little hope at a title. Also Jerry might not be too impressed with having to dish out his chequebook.

  • Trade proposals are fun. But the last couple of times we traded we got Larry Hughes, Drew Gooden, Miller, and Salmons. Obviously the Salmons trade was a steal/good thing at the time. But you realize that all the players these teams trade have a reason for why they want to move these guys. Sure you get the young on the verge steal sometimes(Chuancey/Rip, Hedo Turkoglu), or guy playing in the wrong role(Bruce Bowden). But more often then not you get a Larry "why am I not starting though I am a black hole" Hughes or looks like an All-Star one night then a nobody the next Gooden. Even Salmons and Miller appear to have their pitfalls. But I still do like Salmons other when he goes through his down periods which are extensive( and hopefully done for the year so we can win some games). But I'm much more geared or upbeat about free agency possibilities then these trades. But I do think a lot of the guys on here come up with some thoughtful/pretty good ones. I'm surprised really at how well though out and sensible many seem as it's not easy with all the cap rules etc.

  • Thank you.

    I think that list is pretty accurate, considering the current landscape of the NBA.

  • I wasn't too serious about that one. Besides, I would be shocked if Philly trades Iguodala anyway.

  • I'll take a Jerome James for Jason Kapono trade.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    you would give up 2010 for Jason Kapono?

  • Tyrus Thomas and Kirk Hinrich to Portand?

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