Does Derrick Rose deserve to be an all-star?

Surprisingly, yes.   Yes he does.    I decided to write in an article on this topic and going into it I thought there's no way Rose deserves to be an all-star.   You figure you just watch a guy and if someone says all-star?   You can immediately say "yes" or "no", and my response to that was "no", but then I took a look at the competition.

First, the automatic spots:
Dwyane Wade - Obviously he deserves it
Allen Iverson - He steals a spot from someone who deserves one, but if he didn't it'd go to Vince Carter who'd also be stealing it from someone who deserves one.

Now you've got probably three guard spots left to fill.
Joe Johnson - no duh

After that, Derrick might be next.   

Vince Carter has vastly underperformed for a struggling Orlando team only shooting 38% from the field.  If this guy makes it in by coaches vote then the coaches are a sham.  Especially given how he quits on his team all the time. 

Rajon Rondo is a consideration, but he's only scoring 14, and he's still the third or fourth option on the team, and the Celtics have struggled mightily with KG out which I think hurts his case considerably given that as a 2nd 3rd wheel he's only getting his team to play mediocre.   How good would the Bulls be with KG?   Probably as good as the Celtics.

Mo Williams has more efficient numbers, but he's playing wingman to God, and he already got one all-star appearance in that role, shouldn't that be enough?  I mean is Mo Williams really all-star worthy on any other team?

Jamal Crawford's put together a nice season, but like Rondo/Williams, he's a role player on his team not a focal point.

Stephen Jackson might be the next best choice but he's doing it more with volume than efficiency [though same could be said for Rose], but he's not contributing as much in other areas.

You can poke holes in Derrick Rose's game, but at the end of the day, he's basically got equivalent or better numbers than all the other guards, and he's the undeniable focal point of his team.   No guard in the east outside of Wade/Johnson can say that.

That's right.  For all my squeamishness in embracing Rose as a star player, when I sit back and look at it, he's the third best guard in the conference this year.    The Eastern conference talent doesn't stack up that well at guard compared to the west [Kobe, Paul, Roy, Williams, Nash, Billups, Parker, Manu, etc.. ], but Derrick deserves his spot in the East for sure.

If he misses it, Bulls fans will have a legitimate gripe about ending their all-star drought.

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  • Nope.

    Derrick Rose is not an All-Star. He's a kid, who wants to take JUMPSHOTS, instead of ATTACKING THE BASKET.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    ive been as critical of derricks assertiveness as anyone but this team essentially has shooters no one respects and big men who can finish at the rim. thats horrible, and it leads to lots of defenders in the paint. look at that golden state game. derrick was attacking every time he got the ball, and every time he found himself facing anywhere from 2 to 4 (!) warrior defenders. that was amazing, and really drove home to me how hard scoring is for derrick on this team.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    C'mon Doug, it was bad enough that you said Gibson was a better pick than Blair, but saying Rose is better than Rondo is ridiculous. Let's get off the bat with Rondo is the best defensive PG in the NBA while Rose has improved from being a sieve to simply a liability. Offensively, Rondo is a far more efficient player who distributes the ball at a far better rate and contributes greatly to the team with outstanding rebounding for the position. About the only thing Rose has going for him in this comparison is better FT% and more shot attempts. You should have held to your instincts, Rose is not an All Star this year, especially not at the expense of Rondo.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Derrick Rose for Evan Turner? Who's with me?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    this is without a doubt the dumbest comment I have seen on a message board in a long time. Have you ever played basketball in your life?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Mr Happy please shut the hell up. What kind of twisted GM would you have to be to trade a guy thats not even in the NBA yet, for your franchise player.
    I mean, do you go for Chicago, or to you go for 'Nick Young, Terrence Williams, Brendan Haywood, Chris Bosh and Evan Turner' Seriously all you do is throw out trades for those players. I hate reading your comments on Bulls Basketball.

    As for the other thing i think Derrick deserves to be an all-star over Rondo, i dont think he will because Rondo plays on a better team, better record and he plays well with that record but i agree with Doug if you put him (rose) into the Celtics, then you have a PERENNIAL all-star lol

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    I would take Evan Turner or Sherron Collins over Derrick Rose, right now. They too guys are not soft, but Derrick Rose is SOFT!!!

    Did he grow up at a country-club or the inner-city of Chicago? It must have been a country-club, because he certainly is AFRAID OF CONTACT.

    With the Bulls down 4 points and with the ball towards the end of the game, instead of Derrick Rose driving hard to the basket, he avoid the contact and tries to flip the ball over his head with the hope it would go in.


    Earlier in the game, he got an offensive rebound and the lane opened up perfectly for him to go in for a dunk or at least a foul, but instead he passed the ball to Hinrich in the corner for a contested 3 pt shot.


    For someone who played on an AAU team called "The MEANSTREETS", he certainly is a SOFT PLAYER. I can't believe the Bulls have the ONLY Chicago kid, who is AFRAID OF DRAWING CONTRACT.


    Somebody go get this kid a glass of warm milk and his blanky.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Dude you're a joke. Turner for Rose? Rose is by far a better talent, always has and always will be. And I'm pretty sure Derrick is not afraid of drawing CONTACT or a CONTRACT. And I'm sure you would never say any of that to his face because he'd probably go Englewood over you smart guy lol.

    And Rondo is playing well but he's the 3rd option on the C's. He had a great series against the Bulls who are probably one of the worse teams at defending the pick and roll. Rose with Pierce and Allen would look like a superduperstar. Rondo's man D is overrated, a lot of reaching and gambling. Many of his assist come off simple down screens. He's a really good player but I think his impact is overrated.

  • In reply to fanofgame:

    Rondo is a douche who looks like a drag queen.

    ....and he is a product of his team rather than the other way around. Put the guy on Minnesota and you would see what he's really made of. When teams are concerned about the big three it opens everything up for him. Imagine if Rose had to play without being the focus of the other team's defense...

  • In reply to fanofgame:

    Unless Rose becomes an elite ballhandler and distributor, I don't believe that he will ever deserve to be an all star point guard.

    Right now his ballhandling and passing are getting worse not better, borderline attrocious, and becoming Ben Gordon like, and that is not a good thing. Rose needs to go to point guard camp, or become another midget 2 guard, except he can't shoot 3's.

    Rose is a better scorer than Rondo, but Rondo is vastly better at everything else, especially rebounding, assists, and defense.

    Rondo is a more deserving All Star. Rose certainly does not have an All Star demeanor, or persona.

  • In reply to fanofgame:

    Derrick rose is a allstar just look at the numbers...u cant deny the numbers....and the bulls still in the playoff race....i hope A.I and T-Mac dont accept there invites or dont play.

  • In reply to fanofgame:

    Completely agree about Rondo. Its gotta be nice to be a pointguard on a team with possibly 4 HOF players. Can you imagine what Rose could do with that cast around him.

    Mr. Happy, dude, seriously. Rose is not soft, he's passive, yes, but I can guarantee that kid can walk around in neighborhoods that you wouldnt last 30 seconds in.

  • In reply to fanofgame:

    Dmband...yea rose is not soft...rose is not gettin a lot of calls to me.

  • In reply to fanofgame:

    Mr Happy, there is not a person on this planet that wants to hear what you have to say. Shut up and stay in your Mom's basement (does she know you are using her internet?).

  • In reply to fanofgame:

    first off shut up Mrhappy on trading Rose. He is the franchise. Second off Rose is not yet an all-star because he takes to many quarters off.

  • In reply to fanofgame:

    At the end of the day, the core of Doug's argument is undeniable: This year, right now, Rose should be an all-star. Whether you think he doesn't have the defense or the toughness to be considered an all-star is to evaluate the general principles of what you believe an all-star represents, not the practical evaluation of the current crop of guards in the East. And when you look at stats, team effectiveness, and importance to team, you cannot deny that Rose is currently one of the 5 best guards in the East right now. So he should be on the team.

    I'll be the first to admit that I'd like to see Rose improve some aspects of his game, but that doesn't mean his game isn't good enough to garner an all-star appearance this season. It is.

  • In reply to fanofgame:

    How about this for an argument? Name the top five PG in the East.... and do it in order. If you're like me, you'll pause around the third spot.

    B. Jennings
    D. Harris
    M. Williams

    Too bad D. Williams isn't out East. It amazes me that he still hasn't made an All Star team. And he won't make it this year either:

    C. Paul
    S. Nash
    C. Billups
    D. Williams
    B. Davis
    T. Evans
    J. Kidd
    A. Brooks
    R. Westbrook
    T. Parker
    M. Ellis
    J. Flynn

    I don't even want to try ranking the west PG. That's another post.

  • In reply to fanofgame:

    I'd rather have Rose going forward than Rondo, but i think Rondo desereves the nod over Rose for All Star. Rondo does a better job on defense and controlling tempo. Nobody really talks about tempo when talking about a PG. Tempo is one of the most important things a PG can establish. That's what makes Paul, Nash , and Billups elite.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    sherron collins!! hahahah. you are a maniac. rose is younger than collins and is doing better in the nba than collins is in the ncaa. and collins has lots of talent around him. youre talking about contact when rose averages more fta/g than collins does? i think the caps lock is polluting your mind.

  • How soon we forget. Just look at last season, when KG missed a larger chunk of games and the Celtics held water with Rondo being the second best, if not the best, player on the team most nights. Forget about the 7 games against the Bulls in the playoffs. He was able to help the C's get to 7 games against a very good Magic team.

    Rose is a fantastic talent, and he's certainly closed the gap on Rondo with his play over the last month. Still, given the content of their careers and their seasons to this point, Rondo's far more deserving.

  • It's true that Rondo has better talent around him, however, it doesn't change the fact that Rondo is playing a better all around game right now. It use to drive me crazy when people would say "the Bulls aren't that great if you take away Jordan. " You judge performance on the basis of fact and the fact was that the Bulls DID HAVE Jordan.

    The same is true for Rondo. Does he have more talent on his team? Yes. Does he have more time in the league? Yes. Does he have the better coach and system? Yes. But the fact remains that he plays better defense, controls tempo better, and is better at finding open teammates. Is this Rose's fault? No. I would pick Rose over Rondo all things being equal. But things are not equal. And that edge goes to Rondo until Rose matures more and management gets him some help.

  • Props to Doug for his stalwart support for D-Rose for All-Star despite his concerns about D's offensive efficiency etc. Way to go Doug. Derrick letting a rook like Stephen Curry get 26 with 10 and 6, and steal the ball from him, and block his shots is frustrating. But then you got the other night where he goes for 37 on near 50% shooting, including the game winner. D's defense to me on many nights has been improved. It just sucks that on more then a few nights he doesn't bring it on the D end. I just wonder how long it will take him to play the pick and roll the stud way fighting over screens. D with a second All-Star would be spectacular I have no doubts. Though he doesn't seem to play well in exhibitions like last year's USA team play and in the rookie game where he did nothing, maybe in the Soph/Rook game this year he can get some plays set up for him and some tips from whoever is coaching the Sophs D-wade or whoever. Derrick Chicago is in your corner. Represent us proudly and with fire, no laid back moments please. Just go out there and kick some ass.

  • In reply to SamS:

    Sammy: very astute comments about DR, especially the exhibition game thing. Going back to the McDonalds High School game, one notes that it just is not in DR's nature to want to show off or try to prove how good he is. He will, however, do all he can to win a game, and if that ends up demonstating his outstanding skills, then so be it. To Mr Happy, and the outlandish comments about Evan Turner and Sherrod Collins...are you from Chicago? if so you would know that when they were in high school, Turner was getting a lot of props, some probably even thought he was in DR's class...until they played against each other! It was as if Turner was not even on the court!DR does that to a lot so so-called better players. In college, as much as midway through the season, some were still saying that DJ Augustin was the best PG in college...until they played against each other! Total domination by DR. Add to that list the guards at UCLA, including Westbrook, Michigan State,and yes, Kansas. A lot of players look as if they are in DR's class...until you see them on the same court. r.e. the DR/Rondo argument, it's hard to compare because Rondo is not the focal point of other teams' defense. And, last, for those who say they are disappointed with DR this year...what more would you have him do? Check his numbers against Paul, Williams, and most other PG's in their SECOND year, please.

  • In reply to SamS:

    I see what we disagree on. I agree that Rose is the better player. I just think All Stars should be based off of performance. Not who is the "better" player. That phrase sounds too broad and subjective for me. If it's about the better player, then players like D. Williams and Camby should be getting a lot more support then they are getting. We'll just agree to disagree. Doug Thonus is still the truth!

  • In reply to SamS:

    Some of you guys are crazy! I've seen post saying that D.Rose is soft and others saying that Rondo is better! Rondo! Rondo is good, but he will never be a superstar. Rose is budding right in front of your eyes! He has a so-so jumper now, he is still blazing fast. The kid is not afraid to draw contact, once he get it in his head that the foul is just as important as the bucket he will be fine. If he keeps progressing at the rate he's progressing we will have another jersey in those rafters. Is he an all star? Yes.

  • In reply to SamS:

    After last nights game...Rose is proving he needs to be a All Star. ROndo is good but he has 3 hall of fame teammates to help him. Put Rondo on this Bulls team and he wouldnt be as good at all.

  • In reply to SamS:

    Screw Rondo- he looks like a ladyboy! hahah. plus hes a little dirty bitch player! hahaha

  • In reply to SamS:

    excuse my language, but he gets my blood boiling.

  • You are right about Carter and Williams, but it just seems to me that Rose gets outplayed by too many of the point guards that we face. I haven't documented them by conference, so maybe more of them are in the West.

    I am still somewhat dissappointed with Rose's development this season, I expected more. Maybe the third year will be the charm.

    Don't know if an allstar bid would be good, bad or neutral for him in terms of his future development. He seems humble enough, maybe it would spur him to become better.

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