Chicago Bulls vs Washington Wizards, 7:00 PM WCIU

The Bulls beat the Boston Celtics last night with strong play from forward Luol Deng, center Joakim Noah and guards Derrick Rose and Kirk Hinrich. Tonight, they'll face the struggling Wizards from Washington, who is without their 111 million dollar man Gilbert Arenas. The all-star pointed a gun at teammate Javaris Crittenton, and has been suspended by the league for his actions. It is not known if Arenas will return.

That still leaves Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler. Two of the most versatile forwards in the eastern conference. Throw in Brendan Haywood and Randy Foye, and the Wizards are far from a poor-talented team.

Rookie Taj Gibson remains as solid as one can be, and will match-up with Jamison tonight. Gibson will have to play a lot of perimeter defense, as Jamison is a very capable shooter from behind the arc. Jamison, as well as Caron Butler, have both been involved in trade rumours that saw them come to Chicago.

Derrick Rose took over against Boston, despite getting into early foul trouble. The second-year man played roughly 30 minutes, and put Boston on their heels whenever he touched the ball. Rose pulled down 8 rebounds in addition to his 17 points. With no Arenas, Rose could have a huge game tonight.

Joakim Noah has played 37 games this season, but has already totalled 450 rebounds. Should the third-year center not grab a single rebound the rest of the season, he would still maintain an average of 5.5 a game. In other words, Noah has become one of the best rebounders in the NBA this season, and has been the Bulls' most consistent player all year long.

Luol Deng wrapped up the Boston game with 25 points, and was all over the court. The 6'9 small forward has struggled with a broken finger, but he seems to be connecting on his jumpers anyway. 


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  • I wont be able to watch the game tonite but I expect a win and hope for a continued consistent minutes for JJ and hopefully a better analysis from Doug in regards to him."wink wink" I expect him to play good against WAS secondary. Rose should destroy them. However, I expect Jamison to have a big game. Deng should score 20+ since Caron cant hold D but we will see.

  • The Bulls can't afford any LET-DOWNS. They need to crank up their ENERGY and EFFORT and whoop this team for 48 minutes. It all starts with Rose, Deng and Noah. They have to be aggressive attacking the basket and controlling the boards.

  • In central Illinois, I'm a 100% sure I will NOT be seeing this game DVR'd or otherwise as it is not on Comcast outside of Chicagoland or WGNAmerica. As for paying for NBATV, David Stern the greedy slob can kiss my backside. Thank god the Jordan/championship Bulls could be watched every game by hard working people who already pay for cable(even though Stern-the NBA tried to stop that with WGN at the time).

  • Mr. Happy--what's the over/under on Haywood or Nick Young posts post-game tonight? 5?

  • Thank GOD. Bulls Win. Way to go Rose and Noah!!!

  • God I am in love with Rose and Noah. Rose was simply amazing tonight. I am a little worried about Noah, he looked very winded towards the end, thank god we have two days off till our next game. My heart dropped when I seen Haywood get the rebound but luckily he missed and the refs didnt blow the whistle. Foye played good but tooks some horrid shots for them. Great win.

  • Now for the bad.

    Tyrus Thomas, James Johnson and Jannero Pargo need to go!!!

    They completely SUCK as pro basketball players. They gave the Bulls only 6 points tonight. That sure helped alot considering the Bulls were coming off an emotional win the night before.

    I'd be so happy if John Paxson and/or Gar Forman would take their heads out of their ASSES and trade those three CLOWNS or should I say CHEERLEADERS. At this point, I really don't care what they get for them.

    The Bulls really need a veteran PF and a younger SG that can produce, not a bunch of CLOWNS and/or CHEERLEADERS.

  • ^
    you love the bad dont you? I do agree next season and maybe before the deadline we need to aquire some bench depth. Doubt Bulls will give up on JJ so fast and Pargo has no value. As for Tyrus well i am really done talking about him.

  • I love seeing the Bulls win.

    Haywood (16 points and 20 rebounds) was solid tonight. Young is super-talented, but clearly doesn't want to be on the Wizards anymore. Let's hope for a Wizards FIRE Sale.

    To Bulls: Nick Young and Brendan Haywood
    To Wizards: Tyrus Thomas and Jannero Pargo (or James Johnson)

    Afterall, the Wizards are going nowhere this season. They could get expiring contracts or young talent, whichever they prefer.

    John Paxson needs to be a buyer, not a seller. The 5th seed is still there for the taking, if they could make even a minor trade, like the one above. Of course, I'm still hoping for a MIRACLE (aka Chris Bosh).

  • Nick Young and Haywood could net wizs much more than that crapfest.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Mabye they want to cut salary. Plus, I thought people on here were REALLY HIGH (HIGH being the key word) on Tyrus Thomas and James Johnson (throw him in, instead of Pargo).

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    no one has been high on Ty since his rookie year.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Here you go.

    To Bulls: Nick Young, Brendan Haywood and Dominic McGuire
    To Wizards: James Johnson, Tyrus Thomas, Jannero Pargo and a #1 Pick (#16 or lower)

    That might get it done. It gives the Bulls bench help for this season and needed cap space for the 2010 free-agency bonanza.

  • huge rumor

    well not really

    An NBA source said the Denver Nuggets made a failed run at acquiring seldom-used center Aaron Gray(notes) from the Bulls.

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