Chicago Bulls @ Golden State Warriors, 3:00 PM WGN

Last time the Bulls visited the Warriors, Derrick Rose took over down the stretch and won the game for Chicago. Tonight, Rose and the Bulls will look to build on their four-game winning streak. After a double-overtime win against Washington, Chicago moved to 18-20 on the season.

Rose scored a career-high 37 points, pulled down nine rebounds and dished 6 assists at the United Center, only 24 hours after taking over in the fourth quarter at Boston. The former top pick is beginning to live up to expectations.

Golden State is led by guard Monta Ellis. The high-scoring combo guard averages 26.1 points a night and is the primary offensive force for the high-paced Warriors. One downside to the Warriors is their lack of depth. This was apparent when they faced the Bucks some days ago. The Warriors dressed just eight players, and after Anthony Morrow went down early, they were limited to seven players for the rest of the game. After Chris Hunter and Andris Biedrins fouled out, they had just five players available. At that point rookie guard Stephen Curry picked up his sixth foul, but had to remain in the game because the rules states that every NBA team needs five players on the floor.

Bulls center Joakim Noah is often compared to Biedrins, and will tonight look to dominate the glass on the defensive end. Along with rookie Taj Gibson and sixth-year forward Luol Deng, the Bulls are expected to use their size advantage all game long. In order for the Bulls to compete, they must also turn up their offensive tempo.

Kirk Hinrich may not be available due to the flu. Guard/forward John Salmons will be ready to step into the starting line-up if necessary. Reserve forward Tyrus Thomas also has the potential to be a big key tonight. The athletic forward can run the floor, rebound the ball and clog the lane on the faster Warriors.



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  • Time for the Chicago Bulls to be Road Warriors, pun intended.

  • Hey guys i am lot lying but Don Nelson called me and asked me if I could sign a 1 day contract to play for them since they have like 5 healthy guys. I had to politely decline because I fear playing for them would most likely result in me tearing something or breaking something.

  • Maybe John Paxson should call up the GM of the Warriors and offer up Derrick Rose for Stephen Curry, because Rose looks like SHIT out there. He's letting a rookie WORK HIM OVER.


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    yo seriously..stop being a bulls fan...your becoming the last word of ya post...

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    and plus if derrick ever played on the warriors..they would be the greatest team to watch of all time...rose and monta in a uptempo sytle with no discipline but only for younger guys..rose would be avg 25 a night along with monta..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    Everybody chill ok!! We just signed Koby Carl so it's all goood!

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    Don't be a LOSER.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    everyone on this site knows your a loser..stephen curry for derrick rose? your a loser

  • And by the way, Doug's Man-Crush is a piece of SHIT and so is Tyrus Thomas. They absolutely SUCK as basketball players!!!

    It's time for some CHANGES!!!

  • ummm tonight we just out played across the board..we shot 36% and they shot nearly 45...but at the end of the day our defense and shooting hurt us the most...if we score two and they score three..then whos up?...thats the bulls biggest problem this season..its shooting and complacent defense in stretches.. 3 guys with over 25 and two of them with 30 plus..thats not good man and team defense..but better offense beats better defense and tonight was a example...we seriously need some outside threats..and please people dont say kapono or korver because of there names..they couldnt guard a manikan..a guy like kevin martin for loul would be perfect right now honestly...i always felt if michael redd wouldve been healthy this season and still playing then redd for loul wouldve be amazing..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    been* thats the type of player we need rose around..a michael redd,ray allen like player..along with a big time big to dump the ball off when the pace slows down or to cause confusion on pick and roll or pops when defenses have to choose which one to stop from scoring.....if the suns cant come to an agreement with amare then they will trade him before the deadline..loul,1st rnd pick,tyrus,cash,& jerome james for amare and barbosa..

  • I think we just learned today, if we hadn't already, that Derrick Rose is NO LEADER. Leaders don't take games off. How he let Stephen Curry, a rookie, just WORK HIM up and down the court for 48 minutes is beyond me.


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Disappointing yes. But did you really expect them to show up for game 1 of a long road trip. This loss didn't surprise me.

  • In reply to WeddingPhotography:

    Call me crazy, but I thought this was PROFESSIONAL basketball. Isn't it their job to SHOW UP?

    I believe it is.

    Losing to a team with an 11-27 record, a 3 game losing streak coming in and 8 healthy players, including 3 D-LEAGUE call-ups is flat-out PATHETIC.

    Maybe, John Paxson should get his ASS on this road trip so he can evaluate this JOKE OF A COACH and these MEDIOCRE PLAYERS, instead of eating popcorn and hot dogs at a Notre Dame game.

    Just a thought.

  • In reply to WeddingPhotography:

    Clearly Doug Thonus is right again.

    The Bulls are CLEARLY BETTER with an IMMATURE Tyrus Thomas and an INEFFECTIVE James Johnson, his Man Crush, instead of actually player who can play pro basketball.

    God forbid, John Paxson trades either one of those two guys. The world as we know it might just end.

  • In reply to WeddingPhotography:

    97 points on 108 possessions wow just wow. I dont know whats worse sitting through that game or reading MrHappy talk Bulls.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Haha. I read this blog every post and all the comments. Though I rarely comment myself, Id have to agree on both accounts. I appreciate both yours and Yunqn9l5's more positive outlook regarding games / players. On a negative note, Ive noticed the infamous daily harald / tribunes "Alex" has started popping his head up here...Everyone can just run for the hills at this point...

  • In reply to WeddingPhotography:

    This has to be up there with the Kings loss. The Warriors had 3 guys off the bench all who were recently with the NBDL, they missed alot of free throws that could have made this an even worse loss, we played horrid defense, we didnt milk John Salmons hot hand, Rose looked like he caught the flu from Kirk. Horrid horrid horrid horrid horrid.

  • In reply to WeddingPhotography:

    Mr. Happy could you pass along that realgm link to the Haywood/Young trade? I prefer to have it in the comments of every post. Thanks.

  • In reply to rorypshea:

    This RealGm trade link?

    To Bulls: Brendan Haywood, Nick Young and Dominic McGuire
    To Wizards: Tyrus Thomas, James Johnson and Jannero Pargo

    There is a couple different ways to do it. It's all good.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


  • In reply to Yunqn:

    X 1000

  • In reply to rorypshea:

    Was Derrick Rose sighting this afternoon?

    Maybe he went to see the Golden Gate Bridge? I'm not sure, but he certainly didn't SHOW UP for the game.

    How he let Stephen Curry stop him offensively and score at will offensively, not too mention get 10 rebounds on him is beyond me? Rose was an absolute EMBARRASSMENT on the court this afternoon.

    Just when I thought he was a becoming a LEADER he disappoints.


  • In reply to rorypshea:

    Nice priorities Paxson!!!

    It is really nice to see that John Paxson has his priorities in the right place. I could see how going to the Notre Game and stuffing his face with hot dogs and popcorn is a better option, than say evaluating the roster (coaches and players) or making changes to improve this team.

    As a fan, it's especially comforting to me, given his job title of VP of Player Operations for the Chicago Bulls.

    Way to go Pax...nice priorities.

  • In reply to WeddingPhotography:

    Mr happy YOU do not have to speak like THIS all the TIME everyone can read your posts without the random words in CAPITALS. Man oh man.

  • In reply to 6timechamps:

    It's called EMPHASIS.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    It really is annoying, and it just comes off as overly aggressive. Perhaps if you didn't emphasize multiple words in every flipping post?

  • In reply to 6timechamps:

    Get me to the trade-deadline...please.

    I hope to God John Paxson and/or Gar-bage Forman come up with a smart trade, like last season's Salmons and Miller deal, preferably involving the departure of Tyrus Thomas and James Johnson.

    This team is so disappointing, right now.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Im excited (or scared ? ) for the trade deadline myself. Im just crossing my fingers that they make a few decent changes to shake things up. As for who I want to go? Well that depends on what Bulls game Im watching at the moment.

    Id say Tyrus and Kirk (well anyone But Rose / Noah / Deng) are probably expendable...however Kirks sorta hard for me to part with too. Deng I could see shipping but again, its hard to get someone thats equally as good or better without destroying cap space etc. Dengs a pretty capable 18-25pts and 6-10reb. Is he as good as we want him to be? No, but man he's been one of the only offensive options we have this year, so its hard to discredit him.

    I think a bunch of near contender teams would be over the top with Deng, the contract is semi dirty though so he's tough to move. No doubt he's gotten back to near a few years ago though. Maybe if he finishes out the year strong his trade value goes back up and he's part of a Bosh deal...tough to say.

  • In reply to 6timechamps:

    laughing my fucking ass off at the name "mr not happy"....hahah

  • In reply to 6timechamps:

    Mrhappy is like those fools on realgm who everyday start threads about how bad Neil Funk and Stacy King are.

  • In reply to 6timechamps:

    Quick Quiz.

    Who is from the D-League?

    A.) C. Martin - 2/8 FG Shooting, 9 rebounds and 5 points
    B.) A. Tolliver - 2/10 FG Shooting, 8 rebounds and 6 points
    C.) Ty Thomas - 2/7 FG Shooting, 9 rebounds and 4 points

    It's really hard to tell.

  • In reply to 6timechamps:

    Tyrus Thomas has played in the NBA for 4 seasons so its obviously not him.

  • In reply to 6timechamps:

    lmfaoo this is the funniest shit ever..i aint know you dudes had humor..lmaoooo

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    Its been going on so long so long.

  • In reply to WeddingPhotography:

    "97 points on 108 possessions wow just wow. I dont know whats worse sitting through that game or reading MrHappy talk Bulls."

    I think the order goes from best to most excruciating, Watching the Bulls lose, Living in hell then Mr Happy talking Bulls.

  • 1.) One they NEVER should have drafted James Johnson.

    2.) I don't care who they get for Tyrus, he has to go.

    3.) Okay. Welcome to the right side...haha.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    i remember you even called james johnson a carmelo or paul pierce like wanna take the words back or do you wanna act like you never said that...i mean you said rose should be a allstar too and then you say he should be traded for stephen curry..smh just stop..

  • Agree. Im not sure he's really getting how poorly it comes off (or if he just plain doesn't care : ) Wether you're just emphasizing or screaming, it always comes off as you've been up for 48hrs straight on meth trying to figure out the enigma that is the chicago bulls, and are at a breaking point.

    I do agree though that between the repetition and caps abuse, you do make some good stuff now and then..It just hurts my eyes to dig it out.

  • I think he's approaching star...but superstar? Who knows, thats impossible to say. Very very few people come into the NBA and are automatic Super Stars. Even Kobe, I remember him coming into the league when I was app. a senior in highschool. I remember watching him / sportscenter and thinking, wow, that kids got crazy athletic ablity, but hes got terrible game management skills etc etc.
    Took 5-6 (or more IMO) years before he breached the Super Star level to me. Even when he was playing with Shaq, he was almost there, but not the "Superstar" yet. That was Shaq's team to be super star. Kobe started getting ugly good after Shaq left.

    You can disagree on when exactly Kobe became a superstar or not, but my point is nobody knew in year 2 (or 3 or 4) he'd be in arguments with MJ.
    Give Rose time. Will he be a SuperStar? Who knows. Hopefully.

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