Chicago Bulls @ Charlotte Bobcats, 6:00 PM CSN-Chicago

Charlotte acquired guard/forward Stephen Jackson earlier in the season to boost their offense. The much-troubled Jackson is scoring 20 points a night for the Bobcats, but has been inefficient from the get-go. Chicago will try to force him into taking bad shots and dare him to beat them through contested jumpers.

Derrick Rose had 19 points against the Oklahoma City Thunder, who beat the Bulls last night in Chicago. Chicago never connected in the second half, which saw Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook take over down the stretch and put them away.

Former Bull Tyson Chandler was acquired by Charlotte over the summer for forward/center Emeka Okafor. So far this season, Chandler has averaged 6.6 points and 7.0 rebounds in 25.7 minutes an evening. Coming out of Florida in 2007, Joakim Noah was often compared to Chandler, but has proven to be the more effective player offensively. Unfortunately that match-up won't be shown tonight, as Chandler is out with an injury and has been replaced by Nazr Mohammed.

Point guard Raymond Felton is having a career-year percentage wise as he's connecting on 47.1% from the field compared to his career mark of 40.5%. Felton is a strong defender, but he gives up a lot of speed to Derrick Rose, who will look to be aggresive tonight.

Forward Boris Diaw come off a 37-minute, 0-point, 2-rebound performance and will match-up against rookie Taj Gibson. Diaw is a strong ballhandler, which will test Gibson on the defensive end.

This is a game where Tyrus Thomas and his athletic abilities could be make a big difference. The Bobcats doesn't run a lot, nor are they specially athletic. Thomas could be a game-changer if he focus on the task at hand. 


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  • how is vinny still in this game? i would of punched a ref in the face right now, this is getting stupid, someones making some dough off this.

  • I always get nervous when the Bulls call a timeout. Nothing good ever comes out of it.

  • I try to support Vinny but my lord. Having Rose pass in the ball at the end after he forced them into the game. Speechless. Terrible reffing. Worse late game coaching. Not that its a surprise with VDN. Every time vinny takes a late game timeout an angels falls from heaven.

    Im officially part of the Fire Vinny Bregade.

  • Man what a putrid defensive effort tonight. Refs screwed us bad this whole game but we couldnt get stops when we needed. Rose came in and scored four big baskets in the 4th but made two very bad turnovers. I cant believe Kirk couldnt hit that baby jumper and couldnt knock down a 3 with 2 open looks.

  • Please, STOP BLAMING THE REFS. The refs didn't cause Derrick Rose to turn the ball over 7 times. Blame Rose for a bad effort, not the refs.

    This team is an EMBARRASSMENT right now. They show no MOTIVATION when they play against MEDIOCRE teams. It's quite clear that VDN needs to be coaching at the High School level and not the NBA level. It's also quite clear that James Johnson is GARBAGE. He's a better CHEERLEADER, than a pro basketball player.

    Maybe, John Paxson will get his head out of ASS eventually and make some trades, as well as a coaching change!!!

  • James Johnson made a few good playes tonight, first time this season.

  • Toward the end Charlotte double teamed Derrick loosely without a hand on him. It would have been so easy for him to cut to the basket after he gave Joakim the ball, and he would have been wide open. There was nobody there. Players should be coached well enough to know how to handle that situation let alone the coach calling out what needs to be done in terms only his team knows what he's calling. Vinny's team neither knew what to do, nor did he call out the proper play. And Derrick in-bounding the ball. The Bulls run some of the worst in-bounding and plays after timeouts and ending games. Vinny is such a fraud and should be so fired. He looked like a joke arguing with Bernie Bickerstaff toward the end there.

    God somebody needs to open up a new wing in the Hall of fame - the choke wing. Kirk could be the inaugural inductee with his wide, wide open three down the stretch and his easy wide open klanker shooting on the left side of the basket. And of course Deng had to miss that three he took. Stephen Jackson shoots nowhere near the percentage Luol does, but yet you see him hit a couple of big shots down the stretch. But Kirk is one of the biggest gag artists I've ever seen. Not to mention Salmons with just an absolutely wide open three at the end. Bulls should qualify for the all gag team as even Derrick just gave the ball away twice at the end. Though really D-Rose has shown for a month and a half now even with no real help and shitty coaching he can get it done. He's just got take the next step, and be able to close the deal(he doesn't have to be Michael) just once in a while.

  • In reply to SamS:

    Kurt sucks...He should play for a team that does not need him to score... He's an overpaid Sefolosha

    GarPax, talk to Utah, maybe they will take Deng and Hinrich.

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