Caron Butler to Chicago for Kirk Hinrich?

The Mike Jones Report:

The Wizards might not have a hard time dealing Caron Butler in a
package deal with James, however, but not to Houston. I'm hearing
Butler and James could be headed to either Miami or Chicago. Some of
the pieces Washington could be trying to get back from Chicago, the
source said, could be Kirk Hinrich and Jerome James. Before, the
Wizards hadn't wanted to take on more money, but it appears that as
they grow more desperate to turn things around, their main motivation
is bringing in new life to kick-start a rebound.

Well this is interesting for several reasons.   First, why would the Wizards take on Kirk's longer contract for Butler who's a clearly superior player even if he's having a down year.  It makes so little sense.

On a microspecific level, the Bulls would really be hurt in 2010 by the extra 1.5 million that Butler makes over Hinrich.  They don't really have a way to trim up the extra salary to get max contract room making this trade.

Also, how do you play Butler and Deng together?  They're both more or less pure threes.  You could probably go small and play them at the three and four, but it doesn't seem like a real natural fit talentwise either.

I think the Bulls have to take this deal if it's on the table just because you always take a deal where you win on the contract and on the talent, but it seems like an odd fit for the Bulls.   It seems like an even odder fit for the Wizards who'd lose in both talent, contract, and fit.



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  • i think the wizs are serious about moving gilbert now. he hurts them because of cap and constant injury and isnt a true point or fit with the surrounding talent..i read a espn article..if what happens is true and gilbert messed up badly..the wizs may not even deal him and go through the problem..but release him....but anyways like i always said..move hinrich at any cost..but the problem is caron is a really bad shooter..17 & 7 is good..but if you cant move deng then dont do this deal..i think caron is a salmons waiting to happend..a 29 yr old slasher who is a pure foward with no consistent jump shot..caron brings talent..but randy foye is the only player i would want from them..a true 6th man combo guard with range and scoring ability to take over for a bench..

  • I;m not sure if this is possible. It may just be a blog rumor.

    Hinrich's salary burden is a year longer - and i cant see the wiz as being anxious to increase their debt

  • First off I dont think the Wizards will be making any trades until the offseason as this gun thing will probably cost Grunfeld his job. Second I wouldnt do it as Butler seems to be overweight this year and it has slowed him. I say keep montoring the McGrady sitiuation otherwise leave it alone.

  • Do the Bulls really need another Small Forward? I don't think so. The guy I want from the Wizards would be Nick Young and maybe Brendon Hayward.

    To Wizards: James Johnson
    To Bulls: Nick Young

    That would be a great move for the Bulls to make, if they could pull it off.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Starting the new year the way you ended the last, I see.

  • In reply to Duke:

    lol Duke.

  • In reply to Duke:

    Giving away Hinrich in this deal makes little sense. You lose what little guard depth you have and get a 3rd SF to try to fit in the rotation. It's hard to see how it works out.

    Now if it was Deng that went to the Wizards instead of Hinrich...that's an interesting proposition. I'm not sure I do that but it's very tempting from the Bulls' perspective.

  • In reply to Duke:

    That is true Duke. I cant see the Bulls doing this deal because they like Kirk and he has been playing well since coming back.

  • In reply to Duke:

    I'm still holding out hope that Chris Bosh becomes available by the trade-deadline.

    To Bulls: Chris Bosh and Sonny Weems
    To Raptors: David West, John Salmons and a #1 Pick
    To Hornets: Tyrus Thomas and Jerome James

    That is a very good trade, if Chris Bosh plans on leaving Toronto.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    thats absolutely orleans would throw a party if this was possible..why in the world would toronto only take david west and john salmons?..their both 30! no upside or production now and they both dont have expiring contracts.. theyr better off with a deal of deng,thomas,jj a 1st and cash.. david west is not young no more.. non productive as he once was and has a long term contract..john salmons is around above avg and has a player option which he isnt goina opt out and a 1st sounds more better than david west and john salmons..

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    With the right coach, Bosh could be part of a big three with his offensive star power, and defensively he has the athleticism to at least fit in to a good team defensive system and do a steady job. But he needs the right coaching to show him he can't put up with being bullied around and beaten up ala the Paul Pierce smackdown. I like Taj more and more. He and Tyrus when you look at their combined stats for a power forward are not bad. Obviously if you get Bosh or Boozer one of them would have to go. In my book that would be Tyrus hands down. Taj is a keeper. If he were a higher draft pick playing the way he has, there'd be a lot more expectations and kudos. For a while now really he's done a good job with impact plays. Second in rookie PF's scoring and first in blocks. His defensive value and ability to defend multiple matchups/positions is going to be huge.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I don't believe bulls management will do this. If they let Ben Gordon go, and Tyrus walk after this year, it is clear that they are dedicated to the 2010 sweepstakes. Those moves are far more significant than this possible trade, they will not improve their team if it sets them 1.5 million back. After watching cap space play this year, we can tell that small improvements is not what were going for.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Not a good trade for Toronto or the Hornets. Both teams would lose their post presence. Toronto would/should want more cap relief. If I were Raptors mgmt, I would take my chance in free agency.

    What happens after the Bulls get Bosh and he signs with Miami(my prediction)and we have lost TT?

  • Nick Young is in the Wizards plans for the future, he is young and cheap and the kid can score when given time.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    The point is the Bulls don't need Caron Butler. He's a Small Forward. The Bulls already have 1 too many (James Johnson). They need a SG.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Chris Bosh cant lead is Rapts to a win over an injury depleted Celtic team. This guy is a stat paddler and nothing more.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Chris Bosh can't do it by himself. Heck, neither could Michael Jordan. Last I checked, Chris Bosh is a 25 and 10 guy. I think he would fit in quite nicely with the Bulls.

  • Is Butler better than Deng? Will the fragile Deng last a whole season?

    If Butler is better and or more durable than Deng! The Bulls can trade Deng if some GM is dumb enough to take on his inflated contract!

    Doesn't Washington see that Hinrich is a slow clock eating career streak shooter who will not attack the rim? Hopefully that are blind and dumb enough to trade for Hinrich!

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