Bulls top Spurs for 3rd straight road win

At what point do you start to believe?    Is it time to believe?    Everytime you start to invest in this team, they go on to let you down.   Are they on the road to a better finish or are they going to flail around again?    This isn't about the next couple games.   If they drop a couple tough road games I won't be upset, but can they carry the momentum forward to win the games they should win the rest of the way?   

Either way, this was another great win.   Derrick Rose dominated the early half of the game and then played great down the stretch.   He was basically unstoppable for large parts of the game, and we've seen teams starting to play ball denial on him much more and double teaming him further and further from the basket.

Joakim Noah struggled with foul trouble early, and didn't play as many minutes as normal but came up with five points in the final minute of the game to ensure the victory.

Much like the last couple of games, the Bulls got a huge boost from quality three point shooting in this one.   When the Spurs took the lead in the fourth quarter, John Salmons nailed a three, quickly followed by a Rose three, quickly followed by a Miller three.    The three point shooting has been a big boon to the Bulls success, and it's played a huge role in the Bulls wins.

The Bulls defended excellently all night long for the third game in a row, and it's starting to feel fun to watch this team again. 

It's also worth giving Luol Deng a shout out for a couple big plays in the fourth quarter.   He didn't have a big game by any stretch, but he did score a few tough buckets when the Bulls needed them in the fourth as well.

A few random late game thoughts:
1) When Noah had the block to Hinrich, and it looked like Hinrich had an open lane for a layup if he pushed, he held back.   I know what he was thinking.   He wasn't sure the difference in the shot clock and game clock immediately and thought he might be able to run down the clock before getting intentionally fouled.   Still, if you have a chance to push for an open layup to get the four point lead I think you have to take it.

2) When the Spurs fouled Noah, but had one foul to give, why did Del Negro leave Noah in the game?   The Bulls then had to inbound to Noah putting one of their worst foul shooters on the line.   He split the free throws in a situation hitting both comes close to ending the game.  --- edit - I take this one back, I hadn't noticed how much Noah raised his FT% on the season, I'd have still put Brad Miller in the game instead, but I can't complain about it much ---

3) After Giniboli got a plethora of flops it was nice to see him not get completely bailed out at the end of the game.

Anyway, nice win for the Bulls, now the worst that can happen is 3 games under when this road trip is over.  I officially christen it a success.


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  • if D Rose do not get on the allstar team this year......but great win...lets make it 4 in a row on the road.

  • In reply to rod189:

    Sadly coaches voted on Friday so they missed these last 3 wins so doesnt look like Rose will get on.

  • In reply to rod189:

    also James Johnson looked horrendous out there, I understand that Vinny wants to play him so he can get on the good side of John/Gar however once Devin comes he cant be giving any minutes to JJ unless they are blowout garbage minutes.

  • Great game Doug. 3 quality road wins while we are in the middle of a team being hit by injuries and the stomach flu. Bulls came out of the gate thinking of that cushy plane ride to OKC but than they woke up and shot the hell out of the ball in the first quarter and it continued into the second quarter. Bulls struggled rebounding early with Noah in foul trouble. As Doug said Noah and Deng came a live in the finale few minutes of the 4th, and all those plays started with Derrick. I have to give major props to Kirk because he was on fire in that 1st half tonight. Good job by the refs last on not calling that a foul when Manu went for the quick two.

  • Yea Doug they had to hand in their votes on Friday the 22nd.

  • Doug love the website my most visted Bulls site. Keep up the good work.

    But anyways i was watching the game on my computer through the Spurs broadcast cause I dnt get Bulls games at school. And the Spurs color analyst was crying and crying about the Manu call when D.Rose barely touched him at the end of the game. Saying: "the refs decided the end of the game, because Ginobli got clearly hammered" all i could was laugh.

    Anyways great win for the Bulls, Derrick Rose All Star 2010!!!!!!

    p.s. Im boycotting the All Star game is D.Rose isnt in it.

  • In reply to ozzyk230:

    That was friggin hilarious. They claimed Manu should of gotten the foul call because of his determination

  • ozzy thanks for showing love to Dougs site, he has done an amazing job for sure. Here is how I look at it if Rose doesnt make it this season, he has a good 13 straight all-star seasons ahead of him barring injury.

  • Is it time for the BIG TRADE?

    To Bulls: Amar'e Stoudemire
    To Suns: Tyrus Thomas, James Johnson, Jannero Pargo, Jerome James and a #1 Pick


    PG - Rose/Hinrich/Hunter
    SG - Hinrich/Brown
    SF - Deng/Salmons
    PF - Stoudemire/Gibson
    C - Noah/Miller

    * The Bulls could add a few D-League players to fill out the roster.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    thats a whole lot for a guy who can walk in the summer. Mr. Happy what did you think of the game for a change.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    You're really only giving up a number 1 and James who doesn't fit well with the roster even if he turns it around unless you deal Deng

  • In reply to Dpauley23:

    The Bulls have three SF's right now. That would be Luol Deng, John Salmons and James Johnson.

    Deng and Salmons are producing, while Johnson is not. Logically, Johnson should be traded along with Ty Thomas and Pargo for another PF/C.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Newskool, I believe the Spurs announcers dropped that number, but I'm not sure it's accurate (like a lot of what they said):

    I count only two misses from 1/5 until the start of tonight's game. But the point remains the same. Noah should have definitely been out there.

  • In reply to gf2020:

    Sean Elliot makes Stacy King seem like Einstein.

  • In reply to gf2020:

    Would trading Kirk Hinrich and/or John Salmons be a bad idea at this point? I think so, unless the Bulls could get Chris Bosh.

    If they can't get Chris Bosh, then I would keep Hinrich and Salmons and trade off Thomas, Johnson, Pargo and James for a lesser PF, such as Stoudemire, Camby or Haywood.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Do u work for ESPN Rumors with all your trade fantasys?? Becuase 90% of your posts are all about trades and your great ideas.

  • In reply to ozzyk230:

    Is the trade-deadline coming? YES.

    Do the Bulls need an upgrade at PF? YES.

    Get with it ozzy!!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    It interests me that the Spurs fouled Noah, when he's actually a better free throw shooter than Rose.

  • In reply to Hoover:

    You don't play numbers there. Rose torched them.

  • In reply to fanofgame:

    I would, he's a just plain bad clutch free throw shooter at this point. I think Noah actually shoots them better down the stretch.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to fanofgame:

    tuesday 3pm i read

  • In reply to Hoover:

    And I thought the coaches votes didn't go in until tomorrow.

  • In reply to gf2020:

    The game Mrhappy the game, talk about the game. Tell me you watch Bulls games.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    I commented on the game. Look for it.

  • In reply to gf2020:

    Totally forgot we play the Hornets Friday, it will be weird to see Brown playing for us.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Last time we played he went off for a bit with 3's. Hopefully he repeats the same to NO. Doubt it, but a boy can dream.

  • In reply to gf2020:

    No turnovers for Rose. On a night when nobody else seemed to be able to hold onto the ball, Rose didn't have a single turnover or foul. That's especially impressive against the Spurs.

  • In reply to msalivar:

    And I have to say, I've been impressed by Tyrus the last few games. He might not be scoring a lot, but he's coming out with energy and changing the game. I fully expect him to make at least a couple boneheaded plays in 22 minutes, but with 7 rebounds, 2 blocks, and a steal that comes out to 10-11 points when the Bulls are shooting like they did tonight. Of course that's not considering a number of variables, but the variables aren't really on him (boneheadedness aside), and that energy really helps shift/capture momentum.

    He's going to be a damned good reserve for someone. Unfortunately it probably won't be us after this year.

  • In reply to msalivar:

    Thrilled about zero turnovers, didn't notice that while watching the game, but maybe that is the way it is supposed to be.

    No fouls however, is not necessarily a great sign. Ben Gordon probably averages the fewest fouls per minute played in the NBA, that is what happens when you are seldom within arms distance of the player that you are supposed to be guarding. Unfortunatley, that seems to be the lone lesson that Rose learned in his year with Gordon.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Who cares

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I just watched the recap on CSN. Not to bring people down after a great win, but is Derrick Rose starting to develop Luol Deng disease? Maybe it's just whoever was making the highlights on the SportsNite team, but I saw a lot of shots of Derrick Rose taking jumpers a few steps inside the 3 point line...

  • In reply to Duke:

    There's major difference there. Deng suppose to space the floor. Last time I checked Tony Parker was doing quite fine only taking the midrange shot

  • In reply to Duke:


    Derrick Rose shoots mid-range jumpshots, not 211/2 footers, like Loul Deng.

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    In reply to Duke:

    Hey, let's get a podcast in QUICK before the bulls forget how to shoot again.

    Like, in the next 10 min or so :)

  • In reply to Duke:

    lol? I definatly dont want D.Rose taking a bunch of threes. He hit that one today, but his form is brutal ESPECIALLY on the 3's.

    D.Rose has found his range and I think hes pretty good almost up to 18 ft. but thats stretchin it.

    PLUS. D.Roses game isnt the jumper anyways. He'll stop and pop occasionally but usually hes just hitting it because the point guard goes under the screen.

    Its interesting over the summer I read that they were going to play D.Rose at the off guard at times during the game; and it seems like they've been doing with Hinrich from time to time.

    D.Rose has been beasting it latley. This is maybe a good route for the bulls....and dare I say a good idea from Vinny? haha
    What do you think Doug?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    oh God Duke he is feeling it, his jumper looks amazing lately.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Ya they definetely have changed his form the past week or so.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    The game was good. The Bulls seem to have found their MOJO. Now, they have to find a new Power Forward (Bosh, Amar'e, Camby or Haywood), so they can make a deep playoff run.

    Tyrus Thomas, James Johnson, Jannero Pargo and Jerome James need to go!!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Please have this surgically implanted in that extra thick skull of yours, Brendan Haywood is a pure center not a power forward, which happens to be one of the main reasons that we actually need a guy like him, he could/should be Brad Millers replacement next season.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    LMAO who in that trade is the center piece for the Suns. You couldnt pull that trade off in a NBA Live franchise.

    I love the idea of getting Stoudemire but i highly doubt it will happen, and I dnt wanna give up Noah to get him. I say stay with what we got and wait for 2010.

  • In reply to ozzyk230:

    The Suns need a young SF (James Johnson) to eventually replace Grant Hill. They would also get a defensive PF (Tyrus Thomas) who could run with nash and play alongside Channing Frye.

    I think that trade helps the Suns for this season and for the future.


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Doug, your second random end of game thought was dead wrong. Noah is statistically our sixth best free throw shooter and it would be madness to put Hunter or Pargo in there completely cold. More importantly and something I can't believe you didn't notice, Noah was 38 for 40 in free throw in his last nine games entering tonight. Why wouldn't Vinny have him in?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Noah was 33 for 36 I believe at the line. He is not a bad free throw shooter actually, he does have a weird release but it seems to work for him. He is Rick Barry compared to some NBA bigs.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Agreed, and he was big down the stretch in the Phoenix game. I think he earned some consideration in that situation.

  • fb_avatar

    You know what I dig most about this win? Not only did Derrick step up, but at the end the rest of the team had his back. It'd be a real lousy feeling for the kid to put up a game like that and lose it off some BS missed free throw or a spurs offensive board.

    Derrick's getting real real dangerous. He's starting to shoot at least one from 3 point every game. It's like he's figured out, "wow, they really can't stop me at all"

    Kendall Gill made a good point, they're playing like they finally know their roles. Sure, they're going to lose again, and yeah the shooting % will come back to earth. But hopefully we've seen the last of the UnwatchaBulls this season.

  • i cant believe in this team, not after they lost to the warriors. that was the first game since 2007 that i felt sure the bulls would win, and they laid an egg. i need to handcuff my dreams vis-a-vis this team until they make a impact trade, which itself i guess is a dream....

  • LMAO who in that trade is the center piece for the Suns. You couldnt pull that trade off in a NBA Live franchise.

    I love the idea of getting Stoudemire but i highly doubt it will happen, and I dnt wanna give up Noah to get him. I say stay with what we got and wait for 2010.

  • In reply to ozzyk230:

    I have to say, I'm really reconsidering my opinion of Stoudemire. He has the potential to be a huge locker room cancer on a team that's not considered very good, or at least on the rise. But damn if he wouldn't be amazing between Noah and Deng with Rose feeding him. He'd really open up the middle for Rose and Deng to drive with his jumpshot, and now that he's taking rebounding a little more seriously, we could be the top rebounding team in the league. And that's not even touching his game around the basket.

    I'm still leery, but now that he's shown his vision is ok, it gets a lot more difficult. But we shouldn't trade for him, he's probably going to opt out. And a front court of Noah, Stoudemire, and Deng with Taj and JJ off the bench sounds potent as the rookies develop and JJ catches up to the speed of the game.

  • Totally agree with your point on taking Noah out after the first intentional foul, despite his amazing free throw shooting lately. Just another case of Del Bimbo being Del Bimboish.

  • Are you finally ready to admit that I was not crazy to suggest that Rose is a better mid range jump shooter than Ben Gordon.

    He clearly shoots a higher percentage than Gordon ever has, and he is getting better every day. Every shot that he hit tonight was nothing but net.

    Rose just needs to keep improving his shot selection, Gordon never had any shot selection, he just chucked'em up no matter what, thus the lower shooting percentage.

    I'b be interested to see a comparison by one of you stat geeks on their relative shooting from inside the 3 point line.

  • Noah has been shooting FT like a madman lately, but a real coach probably still doesn't trust him or any center over a guard of forward. At a minimum he should have been the one inbounding the ball.

    In that situation, Noah probably only hits one of two like he did, 90% of the time despite his recent ramapage at the line.

  • Doug, don't beat yourself up, your are doing an amazing job just responding to all the "stuff" on this site. Alex and Mr Happy would have worn me out by now.

  • Honestly, there's only one guy in this free agency that I think deserves a max deal: Lebron. Bosh might prove he does over the next couple years, but I don't think he does this moment. Everyone else is too old, not good enough, or too injury prone.

    That doesn't mean a number of these guys aren't going to get one, and it's what we signed up for when we cleared salary.

  • I think that you guys are vastly overating Tyrus's performance. He is absolutely useless on the offensive end, he may have the worst hands in the history of the league.

    He is an uniterested rebounder at best. Despite his supposed freakish athleticism, he is actually not all that althletic, if you factor in coordination, he is basically an out of control clutz.

    If you could get Tyrus to focus his energy into becoming a Rodman clone(maniacal rebounding and defense), then you might have something.

    He already has the tats, maybe we just need to die his hair, hook him up with Madonna, Carmen Electra and have him don a wedding dress.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Hey man, check out my user name.

    That's how I've felt all along. The Bulls should hire Rodman as Tyrus's man purse, a la how Gordon always had a butler.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    A lot of great, insightful comments today. I hope D-Rose' first All-Star game is 2010/this year simply because he's said he wants it bad. The way he's played(with the flu, big time down the stretch of games) and the class he's shown, I'd about give him the key to the city right now. That turnaround Hakeem shake he does in the lane is unstoppable. He is getting lethal with his hesitation moves in the paint because teams are much more hyper-reactive to him with his much improved jump shot and scoring. Derrick's look in his eye leaving the court says it all. He's going to be a big time star in this league. IMO Whoever comes along J-Wall etc., guys like D-Rose who have that kind of fire burning just don't happen along that often. And that will be the difference. Whether it's Wade, Bosh, or Amar'e who's numbers are not impressive this year, something's got to be done to surround Derrick with another big time player as the Chicago and national marketing potential alone now begs for it. Not to mention D's game deserves it. And the fans of course.

  • Despite doing it completely bass ackward, the road trip is almost a success already, all we have to do to make it unqualified is win one more game, and come home a .500 team.

  • DON'T GET SO DEFENSIVE DOUG. I know it's hard for you.

    Who ran the Grizzlies? Jerry West (a former Lakers' player)

    He helped get Pau Gasol in LA for NOTHING.

    Who ran the T-Wolves? Kevin Garnett (a former Celtics' player).

    He helped get Kevin Garnett to Boston for next to NOTHING.

    Who runs the Suns? Steve Kerr (a former Bulls' player).

    Will he help get Amar'e Stoudemire to Chicago, maybe?

  • Whether the Bulls get Amar'e or not, they need to add a PF/C.

    Take your pick.

    - Amar'e Stoudemire
    - Chris Bosh
    - Carlos Boozer
    - Marcus Camby
    - Brendan Haywood

    The Bulls should try to land one of these guys before the deadline, with Tyrus Thomas and James "Doug's MAN-Crush" Johnson as the main trade pieces.

  • Marcus Camby and Brendan Haywood are in the same group as Amar'e Stoudemire.


    - F.A. Big-Men to be and possibly available for trade.

    (Think outside the box, if you can.)

  • Doug,

    Put down the WEED, ALCOHOL or whatever DRUG that is making you delirious or delusional.

    Tyrus Thomas or your MAN-CRUSH James Johnson are NOT good rotation players. What games are you watching? Those two guys SUCK as pro basketball players.

    You would LOVE to keep your Man-Crush and Tyrus Thomas. Why? They are IMMATURE, INEFFECTIVE and INCONSISTENT. They are NOT worth keeping.

    Give me Bosh, Ama're, Boozer, Camby or Haywood.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    You say this yet you think the Suns would trade Amare for "SUCK..IMMATURE, INNEFECTIVE, INCONSISTANT"

    Id like to get STAT or another PF too, but those guys you claim suck so bad arent going to be worthy of swapping out with an All Star PF.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Camby has one foot in retirement, how could you possibly want him? He's over the hill and near the bottom on the other side, plain and simple.

    I don't understand how you can be so against James Johnson already. Noah blew his rookie year, too, as do most rookies. If you really watch him, it's clear he hasn't caught up to the speed of the game yet. Of course he hasn't, because he gets no chance to play through mistakes. I'm not saying he should be just yet, but at some point he'll have to, and then we'll see what we have. One things for sure, the skills he brings to the table could make him a very valuable 7th man (operating on the assumption the 6th man will be a guard or smaller wing)

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Let's make it a rule that the only trades proposed onthis site have been proposed by someone NOT on this site. ty

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I'm just happy Taj Gibson is better than TY. hahah. Taj is a rookie too.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    It seems like the bulls go their MOJO from last season back! Now we if we can just beat horrible teams, we can be a force to wreck wid.

  • True, Doug. I dream that they surpass by 10 games my prediction of 31 wins..LOL

  • Yeah I was going to say, Noahs been pretty clutch on FT's really (even towards the end of last year).

    When they fouled Noah I was like, haha idiots think he's the avg. dolting center who cant hit. I actually consider Noah semi clutch in FT's anymore...More so in clutch situ's than early game situs.

  • Yup, Rose isnt very clutch from the line so far..Id rather have Noah up there as of right now...Hinrichs sorta a foul line choker too. Id almost rather have Miller / Noah up there than anyone on the bulls right now.

    Its almost like Noah wants to win so badly he wills the tornado in.
    I also love seeing Noah feed off of the opposing crowds jeers. He's a baller, he seems to just love close game / big game situations.

  • Alex is a troll from way back in comment threads from Chi Tribune / Herald....No Shot noah, loul dung...cant remember the others but its a dead give away every time I saw no shot noah pop up here and was like Noooooooooooooooooo!

    Happy means well, he's just needs a trade machine and caps lock

  • I have enough doubts about Wade's health that I'd be very hesitant. He's Amare without the character issues. But he'd also be coming home, and that's definitely worth something.

    I'd rather try to trade up in the draft and get Evan Turner than sign him.

  • or aaron grey!!! Vinnys gotta be worried the white panther is gonna slaughter us with that baby jump hook.

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