Bulls feeding Chicago again, beat the Magic

For the second home game in a row, McDonalds is a little poorer, Chicago is a little fatter, and Bulls fans have something good to talk about. 

The real story here is that Derrick Rose looks like he's turned the corner.   He's staying aggressive all game long.  He's getting into the lane and taking better jump shots when he does shoot the jumper.   He's getting to the free throw line on a consistent basis.   He's starting to deliver consistent, efficient offense for the Bulls.

It can't be overstated how much of a benefit it is for the Bulls to have Derrick Rose break out and become the best player of this team as they win.   It gives fans hope that he can still become a special franchise player [I still don't think it's likely he reaches that peak, but hell even if he becomes a Deron Williams or Brandon Roy rather than a LeBron or Kobe who could complain?].   It makes it exceedingly likely that we'll make the playoffs [always good].   It vastly increases the odds of a top tier FA coming to the Bulls next season [Hey Chris Bosh, turn on some Bulls games now].

The Bulls have won four in a row, and Vinny Del Negro certainly has established some job security with the win.   They're now 4-0 with Tyrus Thomas back and playing with the full complement of players.   This goes back to my early analysis of the season, with everyone healthy, the Bulls are a good team.   Even missing one player, the drop off is severe, and the team can fall apart.

The Bulls have only played eight games with at full health, but they are 6-2 in those games including three wins against title contenders (San Antonio, Cleveland, and Orlando) with the two losses coming on the road against good teams (Boston and Miami).    What would the Bulls record be right now if they had Hinrich and Tyrus all season?   We'll never know, but I think it's a safe bet that they'd be over .500 right now.

Even though the Bulls are a mere 14-17, they sit just two games out of the 5th seed and a half game out of the 6th seed.   While their schedule has softened considerably recently, they've still played a large portion of their extremely difficult games.   As long as they stay healthy a playoff run is going to happen, even if it's a short one against an elite team.

In a week, this win will only be as big as the momentum it carries the Bulls to, but it was a big win to get right now so savor it.



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  • Great win I didnt expect last night. Rose pushing the ball even when he dried up a bit is so valuable. I'll take a Rose drive with a missed layup anyday over a long 2. Even his missed layups end up in better 2nd chance points it seems.

    Hopefully they stay healthy and keep playing well.

    Did I mention I love it when Rose takes over a game? Oh, and God bless Joakim as always. God bless Miller for knowing how to get into Howards head. And God bless the magic for taking nearly 40 3's and ignoring Howard yet again.

  • "I still don't think it's likely he reaches that peak,"___ but hell even if he becomes a Deron Williams or Brandon Roy rather than a LeBron or Kobe who could complain?]."

    are you serious doug? deron isnt on derricks level for their ages...derrick is 21 now..& deron was 23 before he became the star he was becoming and now is 25..compared to derricks 21..derrick is far ahead of schedule..chris paul came in at 20 and blew up at 22..what is it that your always pickin on derrick?..why is it that bulls fans are the only people who are sooo ungrateful of him..deron always had perfect pieces for a point guard..two bigs who can score and a non congested paint,no swingman to take the ball out of his hands,a established systme,a hall of fame coach whos had a hall of fame point guard and great teams for his long tenured as a head coach,a deep team every season,and a serious front office about winning and not money..how dare you say rose cant be or isnt a franchise player.. you have noooooo proof of that..name me the problems derrick has? the kid is 21 doug..21..why do ya give soo much love to gordon,loul when healthy and joakim..when none are game changers..his team doesnt even shoot good and thats never goina work for a player who slashes..no inside scoring,no sidekick to go with,no pick and roll player to make defenses pick their posion,a 1 yr coach with no experience of being on the bench,no deep team,and a non serious front office about winning..and i could keep going if you want until you get the point..he is 21! can you guys f'in relax..how can he not be a star or become one..i swear ya ungrateful of derrick..might as well trade him for gordon so ya could finally be happy...

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    Man this is one of the best post I've ever seen on here and realgm. Put Rose with a legit post guy and some shooters and he's a 20&9 player right now, with room to grow in his game!!! Man me and you might have to watch some games together!! And yeah Doug seems to pick on Rose quite frequently as if he will not be good or isn't good now. But that's the case with most of the Bulls fan base, it's kind of sad.

  • In reply to fanofgame:

    =) exchange numbers and everything..lmao =)..no but its true..when rose pushes..he scores..easily..noah is good but honestly..he doesnt fit with derrick but i wouldnt want noah to leave unless hes in a package for a star..tyrus is a game changer but comes and goes because the coaches arent pushing him to be consistent..same with james johnson. who has skilled but is becoming a overweight problem..but derrick wouldnt be overseas doing sneaker ads,number one out of high school,number one out of college and being the top rookie in a deep draft class for no reason..rose doesnt have the team or system built to be great and allow him to be great..chicago would only land a free agent because of derrick..we have a staring 5 with one shooter and all slashers and no handle..we have no bench either..rose is my favorite player but i dont act like he's immortal either..but rose is a star and is OUR FRANCHISE..and instead of singling out his problems..look at how hes having a better year with a team and coach that doesnt fit..

  • Just looking at the upcoming schedules, it wouldn't surprise me to see the Chicago Bulls move into the 5th spot in the Eastern Conference and have the Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors fall in the standings.

    If by chance the Raptors drop out of playoff contention by the trade-deadline (it's possible), then I would hope John Paxson would pursue Chris Bosh.

    Here's an old idea with a new twist.

    To Bulls: Chris Bosh and Sonny Weems
    To Raptors: David West, John Salmons and a #1 Pick
    To Hornets: Tyrus Thomas and Jerome James


    It works for each team, assuming Chris Bosh wants out of Toronto (most likely).

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    like i said before..david west and john salmons are 30...a 1st isnt viewd hard like the nfl..example...thabo was playin bad and got traded for a 1st last year..and why would they want them when theyr not even playing like all stars either..west wouldnt be there if it wasnt for paul and byron..and salmons wouldve avg around 6 or 17 if he played for chicago instead of sacramento....new orleans would cry in happyness for this deal..lmao seriously..david west is in a long term and is degressing since mid last year and is 30 years old..and salmons cant even start for us..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    '16 or 17"

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    David West is only 29 years old and more importantly he is under contract, unlike Chris Bosh. Getting a former all-star still in his prime, another role player and a #1 draft pick would be an excellent deal for the Raptors.

    PG - Calderon
    SG - DeRozan
    SF - Turkoglu
    PF - West
    C - Bargnani

    PG - Jack
    SG/SF - Salmons
    PF - Evans

    That's a decent 8-man rotation for the Raptors, that can still compete for the playoffs.

    At the end of the day, it would be better for the Raptors to trade Chris Bosh, then to lose him for nothing. Also, don't forget that they would need to trade him to place where he would want to play. He already said no to Golden State, but I bet Chicago is high on his list.

    That trade works for each team involved.


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    and you trade a 29 non allstar and 30 yr old bench for a 25 yr old all star who has the best pf numbers in the league right now..and is one of the most niciest locker room guys for a guy who should have a big ego(a real reason the bulls want him)..so way to go to your deal lol..look their not losing him for nothing..did you or did not read..he wont walk away from 30 million extra from toronto to just hurry up..he isnt complainin..he wants out but chicago or miami with him wouldnt win the championship..so why not lose this season..get better find a house..get 30 million extra and not risk any injuries or rush into a new team..a sign and trade works both ways..he picks a place and they trade him there and pick players from there..period..if you think david west is attractive to any team right now..your losing your mind..why do we get a star and they get bums..the nba general mangers are not stupid..some make moves because of friendship but none make moves that dont make sense..jerry west trading pau to l.a and then resignin after..we had the better offer..we shoulldve signed gordon til this season or 2010 offseason to make a sign and trade along with deng and thomas instead of letting him go for nothing..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    unless tyrus puts up 20+ and 10+ with 2 blks and loul puts up 19 & 8 and we add a first or two then they might trade during the season..but portland is the only team that has a chance a landing him during the season becuase of their depth and lack for a true star to pair with roy..their our only concern..i think chicago is rated higher than miami to bosh..its only a often injured maxcontract dwyane with nice weather compared to what we have..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    I have very much enjoyed watching Derrick Rose and Tyrus Thomas in the recent games. I hope that if any changes are made to the roster that they wont include Thomas or Noah.

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    Hey Doug, I loved the game. But the one thing i distinctly remember is JJ falling down while driving the lane and I got squirmish. But then he got a steal and a block the next few plays. I feel like this is the story of his rookie year. I want him in the D-League for now so he can get some consistent minutes and develop his game more. I still have faith that he can be a real asset and threat for us with his size and handles. What do you think?

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    happy for the win but watching the bumbling bulls is still hard...it is like all the bigs have inner ear issues.

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    In reply to Yunqn:

    In the battle between Dwight Howard and Joakim Noah the winner is....Taj Gibson! He led all players in blocked shots (3) and offensive rebounds (7) and made a statement stuffing the ball two handed on Gortat. Whodathunkit?

    Derrick Rose's game is unreal. I'm amazed not just by his scoring but by how organized and composed the Bulls are when the ball's in his hands. When he leaves they're a bit scrappy and lost on the offensive end but when he's handling the rock they play with plan and purpose. THIS is why they had to lose Gordon and make sure this would be Derrick's team.

    I'm a big VDN fan and not just lately. Sure, they blew a 35 pt lead but when in the last 10 years has a Bulls team had a 35 pt lead to blow? The Bulls won this game like a professional basketball team, from the line not by jacking up shots and hoping for the best. I do wish he'd have gotten in the refs ears more about some terrible missed calls. He's got to stick up for his guys. Hinrich was credited for 0 steals which is just wrong - I can remember him ripping at least 2 balls away. In postgame VDN mentioned Luol's playing with a broken finger. That explains his dropoff of late.

    From how this game went I wonder: how you all think the Bulls would do in a 7 game series against Orlando?

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