Broussard: Houston and Chicago talking trades?


The Rockets are in discussions with several clubs about McGrady, and
sources say two of the teams near the top of their wish list are
Washington and Chicago.


Chicago, which has definite interest in McGrady, also has the
combination of young talent and expiring contracts the Rockets are
looking for. There is a Bulls player Houston covets, but it's not clear
who that is. Since the Rockets surely realize that Derrick Rose won't
be traded, logic suggests it's Joakim Noah.

A package of Noah, Brad Miller and Jerome James (the latter two
have expiring contracts) would work financially, but sources say the
Bulls have no desire to part with Noah.

As for the Bulls, Kirk Hinrich is ahead of even Tyrus Thomas on
their list of players they'd love to trade. In fact, Thomas is being
offered around the league as a sweetener in any Hinrich deal. But with
two years, $17 million left on his contract after this season, there's
not a great market for Hinrich.

Sources or ESPN speculation written up as a rumor?    Logic suggests the Rockets want Noah and the Bulls would say no.   Well, yeah, thanks for that.

It's interesting to read the Bulls would rather trade Hinrich than Tyrus, since it at least pierces the logic carried by some Bulls fans that the Bulls value Hinrich so much and would never trade him because he's the white golden child.    It also makes sense to move Hinrich in a McGrady deal given that McGrady would take over a lot of those minutes.

How about Brad Miller, Jerome James and John Salmons for McGrady + Jermaine Taylor/Chase Budinger + Chuck Hayes?    The Bulls clear out the possibility of McGrady opting in, they get Hayes who could play Brad Miller's few minutes, and they get one of the Rockets cheap rookie fill ins.   The Rockets could opt not to include the last guy if they're attached to both in which case the Bulls would sign a D-Leaguer.   The inclusion of Budinger/Taylor is more to help the Rockets save tax money than anything else [presumably they include Taylor if anyone].

Would the Rockets take Kirk in a deal for McGrady?   Swap out Jerome and Salmons and swap in Hinrich and Tyrus and maybe it's a possibility.   Does the potential of Tyrus give them enough to make them take on Kirk's remaining two years?   Probably not.   Also worth noting if you trade Brad, Tyrus, and Kirk while getting back McGrady and Hayes, you probably completely doomed this season to open up cap space next summer.   Cap space that will be difficult to use when you limp to a 33 win finish. 

It will be interesting to wait and watch.   If anything goes down, I'd think it's a variant of the first trade.   There's a high probability that Salmons opts out anyway, so Houston probably isn't taking on any extra long term salary.   Both teams may feel better about trading for the other players in that sense while neither is taking on notable financial risk.

However, it's worth noting that if the Wizards put a Butler/Miller package on the table that would kill anything we'd even consider offering.   This is one of those situations where we're not going to be the high bidder in a bidding war, a trade only goes through if everything else fails for Houston.


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  • So Doug, I thought NY was a pretty good partner with HOU. better than us anyways. Also, I would be somewhat reluctant to part with Hinrich in a deal for Tmac since I dont see Tmac playing alot of guard. I dont think he is quick enough on D.

    However, if we do that deal and recieve Budinger in return I would be soo happy. I have always been a Budinger fan since His height and range on his shot would make him a nice asset for Derrick if we can run him the right offense.

  • worst case scenario... mcgrady blows up for the last 10 games and we give him a max deal

  • I think the Bulls will make a trade that nobody saw coming like they did last year....i never thought they wouldve found a taker for larry hughes but they did and picked up salmons and miller....just sayin.

    I believe Deng may be on the move....

  • I would get why the Knicks or the Wiz would want to trade for TMac: it can help them a lot in their rebuilding. The Bulls would have to move a lot to get him and the only benefit is that you can guarantee that Salmons won't opt in. I say hold out for someone who can help this year or in the near future.

  • My main feelings is that we don't need T-Mac but we could really use him. He would be a great asset as a shooter and can also create his own offense. I would be more interested in getting Budinger personally since I feel his shooting will be really helpful for us.

    However, if we do trade Salmons, I dont think the team changes much. If we trade Hinrich somehow in this deal I would be more worried about who would Backup Rose. I do not want Hunter out there on a consistent basis.

    I think there are alot of good veteran guards who can run the team and we can sign for cheap. Hopefully some with 3pt range as well.

  • 2 questions. What would a trade for Kirk and T-Mac look like. Also, would that mean we would have enough to sign 2 max FA next summer or what?

  • Salmons is starting to come around. He may always be a player who goes through some major down time, but he's also a career 44% shooter. So if you buy that Salmons comes around now which helps the Bulls a lot to be a decent team, do you then attract free agents this summer if we trade him, and go back to being lousy?

    Something tells me getting McGrady's contract, which is all I'm interested in, and clearing out room for two 2010 max free agents is too good to be true. Better to turn things around and look pretty good this year, and make Chicago at least a some what attractive place for 2010 FA's. Who knows maybe Derrick does end up blowing up as the team plays better, and we do land someone(Bosh) who's big time.

  • What about Kirk, Salmons and Gray or JJ to Portland for Blake, Miller and Webster? Bulls take on a longer contract in Webster, but gain significant 3 point shooting.

  • The Bulls need to focus on getting a capable SG and a veteran big, while trading away Tyrus Thomas and possibly other players such as Jannero Pargo, James Johnson, Aaron Gray, Jerome James and Kirk Hinrich.

    Some nice young SG and veteran BIG-man pairings include the following:

    - Nick Young and Brendan Haywood (Washington)
    - Terrence Williams and Josh Boone (New Jersey)
    - Mardy Collins and Marcus Camby (Los Angeles)
    - Ronnie Brewer and Calos Boozer (Utah)
    - Jermaine Taylor and Louis Scola (Houston)
    - Chase Budinger and Brian Cook (Houston)
    - Sonny Weems and Chris Bosh (Toronto)
    - Leandro Barbosa and Amar'e Stoudemire (Phoenix)

    I think grabbing any of those pairings would be a good thing for the Chicago Bulls, not only in the short-term, but also in the long-term, depending how they approach it.

  • The Bull would still have enough for a deal like that. If JJ were included, then you are replacing JJ and Kirk's 10 million with Miller's 5.5M and Webster's 4.5m. Plus, Blake is a FA and he would save the Bulls 2M this year in salary, so the Bulls could even sign a FA this season (like Stackhouse or Brent Barry) to help out a bit. And (best part), they can still pick up Bosh or another big time FA.

  • Anyone think the Wiz and Rockets do Jamison and Mike Miller for TMac? That woul help the Rockets now and the Wiz in their rebuilding efforts. Better than Jamison for Big Z

  • I don't think this trade will happen, but if it does, I'd rather give up Salmons than Hinrich. I'm not in love with Kirk, but he makes for the perfect role player/backup combo guard. The ball stops when it hits Salmons anxious hands.. when Hinrich is in, the ball keeps moving, and our offense flows much better.

    T-Mac may or may not help us, but what's the difference? We aren't going anywhere this season anyways. Even a playoff appearance would be brief.

  • If I were the Bulls I'd give the Rockets any combination of salaries/players they'd want exclusive of Rose and Noah to get McGrady's expiring contract. Even with that offer the Rockets could probably do better elswhere. It sure makes sense to me that they'd try to get Bosh from Toronto.

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