Boers and Berstein make up some stuff to draw ratings

Looks like the boys made another dumb rumor up or continue to listen to the world's worst source.

Note, these guys also said Kobe coming to Chicago was a lock a couple years ago and that Kirk Hinrich was the primary piece going to LA according to their sources.   Yes, that's right, B&B have now either created rumors of the Bulls trading Hinrich for Kobe and Bosh or have actually been dumb enough to listen to people who tried to spread the rumor.

I haven't posted this because I think there's anything to this rumor, it just struck me as funny that B&B have come out with the two most unbelievable rumors I've ever heard in my life.   Obviously if someone wants to give us a steak for a moldy piece of bread then we'll do it, but seriously, couldn't you make up something more believable than this?

Waits for the deluge of posts saying "I'd do it!".


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  • I believe Bernstein said that he doesn't see Toronto making such a move...and I don't think an inquiry about a trade boost ratings too much either.

  • I thought it was Hinrich, Miller, James and Tyrus for Kobe and Pau(Gasol), but we won't throw in Tyrus unless we get L.A's 2010 1st Rounder.

  • hold out for a draft pick!

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