You have a moral obligation to spam the hell out of the Bulls fan of the month vote

From the Bulls Connect website, there is a fan of the month vote.

You can vote for Justin [vote by hitting like], who is honoring Norm Van Lier at game 7 in Boston.   A fan who traveled to Boston to go to game 7 in a Norm Van Lier jersey.   Seriously, don't you wish you owned a Norm Van Lier jersey? 

or the current closest contender [only 2 votes down right now] is hanging out with Jim Boylan.   Seriously, Jim "the coaching train wreck" Boylan? 

Are you voting for the guy who traveled from California to Boston to see a game 7, painted his face, and rocked a Van Lier jersey or a guy who took a photo with Jim Boylan.   I'm appalled that this is close.   Absolutely appalled.   Vote early, vote often, find a way to cheat the vote.   This can't be allowed to stand.   The Bulls need to simply fix the vote if it does.

Jim Boylan can not beat out Norm Van Lier.   It just can't happen.  It can't.  


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  • The sight of Boylan made me puke. BTW how wierd is it that like every picture besides 3 are chicks basically groping Noah

  • I used my web development browsers through Os X and Parallels/XP to get him 5 votes. I'll try to spoof them later on after work and get him some more : )

  • egh i just cant do what people tell me i should, its just not in me. I am kidding. Justin you got my vote yesterday. However I am the biggest fan, i should just take a picture of my room/meuseum and I would win hands down. Who else owns a Jalen Rose lego figure, a Jay Williams rubber ducky, a kirk hirich jack in the box, 4 Reggie Theus autographs, a dual autograph of Chet Walker and Jerry sloan, etc etc.

  • I should be in the running for this for heckling Jim Boylan to the point he left early during the T-Wolves Bulls preseason game last season (while he was scouting for the Bucks). I should still lose to Justin, but it should torch the other guy....

  • Does anyone else remember that fight last night year between Bucks and Bulls during preseason and Boylan got in the middle to break up Hinrich and someone else. Then Kirk just stares him down and just gives him the FU face. That was some pretty hilarious stuff. BTW evilhoban I think I remember someone else emailing Doug this during one of his podcasts. Was that you or someone else?

  • FYI: Justin almost ended our friendship because he thought I leaked info to him on the Bulls game he TIVO'd to watch later in the evening.

  • i think you have to pronounce his full name as fred does, "Jim ballboy boylan"

  • yea its pretty cool. I could decorate the the UC if they pay me. They should really build a little bull hall of fame that fans can visit like the yankees have and like the mets are building.

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