Wojnarowski calls out Gar Forman

Adrian Wojnarowski reports:

"To say the least," a close associate of Del Negro said, "the staff was
disappointed by Gar's failure to step up in an embattled moment."

He goes on to shred Forman for the way the Bulls have handled the coaching search:

Forman has sworn to people that he hasn't made one call about a
replacement, and multiple sources insist that simply isn't true. Just
Tuesday, Forman was on the phone asking about exiled NBA coach Eric
Musselman. He's telling people he needs a long-term solution for the
Bulls. He had already called the Nets two weeks ago on Lawrence Frank.
Another report linked the Bulls to Doug Collins.

The Bulls have every right to fire the coach, but do it already.
This saga has become an embarrassment, an amateur hour and for all the
discussion of Del Negro's fitness for the job, there's been too little
about Forman's. As a scandalized college assistant and, eventually, a
behind-the-scenes pro personnel man, he's been ill-prepared for the
public nature and scrutiny of the job with which the Bulls promoted him
a year ago. He's never managed something so big, never engaged in the
dynamics of a public platform so immense.

Reading the whole article, don't expect Gar Forman to be one of Adrian's sources of information anytime in the future.

As for the whole thing, it's interesting how big a story this has become.   I just figured Vinny Del Negro's job security was definitely an issue based on the performance of the team.   The lack of a firm statement is more evidence that VDN is in trouble and likely on his way out.

Adrian's take on VDN is interesting, I don't think I'd let him off that easily to say that the season's largely gone wrong due to injuries and a loss of Ben Gordon, but that he coached them to 7th in the East as if this is good.   The Bulls are on pace to win 33 games.   If they are seven then it's because everyone else is bad, not because they're any good.

I think the safer move for Gar would have been to come out and just give the "Vinny is our coach" speech, get shredded in the press for standing by a terrible coach, and then go find the replacement behind the scenes.   I think the message sent in this article is somewhat contradictory in that they want him to be honest and to stand by his coach at the same time.

In the end, the problem appears to be the same.  They don't want Vinny, but they haven't found someone else yet.   They don't want to fire him on the spot, they don't have a replacement, they don't want  to give him false support, but they don't want to completely undermine him.   That's how they've ended up where they are.


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  • Doug, correct me if I'm wrong but I saw something on the RealGM forum that appeared to indicate that you thought that the Jalen Rose trade was a good one. Do you recall that Artest and Miller became all-stars a year or two after the trade whereas Rose became a team cancer and a cap killer? Say it ain't so Doug.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    I'm almost positive Doug was talking about the trade that sent Jalen to Toronto.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Hopefully, everything will be fine when present ownership is gone...Maybe 2017?

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Funny how this Woj guy places all the blame on Gar and fails to mention John Paxson once in his article. As for Gar he is pathetic, how he could not give Vinny a vote of confidence like Bird gave O'Brien last night is insane. All he had to say is Vinny is our coach and we are trying to win games, thats it. As for replacements what the **** is Eric Mussleman going to do lmao and Doug Collins?

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    You are correct Sir! Gar is Paxson's stooge just as Pax is Reinsdorf's stooge. They are all dancing to the malignant tune of Chairman Jerry. Gives Jerry two levels of deniability when the dooty hits the fan. Vinny is a mediocre coach but is a prince of a man compared to these clowns.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Its actually funny because alot of people are now in support of Vinny and against the bulls. It is only fair though, only our ownership can continue to fu** up the way they handle things even the way they go about firing a coach. Our org is so bad I expect them to fire Vinny right after a big win on the road lol (thats how stupid they are)/

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Jamal Mashburn and Tim Legler were showing support yesterday. Coaches today are fired to fast. Vinny hasnt even had 120 games under his belt yet. This is the same thing that happened to Reggie Theus in Sacramento.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    I guess this guy jumped on my band-wagon, because I was all over Gar Forman's case last night, after his "POTENTIAL and VERSATILITY" interview during halftime of last night's game.

    Gar Forman is a JOKE of a GM.

  • umm..like i said yesterday...he wouldnt have his job,vinny wouldnt be coaching and our team wouldnt be this bad if it wasnt for the guys running the show..jerry and paxson..jerry aint leaving so moving paxson is a must..getting a new front office would mean new coaches and players..thats our goal..it isnt just moving hinrich and deng and then world becomes a better place..the problem is much bigger..our team is a product and a persentation of the front office..you get what you put in..san antonios,houston,l.a when they realized kobe wanted out,boston when they couldnt get oden,phoenix(when they wanted to get over the hump but brought in a guy that wouldnt help them just fame them),new york trying to rebuild after isiah killed them,new jersey bringin in kidd and after trading jason kidd by puttin a bunch of young talented pieces and having money for 2010..we dont have anything but really one player and history that was 10 years ago..what else can we say hey we also have a nice city and max contract to offer..but guess what..every team has the same thing,new york,miami,new jersey,okc,maybe l.a and even memphis..paxson,gar,and vinny combined for failure and our overpaid players are only here and overpaid because paxson and our office did a brillant job at f*cking us up...

  • anyone who think that gar is the gm is smoking some strong drugs, this imbisil is nothing but a yes yes man, the real coward is john paxson the epitemy of snake. this guy should never have left the radio booth, rose fell into his lap and gave this bozo new life, but what bigname free agent do you guys think will want to come here with the coaches this bum is looking at? none, he will blow this like he did when he could have had wade, rudy gay , roy, aldrich, among others, the best thing he did since being here was getting rid of the ball hog overrated been gordon, then turned around and signed another overrated (actually used to be my favorite bull) deng. the only way to fix this shit is to get a real basketball personality in here and stop trying to hire ex-bull players, i would love to have byron scott to work with rose.

  • and for those looking at the spelling of ben gordon, been gordon, that was on purpose

  • This has become two different stories...I don't think Vinny is a good coach and he needs to go. But clearly the Bulls are embarrasing themselves with how they are handling it. They need to find a good replacement and not rush into it. They should be giving VDN an endorsement until then....its just good politics. Endorse, endorse, endorse, fire. Deh...

  • All on who???? Doug, what don't you understand about Paxson's Laff-A-Bulls???? The Bulls will not get anywhere near a championship until the clueless trainee Paxson is gone and an experienced GM & Coach have time to rebuild the team!

    No-Shot Noah is a weakling and he can't compete against good strong players, Klank Hinrich is a joke and if the fragile Deng holds up for a whole season it will be a miracle!

    Doug stop printing excuses for Paxson's Laff-A-Bulls, your creditabiity is being to stink!

  • No Doug I didnt state that. Is he a good coach? no but he is relatively new. I always felt he would only last the two years because of the 2010 situation but why fire him now?. Let him ride it out. Were is a new coach going to bring us this season?

  • Doug, I think the Adrian W. story is predicated on the chickens coming home to roost/perception(truth) that Forman and the Bulls were basically lying when they said after Gordon went to Detroit that they wanted to sign him after the season. This affront with Vinny being just another case of their disrespect for the public/media with a complete lack of candor i.e bullshit. Ben and his dingbat agent Raymond(Ray Ray) wouldn't sign a loyal and decent mid $50's(Mil) offer, and stalled and stalled, and that eventually soured the Bulls management on Ben. Of course Ben would have never been so stubborn and overreaching if it wouldn't have been for the "in your face" Deng overpay. And the reason Reinsdorf went out of his way to make it personal with the ani-Ben comments after Gordon left was because he knew he caused the situation with the Deng overpay. It's just that simple. Only the media(not you Doug) have to tip toe and draw out the story so as not to get burned and sell the ratings drama of an unfolding/"ongoing" story. Adrian as a nationally appointed(Yahoo) "voice" is simply calling into account an unpopular guy(s) in an inept, disrespected franchise that is easy pickings for a "courageous" tell it like it is(when it's convenient/popular) story.

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