Vinny Del Negro to be fired Dec 16th [speculation]

In a crazy bit of speculation that could be proven wrong quite quickly, I think Vinny Del Negro is fired Dec 16th.   The reason?

The Bulls play the Celtics and Lakers in two of their next three games.   They have no chance whatsoever to win those games.   If they want to bring in a fresh era, then they want to do so when Bernie Bickerstaff has a shot in hell of winning some games, so that they can blame the whole negative culture thing on Vinny.

If they're going to get the team back and get any kind of bounce they need to establish some positive momentum, so bringing in Bernie with a stretch of winnable games on the forefront seems like the smart play rather than bringing him in and watching him get blown out a couple times early and leaving the players with the "well nothing's changed" attitude.

Sure, I could be wrong, in fact, I'm almost certainly wrong, but if someone were to offer me a million bucks to pick the day Vinny is fired I'd go with Dec 16th. 

As a back up plan, Dec 13th seems realistic as well.   The Bulls next game would be against the Lakers putting Bernie in a tough spot for his coaching debut, but there would be two days off between the Celtics game on the 12th and the Lakers game on the 15th.   That'd give him a chance to run a few practices before starting up a game.

Place your bets below in the comment section for the Vinny Del Negro firing watch.


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  • I will tell you what guys, the best thing going on at the United Center right now is the Ribeye sandwich at The Steak House. Seriously, thats worth going for. Of course, I have to stop going now to send the ownership a message.

    Now, as for a plan, originally, I didnt think this made sense, but now, they MUST fire VDN and leverage a new coach as the most attractive reason for coming here as a FA. The players arent going to do that, so we need to bring in a coach now who is highly respected by the individual players that will be available. Im not exactly sure who's out there, but who do you think is the coach that will make players say, "I want to play for him". Bring him in now, so he has almost a full year of working with the guys that will remain.

    This is the only move left to make...

  • they need to get a coach in here who may be able to teach high level guard...Mo Cheeks, Bryon Scott or Avery Johnson. Find a reasoanble mix of players (trade em all save for Rose) so that the Bulls are an attractive spot for the FA class.....too many years of ugly mediocre play. No one on the team is any threat to be an all star and the vets are as developed as they are gonna get save for Rose n perhaps Noah.

  • In reply to drob:

    Avery Johnson, maybe. But Mo Cheeks and Byron Scott are just band-aids and won't attract a top free agent. Their tendency is to have a little early success and eventually get fired after a couple years of regression. Check their track records.

    The Bulls really messed up when they didn't close the deal with D'Antoni. Especially, when we ended up with the #1 pick and DRose. D'Antoni's system would have been perfect for the parts that we have and Rose would have blossomed much quicker.

  • In reply to drob:

    Just shows how dumb of a decision it was to hire him last summer. There were clearly better candidates out there at the time, like Rick Carlisle, Avery Johnson, Duane Casey, Paul Westphal.

  • In reply to drob:

    Actually i wouldn't be surprised to see Pete Meyers interm coaching. He would be getting the least increase in pay, as opposed to Bickerstaff.

  • In reply to drob:

    Im calling for the Christimas eve. Bulls have 4 days off and having meeting the next day to decide the buyout figures

  • In reply to drob:

    fired floyd n skiles on 12/24...and axed Artis Gilmore that day too as I recall.

  • In reply to drob:

    Dougy..our best f.a attraction coach would be someone we almost hired former coach Doug Collins..everyone in the Olympics after the winning the medal went and showed loved and payed respect to him and him only..stars love coach Collins and he's been here and is a great teacher and coach..I know we passed up but he's def a big help for 2010 f.A

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    I don't know where getting everyone loves Collins considering the best star Jordan wanted him fired in 1990 along with every other player on that team as it was too harsh on the players critizing some players left and right

  • In reply to Dpauley23:

    umm watch the usa game again and see lebron wade kidd kobe boozer and bosh go to him and show love to him and the other announcer was just standing..they didnt have to but they love and respect..did you read that i said it was to attract a big name..not anything else and how long ago was that..alot of coaches get blamed and wanted out by coaches..its natural..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    Im pretty sure you mean Coach K not Collins as he wasn't even there

  • In reply to Dpauley23:

    lol noooooo collins..dougy thats where i call doug thonus from..i know whos doug collins..i get what you mean but people have respect for him..but he is to slow paced

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    If Dubs win more than 10 there's no way Vinny keeps his job

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    and is anyone else concerned (this may have been discussed in another thread) with the fact that they might be running Noah into the ground?

  • In reply to fola:

    There's so many problems that one is way down the list. The only positive we have going is that the draft is really good

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    Compare last year's losses to this year's losses, over the first 20 games.

    @ Boston by 28
    @ Miami by 8
    vs. Denver by 1
    @ Toronto by 10
    @ LAL by 15
    @ Denver by 19
    @ Portland by 24
    @ Utah by 19
    @ Milwaukee by 2
    @ Cleveland by 14
    vs. Toronto by 32
    vs. New Jersey by 2
    @ Atlanta by 35

    Now, they have 3 close losses in there (Denver, Milwaukee and New Jersey), which are disappointing, but really could have gone either way. Obviously, the disturbing part are the 30pt. blowouts to Toronto and Atlanta.

    No question, VDN is on the HOT SEAT, but let's take a breath and see if he and the Bulls' players can turn this around on the 6 game homestand. If not, then, I agree, changes have to be made to the coaching staff and the roster.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Last years coach should have been fired too (i know... i know...)

    The only thing that can change this thing around is a mid-season trade that nets us John Salmons and Brad Miller. Oh wait...

    Excuse my sarcasm but there's no point in giving vdn any more time. the players have quit on him and his 'system' is a joke. And most importantly, he's retarding the development of our best player. We need to get him out of the way, even if we continue to lose. The whole point of this season (imo) was to allow rose (and to a lesser extent noah/gibson/JJ) to develop into whatever he's going to be. When your bad commentator has better ideas about what this offense should look like than our head coach seems to have, its time for a change.

    Sorry for the rant.

  • In reply to fola:

    It may not be as bad as everyone thinks. I'm curious to see how the homestand goes.

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    You do realize there 1-9 in there last 10 games in there last 7 games right?

  • In reply to Dpauley23:

    I realize that, but look who they have played. They only game that looked to be a gimmy was New Jersey. You may counter with Toronto, but they hardly ever beat Toronto.

    Just take a breath and let's see how this homestand goes.

  • In reply to Dpauley23:

    Bernie to me looks half asleep during games, i doubt he makes any difference. Vinny is an ok coach but its the talent that is near the bottom in the league and thats why we stink.

  • In reply to drob:

    one name to watch is mike dantoni..he loves rose..he hates the media in NY the struggling team..if he left phx with a mvp pg and a allstar big in a 60 win team to hope he can win in new York..but he hasn't and the biggest name NY might get is their own David lee.they have no draft picks..bad team and no future piece to sidekick anyone..don't be surprised if he leaves a team and place he doesn't even like for one he really wanted if it was t for the potiential at bringin bron and bosh..but they won't even get boozer now..he will bail if everything messes up..he and Doug night be the most attractive coaches anyway..stoudemire or bosh..but with either coach I think we land a big name..don't rule it out..he left a great team for a bad..he would and will bail if things conti je to struggle in new york

  • In reply to drob:

    For the love of all things holy--please (PLEEAaaase) make it so. I sat courtside for the lakers game last night and all I could think of was how horrible we are and how far we have to go to get to even get to respectable.

  • In reply to drob:


    Should every Bulls' fan just take a step back and breathe?

    Afterall, the Bulls were 9-11 at this point last year. Keep in mind they could have easily been 7-13, but they beat Utah on the road without Williams and Boozer and they beat Golden State on the road, without Ellis and Azubuike.

    Here were their first 11 losses last year.

    @ Boston by 16
    @ Orlando by 3
    @ Cleveland by 14
    vs. Cleveland by 9
    vs. Atlanta by 5
    @ LAL by 7
    @ Portland by 42
    @ Denver by 13
    @ San Antonio by 10
    vs. Philly by 8
    @ Milwaukee by 7

    So, they suffered there share of blow-outs in the first 20 games of last year too. I realize these last 3 games have looked bad. However, maybe we should wait and see how they do on this homestand before we predict when VDN will get FIRED.

  • December 24th.

  • By the way, Doug, thats actually a GREAT point. Your 100% right about firing him before the Lakers/Celtics games....

    Kudos..I think you are right on with your assessment.

  • that should read "not" firing him before the Lakers Celtics games...

  • Bryon Scott, I like.

  • In reply to vinmotors:

    Scott is one man that I want nowhere near the Bulls. He is not a good coach and if we want a guy that will alienate the team we should have stuck with Skiles who is a tremendous X's and O's coach who just gets tiring on players after a few seasons.

  • In reply to JasonGage:

    if you noticed that he only was in arguements with baron davis and jason have to understand derrick rose wants and neeeeeeeeds to be pushed..paul came up faster than expected because he was pushed around..this team has to get a coach who can coach first of all and get them mature..i see thomas bumping heads with him only..not rose noah and others..but thomas is goina be gone anyway...

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    davis and kidd have big egos..not pooh or paul

  • Doug do you think there's any chance a name coach would come in whomever Byron Scott(whom I don't want) or a Jeff Van Gundy(under contract with ESPN so not available?) I just don't think that really happens does it? They want the stability of the draft and summer league and training camp plus time to assemble their own staff. So if Vinny's fired then 100% or 99% it's Weekend(Season) at Bernies< sorry couldn't pass lame movie reference opp. If there was any chance in hell I'd go with Jeff Van Gundy with the major proviso that an offensive assistant someone established and recognized as a bright offensive system/play caller. A Tom Thibedau except on offense. I just think that responsibility taken off of Van Gundy's shoulders/assisted would/could make him the more charismatic, enjoyable guy he is on ESPN. I know some may say he's too radical/anti-establishment with some of his remarks, but he is being paid to entertain. I know he'd help these young guys like Derrick, Taj(and hopefully James Johnson understand their individual positions and how to relate that to the other players on the court - which is exactly what we need).

  • Sorry I forgot, I'll put my chips on the day after the Celtics shellacking of the Bulls at home.

  • I realize that, but look at who they played.

    Let's just take a breath and see what happens on this homestand before we go and predict when VDN is going to get fired.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Actually, it's 7 out of 10. The Bulls didn't get blown-out in Toronto.

  • I'm content to see how this homestand goes, before I predict VDN's departure.

  • umm did anybody think he would actually leave phx..a team that fits exactly what he wants..i bet he's there for two years MAX..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    he had a franchise with a mvp p.g, a allstar big, great pieces(sixth man)(defenders)(versitility) and the most fun watched team and one of the winningest teams in the nba and gave it all up to just have hope with the ny market and the two max contracts...the two max contracts isnt goina happend and fans will ask for his head if the 2010 free agency is dry on them

  • the point is the NAME coach i never said he fits us..i said if we want a big name in our franchise he fits it..

  • They shooting has been bad (Hinrich, Pargo and Salmons) and the injuries aren't helping either (Rose, Hinrich, Pargo and Thomas). I think people need to take a step back, relax and try to enjoy this 6 game homestand. This is pro sports. Momentum can change in the blink of an eye.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    its not the loses, its the lack of development. Even if we win 6 in a row, that won't change.

    What has vdn gotten better at over the course of the last year?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Byron Scott works. Maybe he can do for Rose what he did for CP3. I would not mind seeing Reggie Theus, although he is an assistant right now. Avery ruins point guards (see Devin Harris) so not him.

  • take it easy buddy. sacremento was always my '2nd' team (i was in love with jason williams' game--and peja)so I still have a bit of hatred for the lakers deep down.

  • of course as the talks heated up..but not when the season ended..he was never going to get fired..

  • thats why i said it only for the free agent class..nothing else...

  • I absolutely love this kind of speculation.

  • byron scott is given too much in his NJ Tenure, it were more the assistants who were more responsible, such as Eddie please no Byron....I like Avery, but what about Van Gundy?

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