Vinny Del Negro hanging on; left to speak when management bailed on him

Some quotes from the Tribune:

"I go on what the people I work with and the people that make
those decisions tell me," Del Negro said about his future. "They've
been supportive."

"I don't let it affect myself or the team," Del Negro said. "I
focus on what I can control and that's our effort and preparation. It's
a little frustrating because I know how hard the staff works and how
prepared we are.

"It comes down to you're judged on wins and
losses. I'm not pleased with our record. We've let a few slip away.
We've dealt with a lot of things, but you can't use those as excuses.
We have to play better and more consistently. I can take that."

"I can sit here and toot my own horn, but that doesn't do
anything," Del Negro said. "I know the development of our players has
been significant. There's still a lot of work to be done. But we're not
that far off.

"We have a lot of positive things with this
organization moving forward with our young players and our flexibility.
Am I disappointed in a couple of things that have happened this year?
Of course. But I use those as a learning tool for myself and the team."

Several headlines this morning spun the possible speech by Forman as a potential vote of confidence.   I'm not sure what was going to be said at that speech, but the lack of a speech certainly isn't helping Vinny's job status right now any.

Left alone these quotes are still pretty disturbing to me.   Particularly lines like "They let a few slip away" and "I can sit here and toot my own horn".   Your coaching job isn't in jeopardy because you let a few slip away.   Every team let's a few slip away.  It's the streak of getting absolutely annihilated for eight straight games that got this ball rolling following losing to a one win team at home and then dropping a 35 point lead.

What can you toot your own horn about?   Player development?   The only player that looks better this year to me is Noah, and his development seems more about gaining strength and playing harder and things he worked on hard himself in the off-season.

Still, it's hard not to feel bad for Vinny being left alone to answer these questions.   It goes with the territory when the team is struggling and rumors are out there, but it's still a tough thing to have to sit through, and I think we can all appreciate that.


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  • I bet Ben Gordon is laughing his butt off right now, even though his team isn't doing much better but whatever....

    We need to trade for T-mac. He's in Chicago right down the street from the UC at that gym working out as we speak, and he said he's hungry to play and win. I don't think it would be hard for the Bulls to get him, if im thinking right this trade would work:

    Bulls Get:
    Tracey McGrady
    Chuck Hayes
    (maybe joey dorsey too aka Rose's college teammate)

    Rockets Get:
    John Salmons
    Brad Miller
    Jerome James

    I would do this trade in a heartbeat. I think it will bring back some excitement to the Bulls and maybe take a little pressure off VDN, with all the questions about his job haha!!

  • ...and what's been up with jannero pargo lately?!? Has he been moved to the bench (aka cheerleader status) or is his back problems still bothering him cause i thought i saw him play a couple of fourth quarter mins against the hornets saturday?!?

  • ...and what's been up with jannero pargo lately?!? Has he been moved to the bench (aka cheerleader status) or is his back problems still bothering him cause i thought i saw him play a couple of fourth quarter mins against the hornets saturday?!?

  • Doug, this is the type of stuff that are reasons why the organization is treating him like chit. They supposedly tell him privately that his job is safe, but when they have an opportunity to say it publicly, they decline, leaving him alone to answer questions. Last year Reinsdorf bashed him only after about 3 months of hiring him. This year, they leave him with serious doubts about his employment, despite them putting together a bad roster. They seem to not hold themselves accountable at all and blame the coach and players, when they are the ones who assembled this mess.

  • Two points.

    #1.) A Tracy McGrady Trade idea.

    To Bulls: Tracy McGrady, Dave Anderson (or Chuck Hayes) and Jermain Taylor
    To Rockets: John Salmons, Brad Miller and Jerome James

    That's fair trade for each team. It's cap and production friendly.

    #2.) Coach K replacing VDN

    From what I hear, Coach K's name is and has been brought up alot at the Berto Center. I know he loves DUKE, but what if the Bulls were to make room for TWO top free-agents, say Wade and Bosh?

    Given his experience coaching NBA players in the Olympics and his roots and/or ties to Chicago, maybe he jumps at that opportunity. Afterall, the only thing missing on his resume is an NBA championship. I'm guessing he can lure some of those top guys to Chicago.

    It's a nice thought.

  • Larry Brown did okay.

    It all comes down to talent anyway. I'm guessing Coach K could bring in a ton of talent via free-agency, based on his experiences with Team USA.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    He's a worth a phone call by John Paxson, even though I'm thinking he would stay at DUKE and with Team USA basketball.

    Right now, I'm still riding the Maurice Cheeks band-wagon. His personality and credentials fit this team, especially Derrick Rose.

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