Tracy McGrady wants out, welcome to Chicago [I hope, sort of]

McGrady wants out; waiting to be traded per yahoo sports:

A source with knowledge of Monday's talks said the Rockets would
have allowed McGrady to stay, but the guard thought he'd be too much of
a distraction to the team.

McGrady is making a league-high $23 million in the final year of his
contract, and won't be easy to trade given his large salary and how
little teams have seen him play this season. Rival teams say the
Rockets are willing to take back long-term money for the right trade
with McGrady, but no deal appears imminent. Talks could pick up closer
to the trade deadline in February when cost-cutting franchises may be
more attracted to McGrady's expiring contract.

So the Rockets are willing to take back long term salary, they reportedly rejected a deal for Gilbert Arenas for McGrady [who could blame them there], but how about this:

Kirk Hinrich + John Salmons + Brad Miller for Tracy McGrady + Brian Cook + Kyle Lowry

The Rockets get three guys who can all play, they only have Hinrich's long term salary there for sure, and possibly Salmons depending on his opt out.  If they want to improve the team, these three could certainly help them out considerably, and are less likely to become a distraction than McGrady.

The trade also should save the Rockets about 1.3 million this season, as they're over the tax and would save 800k on this trade in luxury tax + whatever the pro-rated salary amount is on the 800k in actual in salary difference depending on the time of the trade.

For the Bulls, they lose some depth, and they desperately have to hope McGrady is ready to play, but they gain a whole crapload of future flexibility by ensuring themselves a ton of cap room this summer with Luol Deng becoming the lone long term big money contract left on the team.

If they aren't interested in Hinrich, then there's also the popular Salmons + Miller + Jerome James for McGrady + Lowry or Hayes.

This trade doesn't save them much immediate money at all, but it doesn't have them taking on Kirk's final two years either.   For the Bulls it still gets us out of the possibility of Salmons opting out, and they can hope McGrady can play well while dedicated.

This trade is much more concerning for me though.   You're only getting a possible benefit [Salmons can't opt in on you anymore], but you are getting a primadonna instead of a guy who could be a role player, and you're losing depth in your front court by losing Miller [regardless of how bad he's been at times, he's at least a decent filler body].  

On the court, you're probably not any better, you could become considerably worse if McGrady isn't healthy, and you have lost your depth.   That could be a big price to pay just to ensure that Salmons doesn't opt in.   I'd still probably do this trade, but I wouldn't be so excited about it. 


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  • with brook ariza and battier, i'm not sure why they would want hinrich. he's been performing below his skill level as of late. With their commitment to brooks, it seems peculiar they would pay 9 million for a backup pg. Hinrich has proven that he cant play the 2 guard, and battier and ariza seem like upgrades to hinrich at the position.

  • if this happens can they get benny the bull n jerry krause to meet him at ohare?

  • I don't think the Bulls are willing to trade Hinrich.

  • I like the second Deal more.

    I feel that We get the exact same thing we had with Tmac than with Salmons. We get a player who overdribbles but at least he has the ability to do some of the things salmons tries to do.

    We do lose Miller but We would need a Hayes or Cook or Dorsey coming back. either way we still have Gray here as well as Johnson to give us minutes and size.

    So I feel honestly the second deal is better for us overall in the long run as well as in the short run.

    We cant replace Kirks Defense regardless of how bad his shooting is at times. He can also run the team.

    TMac can hit the open J and will take it unlike Salmons.

    So I am very much pro the 2nd trade but if we do the first trad,e I honestly think we are considerably worst and headed directly to the lottery.

  • If we do the first deal will we be able to keep Tyrus if we manage to snag Wade?

  • I was thinking more along the lines of this.

    To Bulls: Tracy McGrady, Dave Anderson (or Chuck Hayes) and Jermaine Taylor
    To Rockets: John Salmons, Brad Miller and Jerome James

    That's a good exchange of expiring contracts and even fairly even production.

  • I've been following the TMAC situation since it was rumored they wanted to trade him. I'm pretty sure they want a player that has potential to be an All-Star level player.

    I even emailed Sam Smith about the idea who shot me down and then later stated it might be worth it seeing how the season has gone.

    The only player besides Noah and Rose that Houston might be interested in would be Deng because he has All Star potential but then again he plays the three.

    So I guess it depends how desperate Houston is?

    They really want a young star back for TMAC but I doubt they'll find that right?

    It's also been rumored they can just let him expire and save the money for a free agent this summer.

    I found this last night and posted it on blogabull

    Chris Sheridan: Salmons

  • I wouldnt argue that the first trade doesnt help us out the most next offseason but We still have to be able to compete.If we lose both Hinrich and Salmons who is our guards? We will have to call up a different player from the D-League every night. We would definitly need T-Mac to play big all year and also we would need a solid bench with a backup that can run the team. Hinrich is great at that even if he is very streaky.

  • The question I have is it worth dumping Salmon's and/or Kirk's salary if it means the team is going to tank the rest of the year? I mean, 2010 is basically bye-bye if we don't make the playoffs, right? Do you see a situation where one of the top 3 (LeBron, Wade, or Bosh) comes here if we have a bad (well, worse) season?

  • Its not great for us but it does a few things. It gives us a player to take the big shots down the stretch potentially. The definite cap space we werent sure about with Salmons as well as a deep threat for Rose.

    One of my biggest cncerns is TMac is a 3. So who plays the two? Deng, or move Tmac, down but he is also pretty slow to hold a two as well as deng.

    So There is a risk and reward factor but Since we moved Salmons to the bench, I dont think it will be as big a negative than possiive. Also depends who they send back. We will need a guard n maybe a big on the roster.

  • McGrady, or McGrady and Lowry for Salmons, Hinrich and Deng works cap wise.

    Would Houston take on Deng's long term deal and 2 years of Hinrich, if they would not, then it tells you a lot about Deng's play and value.

    This deal, however, puts us #1 in salary cap space for 2010, pretty much double max plus. We can probably sign 2 max free agents(Lebron and anyone that he wants) and still have a shot at keeping tyrus, if his play the rest of this season warrants it.

    This seems to me to be the ulitmate solution, however, I think that the Bulls are still in love with Deng, and just can't admit their mistake(Dengs contract).

    simply put, Lebron and anybody else is better than Deng and any free agent not named Lebron.

    Finally, Miller or James for McGrady does not gain any 2010 cap space as they are already expiring.

  • They are dreaming if they think they are getting a potential All-Star for Tracy McGrady. That's probably just Chris Broussard running his mouth again.

  • I just cant see Houston having any interest in hinrich

  • In reply to bulls6:

    why not? it makes sense because they have a solid back-up point guard, Hinrich is the last white player to be on the all defensive team, and he won't be trying to fight for a contract with anyone.

  • In reply to joe022791:

    yes, but Hinrich is NOT a solid back-up point guard.

    He's paid like a starter for 3 more years and his skills are rapidly declining.

    He's a player you FORCE another team to take by trading them a prospect.

    In this case, Houston has the main prize & they are not in a position to havfe to take an overpaid stiff

  • In reply to joe022791:

    Let me state first that I would be in favor of the McGrady deal proposed by Doug. As little as he's played, you'd think his career is basically over. Anyone trading for McGrady is probably trading strictly for his expiring contract(maybe a hope in hell that he gives you something, but highly doubtful). But I take that $23 Mil expiring in a heartbeat.

    I'm not sure Houston(or anyone else) would be interested in two guys, Salmons and Hinrich, having poor shooting years. Granted, Salmons is a likely opt out, but then again who knows. Kirk has two more out years for fairly high money in this new salary economy. Also, if you give up Salmons and Hinrich any time soon for a guy who's probably not going to play much, I think you kiss this season goodbye. Still, with that much cap space if you can get a solid, name coach, you might be in business with one free agent attracting the second/each other. I think it would be a bold gamble, but we're really all in for 2010 anyway so why not take it all the way.

    However, without a name coach, I don't think any jockeying for cap space etc. is going to matter. People say players go for the money, but in this exceptional year, they also may go for playing with a name coach, another superstar, and Rose. D-Rose who by now we all realize is at minimum a very, very good player with a ton of upside to fulfill with the right coaching and talent around him.

    Still, unless you get the coach you can forget it. It's funny when you look at coaches past records stat-wise. Usually you'll find for any "name" coach during those successful years where they built that name, excellence comes more so in offensive production or defensive stifling. Then you have to take into account rule changes such as hands off on guards on the perimeter now as opposed to then/the 90's. I specifically look for the team's ppg versus ppg allowed or the spread, off. FG%(relative to the talent they were coaching), def. FG%, and playoff won/loss record.

    To me, having a 67 win season, and imploding in the first round because a wily Nellie noticed Miami beat Dallas previously by aggressively fronting, and you can't make the adjustment, plus you then throw the players under the bus?! Sorry, no interest in Avery Johnson here. You look at Lawrence Frank's record won-loss, off FG%, def FG%, ppg and ppg allowed and you have nothing exceptional whatsoever as compared to the other name guys. If Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson, and Vince Carter get you floundering mediocrity that's not the coach I'm looking for.

    To me, it's either Jeff Van Gundy or Byron Scott. Realizing there are those who will say Van Gundy quit on the Knicks or Scott "lost the team" in getting eviscerated by Denver. Hey, you coach long enough unless you're Phil Jackson there are going to be some chinks in the armor. Van Gundy's defensive acumen can not be denied. The defensive stats of his teams collectively are astounding. And Scott has solid numbers in all categories for multiple years at both N.J and N.O.'s Unless Van Gundy is willing to take on a known talented offensive assistant(and acknowledges he needs the lessened burden to lighten up), I'd lean toward Scott. I don't entirely like either guy, but they are workers, leaders, and winners.

  • In reply to joe022791:

    doug i love how you understand that if mcgrady is out there and salmons is here than swap these guys because mcgrady is way better for now because salmons is playing horrid and tracy has an expiring incase it doesnt work..but however..if houston is going to trade..theyr goina want tyrus thomas and not just hinrich or jerome james..they want young if we cant move salmons then make the deal without him and add james johnson and it would look like this..,thomas,hinrich,(move him at any cost..future purposes)james johnson and miller along with maybe cash and a 2011 first for mcgrady,scola,lowry and cook would work..ima give you reasons why this deal would work bothways..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    houston saves 3 million right after the trade.doug poitned out there in the l.t..they also would only have hinrich as the only some what of a long term deal with only 3 but jj has 2 and miller and thomas's expire. thomas,jj,cash and a future first would make them take a serious look at it..hinirch gives them depth and a veteran and miller played in adelmans system and they are extremely thin at c..dont worry the 2011 class is going to be terrible and if we build a winning team in 2010 then why would we want a bottom draft pick to maybe hurt out spending(guarnteed rookie salary)..BUT IF MCGRADY WORKS OUT! lol then his near worst maybe near what ben gordon brought to us honestly..17-20 points a night per game..another thing is this deal brings in lowry and scola for our 2010 team(resign them)..two guys,along with taj and our microwave type lottery pick this season in a deep draft could lead our bench..ANOTHER note..if we land mcgrady than we would know how it feels to have joe johnson along with derrick..but joe isnt as nearly as good as what mcgrady once was but he's still an all star and have VERY similar games..their big two guards who score,dribble,pass and dominant the ball at most times and attack and iso the same way..the only reason i say joe johnsons name is because bringin him and having rose and noah along with our 2010 thing would REALLY make is the front is our only problem..well maybe portland too..but miami has no pair up big for bosh and warm weather doesnt win games..dwade is bound to be like arenas soon(overpaid and injured and soon to be old so wouldnt make his contract worth what he is anymore) and they have no point guard or rreal depth..scola and taj would back up bosh and noah..rose and joe johnson in the backcourt with lowry and a 2010 scorer off the bench for joe johnson would really make our team a contender. mcgrady has to come here in order for us to know..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    Derrick Rose
    Joe Johnson or xavier henry(which we aint getting)
    loul Deng
    Chris Bosh
    Joakim Noah


    lowry,(a very solid back up for our core piece)
    free agent or lotto pick
    free agent or lotto pick
    scola(a steal for a bench guy)
    and taj(length like noah and runs the floor but is a better scorer than joakim but needs to rebound for us more)

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    head coach...byron scott..and this might be his 1st or second most talented team..he went to the finals twice with new jersey and nearly took new orleans there..he would def take us there with us having potientially four all stars and none being ego guys but just guys who want to win and be great..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    How is it we get Joe Johnson and Chris Bosh?

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    This would be a very good business move for Chicago 1. because of the expiring contract for McGrady, 2.Chicago was on the cusp of beating Boston last year Look at this line- up..... pg- Derrick Rose, sg- Tracy McGrady sf- Luol Deng pf-Jokim Noah c- Brad Miller / Aaron Gray This will give teams fits because you cant just double one or two guys then the bench is young but deep the only thing they would have to worry about is a second sg but this team could contend with boston and other teams in the east... the Other thing is that vinny is on the verge of losing his job McGrady will bring people to the stands and will make Chicago better this will also make Chicago more competitive with, Cleveland Lebron may still be the best but this will give Cleveland, Orlando, and Boston a good run for the money rose have a lot of heart and Jokim wants to win so does deng.... paxton.....MAKE THIS TRADE FAST THIS WILL EVEN SAVE HIS JOB

  • In reply to CarlBanks87:

    you think mcgrady is the same player he was before surgery? if so why isnt he getting any tick. my guess is he is still hurt. Ive got news for you mcgrady at his best does not make the bulls a contender

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    just what the bulls need another guy that quits his own team and demands a trade.sure to bring good karma,maybe we can get ron artest back and start serving cocktails in the lockeroom during the pregame.

  • In reply to bulls6:

    Personally, I don't think that Houston would have any interest in Hinrich, Salmons or Deng, but as a Bulls fan I can only hope that they would want them all because all that I care about at this point is maximizing our cap space for this summer.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    But there's the problem--what point is there in maximizing cap space if no one wants to come, which is likely if the team is bad?

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