Thomas to return Saturday against Hornets

Per KC Johnson:

"I feel good," Thomas said. "Just a little soreness in the muscle
and tendons but not in the area where I had my break. That's healed.
It's strong. With the addition of the plate, I don't really have too
much of a chance of breaking it again. It's just more of me now being
comfortable with the rangith the addition of the plate, I don't really
have too much of a chance of breaking it again. It's just more of me
now being comfortable with the range of motion and getting everything
back working."

Getting Tyrus back is definitely big for the organization.   He's not the best player, but the team will regularly go eight deep instead of seven deep, and they gain some athleticism, size, and defense with his return.   I'd suspect we'll see a drop in Deng and Noah's minutes the most which should allow them to play a bit more effectively than when they're worn to the ground for the entire game.   Particularly Noah.

I also found this quote interesting:

Asked if he immediately improves the Bulls' defense, Thomas didn't blink.

"I'd like to think so," he said. "Some people may differ. But I think my presence on the floor impacts the game a lot."

For whatever reason, it strikes me as odd that he acknowledged he has a reputation as a poor defender.   It made me wonder if he was referring to coaches, media, or fans when he referred to "some people".  



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  • It'll be great to have him back. Tyrus is great to watch and always makes things interesting.

  • The way Miller been playing it's going to help big time as he's one of main reasons we've been falling behind early. I think that considering it's his contract he could just goes bananas too and fool someone into give him a large deal

  • Used my web development browser through OS X / XP to give him 5 votes. I'll flush em and give him more later on as well : )

  • It will be a welcomed addition up until he takes ten jumpers in one game or stops running the floor.

  • there are no more crazy deals for guys like him anymore in this league. Only top players will make crazy money. with the low cap and the ruff economy guys like Tyrus Thomas, David Lee, Nate Robinson, Anthony Randolph etc wont be getting deals like they used to.

  • I think Tyrus will be a great help and maybe lead to more fast breaks, c'mon VDN lets get running when he's back.

    Even if Tyrus doesn't play well, I still love to see his great blocks and dunks.

  • taj was playing better off the bench. ALso we didnt utilize him in the 4th quarter that often. we played luol at the 4. With tyrus back, we get to see less of miller, which ought to be an improvement. ( After Miller became the beacon of stability/hope last season, it's weird to say that)

    If we can find a way to see less of pargo, ima be thrilled.

  • Personally, I have a hard time seeing how Thomas plays enough to make a positive impact on the team. At this point, Noah, Gibson, and Miller pretty much have a lock at the 4 and 5. So that would leave only minor minutes at the 4 and 3 for Thomas. I don't see him coming in and having much of a impact.

    I think the Bulls should just trade Thomas for a late first just like they did with Thabo.

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