The Bulls play pressure defense

Maybe next time Luol can walk up and hold down the knot while the opponent is working on tightening up those tricky loops. 

Seriously though, Deng was trying to get Pargo to switch back to reset their defense, and he was far enough off Jack that a steal wasn't going to happen if he went for it.

In the end, it was something which was sort of funny or unbelievable to see, but in reality wasn't nearly so damning as it will be made out to be.


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  • Could have gotten up on him to make him play with his shoes not all the way tied. Good thing he wasn't worried enough to watch the defense or he may had a stroll in the park to the basket for an easy 2.

  • I was curious about that, because it looked like Deng was moving out to guard someone else. Couldn't tell who though. Thanks for the reasoned analysis!

  • I dont think Jack was trying to show off or anything like that, i had no issue with what he did or with what Luol did. It Luol pressured him Jack would have just stopped and went back to dribbling.

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