Rich Bucher: Joakim called LeBron a b*tch

From his twitter:

Sources @ the
bench on what Joakim said to LeBron: "This is so ****ing old" + the
clincher that got LJ coming at him: "You're a b****."

Nice.   Of course, who would have thought that dancing would piss off Joakim Noah:

Seriously though, obviously a big difference between dancing on the court in the middle of a game and dancing in a post game celebration after winning a title.   Of course, not having won a title, who can blame LeBron for not understanding a big win.

I'm glad Noah said something and stood up to LeBron.   Someone had to. 


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  • He acted like one last night. Good for Noah.

  • I agree, good for Noah. For years my friend and I have talked about Lebron's antics on the court, he truly is an ass-hat.

    I think Noah couldn't have handled that better. He spoke his mind, but didn't do anything to get suspended, if he'd of even stepped off the bench we would missing Noah for a game. Also I liked how he handled the questions after the game. While Lebron came off like a sniveling child, Noah took the high road and didn't comment on what transpired. Good for Noah.

    I hate Lebron, but I'd love to hate him on the Bulls.

  • Does anyone have problems viewing the comments? Or am I just being banned from another blog?

  • noah is one of my best favorite player in the chicago bulls. and for him to say that to lebron it was great i hate that dude but hey noah had to do what he had to do. my respect goes for noah go chicago bulls.

  • Sam Smith has great articles on this BTW. He also this pretty good question in will Lebron want to come to Chicago more or less because someone will stand up to him like Noah did.

  • Yea they really need to work on the loading of the comments, its slower than Brad Miller and Aaron Grays love child.

  • Noah stood up to L James, what are you talking about! Noah looked like he was going to cry and he quivered on the bench as James approached.

    Why didn't Noah stand up,he is all mouth. Noah is an embarrassment to Chicago, he is a Froggie Florida Fairy...............

    Noah is greatly improved but he is still a weakling and gets killed
    by strong opponents and get pushed around under the rim.

    I am still waitng for the Vinnie and the Bulls to retaliate for the Celts cheap shot on Miller in the playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No-Shot Noah's cheap talk after he got his rear end kicked on the court makes him a P-ssy, we can see that he is still a weakling!

  • In reply to Alex:

    What are you talking bout Alex??? If you look at the replay, Noah did stand up when Le-Bitch walked over to him. So yes he did stand up. And Noah didn't want to get suspended, which was smart. He did as much as he could without getting suspended. And you're prolly not a true bulls fan if you think Noah is an embarrassment to Chicago. Him and Rose are our two best players. So why don't you stop hating and cuz we dont need you, a fake bulls fan, around here.

  • In reply to cheech:

    Cheech, hoping and wishing dies not make the Bulls better!

    No-Shot Noah the weakling, got push out of postion all day long in usual he can't compete against strong forwards and centers. But what would you expect, it took him three years to get in shape! In the recent blow out losses the Bulls led by No-Shot Noah were murdered in the paint. In fairness Noah did not have much help but that doesn't change the fact that he is a weakling!

    If you want to make a comparison, Noah compares to Hinrich and Deng, two grossly over rated and over paid
    poor excuses for NBA players!

    So far this year the only player worth keeping is Rose
    and he may never be an All-Star but he wil get better
    if the Bulls progress!

    Watch Noah under the rim, he must get stronger by lifting all year long! He is probably too lazy to work that hard!

    PS Paxson stinks!

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