K.C. Johnson: Bulls have talked about Tracy McGrady

K.C. Johnson reports that the Bulls have talked about Tracy McGrady:

T-Mac time? The Rockets granted Tracy McGrady an
indefinite leave as they work to trade the disgruntled guard and his
expiring $23.2 million contract. McGrady is scheduled to make Chicago
his home base as he trains with Tim Grover.

Mike McGraw seems to back up that rumour:

McGrady recently left the Houston Rockets and both sides reportedly will seek a trade. Sources suggested the Bulls are open to acquiring McGrady, who is just 30 years old.

McGraw also mentions that John Salmons could be moved in order to cement the financial flexibility for the Bulls this summer. Should Salmons be a part of the McGrady deal, it'd be natural to assume Brad Miller and Jerome James are included.

A Salmons/Miller/James package matches salary wise for McGrady, and the Rockets could even include Joey Dorsey or Brian Cook if needed.

The Houston Rockets turned down an offer from Washington that would have sent guard Gilbert Arenas to Texas. Chicago can offer Houston a center in Miller who would bring more size to the table. The Rockets are starting the 6'6 Chuck Hayes at center, and could use a larger player alongside him and Luis Scola.


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  • You actually make the most convincing argument...I am almost sold, but change would be good, especially if it better prepares the team to make a run at 2010...

  • I'm sold......T-mac is a chance worth taking. I still remember him scoring an unGodly amount of points in about a minute and a half to beat the Spurs.

  • If the Bulls could get one of Houston's younger SG's (Budinger or Taylor) I'd be okay with such a trade.


    To Bulls: Tracy McGrady, David Anderson (or Chuck Hayes) and Jermaine Taylor

    To Rockets: John Salmons, Brad Miller and Jerome James

    That's a nice trade for both teams.

  • so if we trade for Tracy will we role out the red carpet again? to bad its not baseball season because we could have had him throw out the first pitch again at the white sox game. I was watching NBA TV yesterday and David Aldridge stated Tracy was the most dissapointing player of this decade and i really cant fault him. When Rockets went to the 2nd round without him, well his fate was sealed.

  • then the same thing can be said without yao..which they had even more success with out him..

  • Doug, what would our lineup look like if we get Tmac?

    Do u think he can play the two or would we start kirk n bring him off the bench or wat? I feel our guards would be so thin.

  • I'd do the McGrady thing just to dump either Kirk, Luol or Salmosns but not to keep him

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