Does Reinsdorf control the local media?

Saw this fanpost on blogabull

Just go read the post, there's too much there to find something to quote, but it's basically a long post on how Reinsdorf is affiliated with all of the major media outlets and controls much of the media in Chicago.   The thought process there is that the Bulls media coverage is far less critical of the organization [ownership/management] than it would be otherwise.

So you tell me?   Do you think the Bulls get a break from the media due to Reinsdorf's connections?

I'm not sure that they do.   They seem to be ripped pretty regularly on ESPN1000 and the score whenever I listen [if they're the topic].   Your beat reporters aren't really there to editorialize the Bulls spending habits which is why you don't see K.C. Johnson, Mike McGraw, or John Jackson ripping on the team for how they spend money.   It's simply not their job.

They're there to report.  When I do read editorials on the Bulls, they're usually by people whom I don't think really follow the team, know what they're talking about, or really have a firm understanding of how the salary cap works anyway.  However, those editorials are still almost always ripping the team.

As for the pre/post/halftime shows, I'd expect those to generally be biased regardless of who is producing them.  You're always going to have a group of homers doing that kind of stuff.  It's part of the business with any team.  However, the comcast post-game show regularly rips on the team.  Norm was famous for ripping on them.

It is interesting to find out that Reinsdorf owns so much of comcast sportsnet, I had no idea about that myself.   His in with the score [a connection searched for by the author] is fairly obvious since the score broadcasts white sox games.  

Either way, I don't think on a day to day basis Reinsdorf's hands in the media mean much in the coverage of the team.   The examples sited in the middle of a contract negotiation might be an exception, but I don't know, it might also be sour grapes by Mariotti who's one of the most disingenuous people in all of sports.  I don't really listen to or read about the Bulls and think "wow these guys are giving the team a huge break here".

[As a side note, for whatever it's worth, this blog is affiliated with the Chicago Tribune, but at no point has anyone ever commented in any way about what type of content I should post on it.   I don't think the blog is such a media juggernaut to attract sufficient attention anyway, but at least in my own little microscopic world this hasn't happened to me]


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  • Doug's been bought!!!


    Interesting affiliations. Since I don't live in Chicago, I knew next to nothing about how much he actually had his hands on. As for the subject, I go back and forth. I do think JR would step in if someone made a piece or a comment that had the potential to really hurt the genereal perception of the Bulls or White Sox. But I don't think he necessarily monitors every show or article, and fires everyone who says something anti-Bulls.

    But still a very interesting breakdown of the businesses JR is involved in.

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