Chicago looking at Joe Johnson?

Marc Spears from Yahoo! Sports had this tidbit in his recent piece:

Two NBA sources said the Chicago Bulls are emerging as one of the leading candidates to land Joe Johnson when the Atlanta Hawks guard becomes a free agent after the season.

Johnson, sources say, is intrigued about teaming up with Bulls point guard Derrick Rose.
Johnson's agent, Arn Tellem, also is close to Bulls chairman Jerry
Reinsdorf and the Bulls would love an elite perimeter shooting threat
to make up for the loss of Ben Gordon.

Joe Johnson is looking a deal that averages well over $15 million over the course of his new contract. Gordon was denied a contract that would have averaged $9 million.

One thing that calms me down is the fact that the article pretty much focus on Johnson's desire to play in Chicago and not vice versa. However, we've seen agent Arn Tellem get the Bulls to sign one of his free agents before, due to his close relationship with Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf.

Does the name Ben Wallace ring a bell?

The Bulls should first and foremost look for a power forward. How would they look if they dropped a top 10 shooting guard for nothing, and even declined to pay him at a reasonable rate, only to sign another shooting guard one year later, for much more money and who isn't all that superior in the first place?

Not good, is my guess.

We'll see. There are always plenty of 2010 rumours out there, and this is just another one. Johnson is an excellent player, but he's also closing in on 30. Maybe it's time to switch philosophy. Get young players (preferably shooters and big forwards) in here, and try to develop them. Do it through the draft, trades and only use the money in free agency if someone like Bosh or James wants to sign.

It's important to remember having cap space also makes the Bulls more flexible in trades. They can absorb large contracts, and perhaps even get an unprotected pick in return by saving some team's finances by removing a solid $15 million worth of contracts.

All in all. The possibilities are there. Settling for Joe Johnson could end up biting the Bulls in the behind. 


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  • I have a feeling when Lebron and Bosh resign with their respective teams, New York/New Jersey/Miami, johnson is going to get paid something absolutely and completely ridiculous. I haven't paid much attention to Joe Johnson at all through his career (I guess he scores more off the dribble than Gordon and is a bit better passer) but he's just going to get older and more expensive. It's sad to say this, but I think it's going to take more in the future than 5 years of Joe Johnson productivity to become a serious team.

    If we can acquire Anthony Morrow and retain cap flexibility, I'd be just as fine. How much do you think morrow's getting paid?

  • I think we should also remember that the top free agents are likely to leave via a sign and trade. The fact that the Bulls could (at present) offer up Deng, Kirk, JJ and/or Taj in a sign and trade could help them in terms of picking up two big time free agents.

    That being said, the Bulls need players who can shoot the three, defend and can score in the post. From a skill set perspective, Joe Johnson isn't that bad a pick up (sadly, and I know this is blasphemy, he fits the skills needed more than Wade). However, I agree with the Stig that the Bulls still need a scoring 4 as their top priority

  • Doug this does spell sooooooo much trouble because their goina say...he's a great player and the fans will love him...I think other wise...if this is true then we're bound to have one of the worst free agent signees ever..Johnson is only bigger tham Gordon..dribbles and passed alil better...but every other problem we had w Gordon will be in a bigger body..moves bulls management shouldve done these moved over year..sign and trade Gordon and Noah for Rudy and gasol ..worked the three way rumor of stat or boozer going to Toronto and we give up deng 2first rounders and tyrus for bosh or if we had to inculd miller with one first rounder for a large contract of their own..all this been shouldve been done before turk went to Toronto...boozer stock rised and amare wasn't given out for beans(goodentyrus and one pick)and Gordon(even if mayos there they want and need to win and get fans)he shouldn't have left for nothing..

  • wow u must feel strong about that comment

  • If Johnson is all we get when this is all over, you have to ask what was it all for, but I also can't possibly see signing Johnson as "the worst signing ever" or remotely comparable to Ben Wallace. He'll at least produce to his career stats.

  • The problem with Johnson is that he doesn't shoot the three all that well. When you have a point guard like Rose who can get into the lane anytime he wants, you will need somebody who can light it up from beyond the arc.

  • Doug, you hit it on the head. Bring in and draft young guys to develop with Rose, pick up good free agents along the way, acquire draft picks and keep Rose, Tyrus, Noah, and Taj if possible. Everyone else is expendable.

  • In reply to preston:

    I'm kind of flattered that everyone thinks I'm Doug ;)

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