Chicago Bulls vs New York Knicks, 7:00 PM CSN-Chicago

The New York Knicks square off against the Chicago Bulls tonight. Chicago is coming off a tough loss to the defending Champions Lakers. The Bulls fought hard throughout, but came up short due to the 42 point performance from Kobe Bryant.

Bulls center Joakim Noah ripped down 20 rebounds and swatted six shots, while primarily being matched up against Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol. Noah was active all night long, and forced the Lakers to beat the Bulls from the perimeter.


Point guard Derrick Rose was aggresive going to the basket, but missed a lot of close shots due to the Lakers' big men. Rose finished with 21 points.

Luol Deng hit a three-point basket in garbage time, bringing his total to ten makes on the year, and that on 45% accuracy. The small forward removed the three-point shot from his game back in 06/07, but has had moderate success with it the last two seasons.

Power forward Tyrus Thomas is still out with an arm injury and will miss tonights contest. Thomas was rumoured to New York last month for Al Harrington, the Knicks' best scorer. Harrington was on the Bulls' radar last season as well, when Golden State and Chicago flirted with a Kirk Hinrich/Al Harrington swap. But Hinrich went down with an injury, and talks died.

Forward Taj Gibson has done well since coming off the bench. In just under 26 minutes, the rookie has increased his scoring, rebounding and shot-blocking. Gibson has been far more effective than newly appointed starter Brad Miller, who seems to struggle on the road. Lucky for him, the game tonight is at the United Center. The Bulls will have a chance at seing their old pal Chris Duhon, plus Larry Hughes and Eddy Curry. Both former Bulls as well.


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  • FYI:

    Derrick Rose has gone GQ, which is fine, but what's up with those outfits?;_ylt=Asg8MjnGMPTmpcZoMclEPTi8vLYF?urn=nba,209380

    I have to believe he's going to take some flack for that outfit on the right.

  • The Bulls need to win tonight, no questions asked. In fact, they need to start a 7 game winning streak to end this month. It's time for them to start COMPETING and BEATING the teams on their upcoming schedule.

  • Can I be a devils advocate and just say that we made our run with derrick out of the game, and Hinrich running the offense. When Hinrich is out there, we stop the everyone just look at derrick dribble mode.

  • Noah fouled on the dunk.

  • Knicks are jacking 3s in this game, bulls should have been up 20.

  • Were is Doug and everyone else?

  • Rose redeems himself after the turnover, Harrington barals over him.

  • 3s just stopped falling

  • Noah and Rose with a stupid miscommunication.

  • Knicks took 22 3s in the first half. Live by the three die by the three i think they say.

  • John Salmons is dead weight folks.

  • Noah with a powerful slam.

  • Noah and Taj are going to look a million times better next to a scoring 4 next year.

  • Gallo nails a deep 3 with a hand in his face.

  • Deng taking it to gallo.

  • Bulls need to win this, knicks have heavy legs because they only played 6 guys.

  • Taj baby, 2 pt lead. Lets roll.

  • Yea Taj, let those Bulls fans know who you mother ********* are.

  • why wont John Salmons just break an ankle? i kid i kid i dont want to see more Pargo.

  • back door pass by Noah to Rose. 6 pt lead.

  • Taj with a dennis rodman like out of bounds save.

  • why take out taj and keep in salmons?

  • Knicks love the 3 lmao.

  • 14 for 44 from deep for the Knicks.

  • Looking at this game Lee wouldnt fit well with this team.

  • Salmons finally.

  • I am so worried that our guys will be worn out real soon, i cant wait for TT to come back lol. We need Noah to rest some extra minutes now because of his shoulder. Thank God we have a day off tomorrow, have fun with the Clips tomorrow NY lmao.

  • Good win folks.

  • Had to win this one, and they did. Onto the Hawks. We'll see.

  • Ok so John didnt play as bad as I made it seem but boy he does play ugly.

  • wow i love realgm but the place has become so negative that its so hard to read.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    I've had a harder and harder time with the board the last year or so. Lately, I just don't have the stomach for it.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Its like enjoy the win, dont be so negative. Did they really expect 50 wins or something?

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