Charlotte Banner Herald Sports Radio appearance

For those who miss the Bulls Beat, I'm doing a web radio show appearance this afternoon.  If you're interested in listening in, I should be on the tail end of the show around 4:30 (CST) on the Bobcat's Monday show run by Charlotte Banner Herald. 

It kicks off at 3:00 (CST) and assuming I typed it out correctly, you can listen by clicking here [I can't check it from my present location].  If for whatever reason that link doesn't work, go to, and search for charlotte bobcats, and you should find it on the on Air/Upcoming list.
--- update --
I wanted to thank Joshua for having me on the show, it's always a great opportunity to do these kinds of shows when you have a chance.  It's always fun to talk to someone else knowledgeable about the NBA, and he obviously has some pretty good contacts around the league to get Lawrence Frank and the Bobcats assistants on the show.

I wanted to apologize to Joshua for having my phone cut out at the end of the show abruptly.  I haven't gotten to relisten to anything yet, but it always stinks to have something like that happen.   It was a lot of fun, and I'd hope to be able to try it again sometime.


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  • Sounds good. They Knicks talk was really cool interview and those guy seemed really cool

  • Doug, best wishes on your web radio segment.

  • that was interesting. chris paul free agent? if only.

  • In reply to Jdog1021:

    I was going to say the same thing. I'm sure that's incorrect. The announcer is either confusing something he heard about Chris Bosh or he is just thinking wishfully.

  • In reply to WearShades:

    Im pretty sure Paul would of been a free agent, but he just signed a 4 year deal last year

  • In reply to WearShades:

    I felt bad for Doug when he kept bringing it up as well when Doug obviously tried to avoid answering diplomatically.

  • In reply to WearShades:

    He would have been a free agent this past summer.

  • It was really wierd as there was just silence for 30 minutes. Also did anyone catch it when he totally botched Doug's last name? He called it like Thotus or something like that

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