Bulls; the least watchable team in the NBA?

From the SBNation's Wizards blogger:

I know what you're thinking.  Hey, that Derrick Rose guy was awesome in college!  Joakim Noah is fun!  Tyrus Thomas makes highlight plays.  And wasn't that the same team that played in that awesome series vs. the Celtics?  All true.  But this is a new year, and let me tell you, this team has absolutely no cohesion.  There is no organized "offense," just Rose dribbling around the perimeter and Luol Deng and John Salmons shooting contested 20-footers (the worst shot in pro basketball).  Rookie forward Taj Gibson is lauded for being cerebral, which should tell you something about his entertainment value.  It's the classic case of a team who is so much worse than the sum of its parts.

(Though it is funny to watch Vinny Del Negro's "coaching" in action. "We missed a couple of freethrows, they got a couple of offensive rebounds, we missed a couple of shots! NO BIG DEAL!!")

It's awfully hard to argue with this.  I don't get to spend a lot of time watching non-Bulls basketball, but I can't imagine a team less watchable than the Bulls who are among the worst teams in the NBA on offense and don't even come up with many wow plays given their supposed youth and athleticism.

Sad for me that I'm still watching every game then eh?


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  • I would love to argue with the guy who wrote that but I really cant Doug. We are very boring and i offten find myself changing the channel and seeing other teams play. Now look we are not a defensive team and not an offensive team, like I love to watch the Warriors and the Suns because they play a fun style and can light it up and its exciting and Boston is fun to watch because the way they play D is amazing. We cant say either one of those for the bulls. Other teams have nice benches to look forward to, when I watch the Hawks i am always like cant wait to see JC come off the bench or in Denver Ty Lawson, in Dallas JJ Barea, in San Antonio Blair and Hill, in Detroit Jonas Jerebko and Will Bynum and so on for other teams while we have a bench full of garbage. Its sad really and it reminds me of 99 when I would sit infront of my tv trying to cheer on Mark Bryant and that little white guy we got from Houston in the Pip trade lol.

  • i agree with him on the Nets, sure they have some nice young talent but they dont play like a team. They all seem to have their own agendas on that roster. The Wolves? God they are awful to watch. Jefferson still looks in pain, Sessions hasnt played all that well and who the hell wants to see Oleskvy Perhrov (butchered his name i know) play and Nathan Jawai. I do disagree with him on the bobcats since they added SJax, as well as the Pistons because there guards are fun to watch. Miami is boring to watch especially when Wade is off and the same can go for the Hornets when Paul is off or injured. I dont know why he lists Raptors as fun to watch, their international players look half asleep on the court. I agree that the Rockets and Thunder are fun to watch.

  • From ESPN power rankings:

    26 (24) Bulls 8-14 Can't see how beating the depleted Dubs gets Vinny out of trouble. Not because of the Bulls' history of firing coaches in December, but because the last four losses include three blowouts and a home L to the Nets.

  • If we had Derrick Byars or Terrence Williams we would be fun to watch.

    oh shut up i just had to lol

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Laugh all you want, but those two guys are alot more exciting to watch, then James Johnson, right now.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    Terrence Williams would make the Bulls more exciting. By the way, this is what he thinks of the Bulls organization.

    "I would love to play for the Bulls," he told me. "I told them that in the meeting. I told [Vinny] Del Negro that I would love to play for him 'cause I love their style and I love how Derrick Rose distributes the ball as a young point guard. I love Ben Gordon, I love their young players with [Joakim] Noah, [John] Salmons, I love everybody on their team and I love the way they play. It fits my style. I'd love to play there."

    He said this right before the NBA Draft. He doesn't want to play for New Jersey. He wants to be on the Bulls and play with Rose and Noah or on the Bobcats, so he can be mentored by MJ.

    What is Paxson waiting for? Go get this kid.

    To Bulls: Terrence Willaims
    To Nets: James Johnson, Cash and a 2nd Round Pick

    I think that could get it done.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I'll go out on a limb. If Paxson/Forman were to trade for Terrence Williams (ASAP), I GUARANTEE you he gets in the running for Rookie of the Year. I say that, because he wants to play for the Bulls and he would be great with Derrick Rose. That's no BS either.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    the bulls need someone who can spark this team, either trade or coaching change.. and also, we need another shooter.. and defensive center, go fine in the D league.. or euro league, check our scouts.. just make a point..do something about this.

  • In reply to buneck:

    TWILL, CAMBY or WAFER would be nice.

  • In reply to buneck:

    By the way, did anybody notice that CHRIS BOSH wears alot of baseball caps from CHI-TOWN? If you go on NBA.COM he just made 4 videos of his greatest highlights. In those videos, he's wearing a Chicago Cubs hat (a little WGN connection, maybe?). He's also been seen wearing a Chicago White Sox cap on his youtube page, off and on.

    I hope that's an indication that he loves CHI-TOWN. God knows, he is needed and would be great on the Chicago Bulls roster next season and beyond.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Hope they can fine a coach.. ala scot skiles's identity.. top!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    TWILL just TWEETED this message.

    "Getting back to my writing tonight first short story will be called "my goodbye letter" some of y'all can use it trust"

    Let's hope that means JOHN PAXSON/GAR FORMAN just traded for him. I'm telling you, he's ROOKIE OF THE YEAR, if he plays next to Rose.

  • I'm contemplating even watching the Lakers game. The Bulls aren't just boring their a depressing and pathetic. JR's collection of garbage smells pretty bad.

  • Egh The warriors are a fun mess to watch though Doug. Monta is pretty sick and can score at will and get to the basket with the best of them. Morrow is just an amazing story and i love his 3pt game. The Wizards though i agree with you Doug, they are not fun to watch. Agent Zero is a shell of his fomerself and so is Caron Butler. I am not fond of their young guys except for Nick young. That Foye and Miller trade really didnt work out for them as both have struggled to stay healthy.

  • most dissapointing Justin had to be the 2nd Ben Wallace season by far. We took a huge step forward than the following year a huge step back, so much bickering and so much selfishness.

  • I could not agree more with his assesment of Del Bimbo as a coach.

    He is completely clueless in virtually every regard. Hard to believe from a guy who has spent his entire life in the game.

    Del Bimbo couldn't coach highschool ball. Maybe that is why we are so godawful boring to watch

  • I think Vinny is a big part of the problem along with Reinsdorf not willing to pay for a real/name/experienced coach. Also, Reinsdorf letting the team's staple scorer walk away, not replacing, and then lying by saying he wouldn't be missed/it wouldn't be a problem. Now predictably the team is awful. It seems Salmons was less, much less in fact then Reinsdorf's tight pocketbook hoped he would be.

  • Only a certain few players can make a team exciting to watch. The Bulls last year had Rose/Gordon/Tyrus, this year we have an injured Rose. No one else draws any attention from non-Bulls fans.

    Last year the Bulls were a run-n-gun team, this year VDN tried to tell us he was going to emphasize defense. Instead he just slowed down the offense to make the defensive numbers look better, and it has made them worse and unwatchable.

    Rose keeps people interested so the Bulls aren't as unwatchable as Minnesota, Indiana, Nets, Clippers, and I would put the Knicks and Warriors with them too. They have a fun style of play but they are just sooo bad, and I don't like any of their players.

  • I happily sold my Bulls/Lakers tickets for a healthy profit. Not much of a desire to see the Lakers throttle the Bulls.

    Of course, I've seen a fair amount of bad Bulls teams over the years, and upsets can happen.

    The team *is* a bore to watch. Its really due to lack of effort and a complete lack of execution.

    You get the sense during most games that the team isn't giving close to 100%.

  • The trainee Paxson has created the Laff-A-Bulls. When this clueless GM is gone thay can start rebuilding again!

    The core of the team, Deng and Hinrich were grossly over rated and grossly over paid. These two are untradeable!
    Of course, Paxson can just give them away! Why not he gave Gordon away for nothing! How is that working out?????

    Throw in the latest media darling the weakling "No-Shot Noah", who took three (3) years to get into shape and
    we can all see why the Bulls are now a joke! Noah wore his clown suit on draft day, why didn't we see the warning!

    Do you get it, the media printed that garbage from Noah the mush mouth about not playing hard for the whole game! How stupid is the reporting? Noah was winded for over 2-1/2 years and gets pushed around like a Disneyland fairy from Florida under the rim because he is toooo lazy to lift weights!

  • Paxson is the reason the Laff-A-Bulls stink! Losing Gordon was his worst mistake. Gordon opened the floor for the whole team, Hinrich misses him more than Rose and Salmons. Hinrich, after circle dribbling until the last 3 seconds can't dump the ball off the the double covered Gordon anymore. Now Hinrich has shown that he belongs on the bench!

    Why blame Vinnie, Paxson created the Laff-A-Bulls. Noah ware his clown suit on draft day so that he would fit in!

  • Couldn't agree with you and most of the others more. This team is so bad; they don't even generate more than a chuckle from Sir Charles and Kenny. No coherent style of play; no chemistry; it's as if they haven't played any organizational basketball, have no coaching, and don't watch other NBA teams. What can the fans do that is outrageous enough to get the message through to the tightwads, lame brains, and other assorted mental midgets that own/run this disgusting franchise? Doubt that you get one decent squad if you combined the Knicks, Nets and Bulls rosters.

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