Bulls finally win a laugher; feed Chicago

I suppose nine points isn't really a blow out, but the game never felt like it was in jeopardy.  At least as much as a team who can blow a 35 point lead can win a game without it feeling in jeopardy [at least in the second half, it sure didn't feel good when they lost the early 19 point lead], and for the first time this season, the Bulls handed out Big Macs to the crowd [and there was much rejoicing.... yay....]. 
Derrick Rose played the way fans have wanted to see him play his whole career tonight [aside from the 6 TOs that is] by attacking the basket relentless, getting to the free throw line for eight attempts.  He hit plenty of big shots, and did most of his damage in the second half when it mattered.

The Bulls, as a team, shot well from the three point line at 6/10 which really broke open the game as Deng and Salmons hit back to back threes while the game was close to put the Bulls up by nine.   The Pacers never recovered.

Tyrus Thomas had about as good a night as a guy who shot 2 for 10 with 5 turnovers can have dominating the glass, blocking shots, and making some nice passes.   All things considering, I'd consider it a solid second overall game despite not scoring particularly well (8 points on 12 shooting possessions isn't as bad as 2 for 10 sounds though once you throw in the fouls he drew). 

Kirk and Salmons had the ultra rare game [in fact, is it the first time it's happened this year?] where both shot over 50% from the field.   When those two guys are both shooting well, the Bulls are a very tough team to beat.  Even Brad Miller came back to life tonight hitting six of nine shots for the Bulls who finished the game shooting 52.8% from the field in a very rare efficient offensive night for the team.

On defense, the Bulls did a solid enough job.  There were moments where Roy Hibbert looked like he could dominate the game, but they faded fast, as he was able do almost nothing after his first solid stretch.   Josh McRoberts had a four minute stretch where it looked like he was a player as well, but did almost nothing in his other 23 minutes.   You could make similar comments for the rest of teh Pacers as well.  Individually a guy would get hot for a few minutes, but they couldn't maintain any continuity all game long.

All in all, a nice win for the Bulls against a bad team.   It's hard to get too amped up about a win against the Pacers at home while they're missing their best player, but they comfortably won a game they should win.   There's really nothing more you can ask out of the team than that on any given night, especially with the "Vinny's going to be fired" stuff floating over the time.


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  • With all this talk of fire VDN is anyone talking about Byron Scott. BTW miss your podcast.

  • I thought it was a very HO-HUM effort by the Chicago Bulls. It was nice to see Salmons and Miller play that good. Also, Rose is starting to COMMAND THE BALL more, which he should do. So, all and all I'm happy the won, but I still think they need a few TWEAKS.

    - James Johnson NEEDS TO GO.

    - Jerome James NEEDS TO GO.

    - Jannero Pargo NEEDS TO GO.

    - Aaron Gray NEEDS TO GO.

    - Vinny Del Negro NEEDS TO GO...probably. (Mo Cheeks or Coach K)

  • I feel bad for Vinny, they should just let him go instead putting him through this. Sure they dont have a replacement yet but let Peter or Bernie coach till you find a coach. I would never ever want to work for the Bulls as they are the most disloyal team in the league. They are an organization that stabs people in the back. How can you give Vinny 100 games and than say he isnt the guy for the team? you basically took away 20 ppg in BG and said hey Vinny now go find away to score 90 points a game. This organization is as ****ed up as the Knicks/Warriors.

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