Bulls fall to Bucks 99-97

I didn't get to watch the whole game live, as I rarely get to watch a whole game live, so I bring you the links describing the outcome, and I'll chime in with the thoughts I have as well

Blogabull's recap

Chicago Tribune

Daily Herald

Sun Times
First, I made a big point of discussing how injuries would make it hard for the Bulls to win.   No excuses against Milwaukee who's missing Michael Redd and Luc Mbah a Moute (I'm sure I hacked the hell out of that spelling, if so apologies). 

Second the Bulls lost this game in two phases IMO, first they don't shoot threes, and second they couldn't force turnovers.   Milaukee only had six TOs on the night compared to the Bulls 14 (which is respectable if not great), and thus the Bucks had more possessions while shooting basically the same percentage. 

The Bulls made it to the line more, but the Bucks ultimately won by shooting more threes at a high percentage.

Why didn't James Johnson play?   I always ask that question.   Especially when Lindsay Hunter played 20+ minutes.    It's interesting because the Bulls played well while Hunter was on the floor, so it's hard to criticize despite the fact that Hunter didn't really do anything effectively.

It was nice to see Derrick Rose burn the hell out of Brandon Jennings in the second half, but I'm not sure why he wasn't doing that earlier in the game.   Also nice that Rose had a better game overall than Jennings for those concerned about the Jennings > Rose bandwagon. 

This was the first depressing loss in awhile, as it was a game you really hoped the Bulls could win.   They do play a beat up Detroit team at home next game, so they'll have another opportunity to put a win on the board even missing Hinrich/Tyrus.


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  • This BAD LOSS has to be put on Vinny Del Negro's shoulders.

    He got outcoached by Scott Skiles. He failed to use James Johnson and Jannero Pargo, given the injuries to Kirk Hinrich, Tyrus Thomas and Aaron Gray. There is NO EXCUSE for that. He needs to learn how to better COACH, MOTIVATE and PREPARE his team to play, night in and night out.

  • Doug,

    I'm beginning to think Vinny Del Negro wanted DeJuan Blair in the draft over James Johnson. Okay, that is tongue and cheek, but there has to be a reason why he isn't playing your boy.

  • If this game doesn't prove that Del Bimbo isn't coaching scared, I don't know what will. He treated it like a playoff game, using a 7 man rotation with guys playing over 40 minutes.

    everybody knows that we are not winning squat this season, the only purpose is to develop our team for next season and beyond. Playing Johnson is a vital component of that process. Del Bimbo coaches as if every game is his last, and at this rate it soon will be, at least I hope so.

    The thing that is starting to worry me now, is that my initial reaction to James Johnson being on the Bulls radar was that he was going to be the second coming of Dickie Simpkins. After getting some info on him I felt alot better. Now, however, if he can't even play one minute with Thomas and Hinrich out, maybe he is Dickie Simpkins little brother, Del Bimbo apparently thinks so.

  • I have to agree with Mr. Happy, it seems like Vinny is not playing James on purpose to show mgt that he never wanted him drafted.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    I wonder if John Paxson and Gar Forman are happy with VDN's decision not to play James Johnson.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    i never understand why hunters on the floor, but last night he had a blocked shot, deflections, the FIRST 3 pointer of the night, and a coast to coast layup. hunter was the one of the best bench players last night.

    the bulls depth is absolute crap during injuries. i'm starting to miss tim thomas (that's scary).

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