Bulls easily beat Pistons winning three straight

Tyrus Thomas continues to be the lead story for the Bulls who have won three straight since his return, but the real story is Derrick Rose's new found ability to get to the free throw line.  The single best thing that could happen to the Bulls is Derrick Rose aggressively attacking the rim and drawing contact for free throws.   We're starting to see that more and more, and Derrick's ceiling raises considerably as the parade to the free throw line grows.

The energy for the team is vastly improved with Tyrus Thomas back as he creates another threat on offense, and it's loosening up the game for everyone else.  Joakim Noah dominated the glass, Derrick and Tyrus dominated from the free throw stripe, and the Bulls won a game where Detroit never threatened.

Sadly I didn't get to see the whole game as I had already made plans for the afternoon before realizing the Bulls had a day game.  The signs are there that the Bulls are coming together though, and you wonder if Vinny can earn some job security by getting on a hot streak at this point.


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  • In my opinion, VDN won this game for the Bulls. When he BENCHED Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich in the 3rd quarter for playing like GARBAGE, that changed the game. He put Salmons in at SG and Thomas in at SF along with Rose at PG, Gibson at PF and Noah at C. That move and lineup is what gave the Bulls a double-digit lead, which they never gave up.

    Good job VDN. That's a nice road win for the Bulls. Also, I think Noah had a career high in rebounds today (21). So, he bounced back nicely as well.

  • I got a chance to see the whole game, and outside the team turnovers (24!) the Bulls looked good. A focused Tyrus Thomas has really been the "laxative" this team has needed to get unstuck on both ends. A lot of it is his individual play, but it's also the case of just getting back to full rotation.

    This team now has eight NBA players, plus 2 maybes (JJ and Pargo). That depth helps so much. Deng can have a subpar game, and others can step up behind him for a game. When Tyrus and then Kirk were out, that meant guys really had to play great every night for the team to win, which is always a goal but never attainable in practice.

    So far, when the Bulls have had the complete roster they've gone 5-2...

  • VDN does deserve some credit for taking Hinrich and Deng out in the 3rd Quarter and replacing them with Salmons and Thomas. That moved made the difference.

  • every good game tyrus has ever had this year and last..we won..i never noticed that..he isnt a mvp..but it shows he's more important than loul and kirk..two guys who can score 6 straight and the game still feels like tipoff ...

  • Are John Salmons and Tyrus better coming off the bench?

  • Did you all see RIP and and Kirk going at it in the 3rd? Kirk picked up his 4th foul and was walking to the bench and Rip starts barking at him and Kirk takes a seat and starts barking back and laughing. This went on for a good two minutes, Kirk is bad ass. Also was it me or was that floor looking a little slippery today? If I was Vinny I would have taken my team off the floor after Rodney turned his ankle right after Ben Wallace did to ensure the pistons crew cleaned that floor. Seemed like bodies were going down a lot. Anyway solid win. To all those BG whores on realgm bulls board suck on it, actually suck on all of it.

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    Yeah, I saw that. Best part was right afterward when Kirk sat down and Salmons came in the game. It was hard to hear but, first play for the Bulls, Salmons pulls up for a jumper on RIP and yells "Take that!"

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    holy crap am I sick of seeing Noah n Thomas dribbling around out of control....FINE THEM FOR THAT...sick of seeing Deng not hitting the offensive glass nor getting back on transition defense. Same for Salmons.....so many mental errors it is a wonder they can dress themselves for games.

  • doug i hope i mean this..but i would love to have tyrus back lol..i know its a contract year..but him and joakim are a front court presence..they bring so much energy and both are really young..noah and tyrus need to continue to take big strides like last year..and i think if tyrus and joakim both add 10 pounds this offseason and noah plays the paint and tyrus plays around it..our interior defense can be great..noah has the length,footwork and motor for a big who can be a defensive presence and tyrus has the athleticism and quickness to alter and chase around smaller players and play the pick..both guys can run..both guys are long, quick,energetic and extremly athletic for their position..their only problem is using these things reguarly..muscle and coaching could make our front court one or the best in the league defensively..and if you lookd at EVERY SINGLE FINALS BATTLE..you would see great interior defense..all im saying is tyrus should stay..i always felt like if him and joakim every got it mentally and physically..we would be great..he shouldnt leave..he wouldnt cost us more than loul or kirk..he would actually be a factor and a defensive player of the year later in his career with the right coaching and trainer..but we all see his talents and what he can bring..its no longer a fluke..

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    he's done it too much to say is it a fluke anymore..its up to the coaching to get him to do it reguarly because he has it in him..he has tremendous upside..and is already a impact on the defensive side..get him to get bigger and he has the passion..its his mind..and thats easilly controllable..look at joakim last year and this year..hes focused..i love tyrus and sometimes drives people wild..but him,joakim and derrick could be defensive gamers with their size and athleticism..get them going staff!

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    This is the last blog post in 2009....*sniff*....Im sad now:(

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    Gone on vacation for couple of days so didn't get to see the game. I was wondering if you guys could help me on the Rose foul calls though. Was he actually driving into contact or was he just getting calls because he was getting hacked

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