Bulls Beat Pistons 92-85

The Bulls broke their five game losing streak with a win against a hapless looking Detroit team which is still reeling with injuries.   Ben Gordon had a pedestrian performance in his return, going for 18 points on 16 shots while collecting 3 rebounds, 5 fouls, and 1 turnover.   He was booed every time his name was announced which seems par for the course for any player who leaves via free agency.

Otherwise, the Bulls won an extremely sloppy game.   The offense still looked terrible, but somehow playing against an even more hapless offense helped take the edge off tonight.   The Bulls did have a bunch of exciting dunks, alley oops, and drives tonight.   Derrick Rose scored 19 points on only 9 shots tonight making it to the free throw line for 9 attempts.

It was one of the most aggressive games he played this season as he was in all out attack mode and scoring the majority of his points at the rim rather than with mid range jumpers.   He shot the ball efficiently and had plenty of free throws as well.  

The only issue was that Rose appeared to forget how to dribble the basketball on a few occasions where he had just awful turnovers, but that seemed like a lack of focus and likely isn't a long time worry.   Overall, an outstanding performance by Rose.

John Salmons had a great game attacking the rim, and even had a few iso post ups on Gordon called for him.   He hit three of four from downtown which was a big factor in the Bulls easy win.   He also attacked the basket at will and used his size against the Pistons smaller backcourt to great effect.

Luol Deng couldn't throw the ball in the ocean tonight, his five field goals came largely on gimmie plays, and he was atrocious when shooting, however, he still was aggressive enough to earn several trips to the line, rebounded well, had a few assists, and forced some turnovers.   Overall, he had a nice game for a guy who had a terrible shooting night as he found other ways to contribute.

Joakim Noah was solid on the boards, chipped in 7 points, and had a whole ton of nice passes.   He also did a nice job helping to break the press by dribbling the ball up from the backcourt on multiple occasions or skipping passes ahead.    The Bulls did give up too many offensive rebounds, but most were on long rebounds and not on a lack of interior rebounding on Noah's part.

Brad Miller had 14 points, 7 boards, and 6 assists, so he also filled up the box score.   It was Miller's best game in a considerable amount of time.  He had some excellent passes including a great ally oop he threw up to Rose.

Taj Gibson fouled out in less than 20 minutes of play and failed to box out on numerous occasions.  He was filling up the box score early nailing jumpers and had four rebounds in his first few minutes on the floor but never recovered after getting three fouls.

Lindsay Hunter managed to play 11 minutes without screwing anything up though he started hacking people left and right due to lack of speed collecting four fouls in his minimal time on the floor.

Jannero Pargo only hit two shots, but one of them was a three right after Gordon knocked down a three which was nice timing.   Still, he played pretty poorly overall, and the Pargo/Hunter backcourt almost gives me a heart attack even though it managed to play Detroit even.

James Johnson didn't play annoying me again.

A great win overall, especially with a road game against Cleveland coming up on the schedule next.   The Bulls better be careful in running their players into the ground in that game since they have to come back and play Toronto at home the next day, and Toronto is the more winnable of the two games.


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  • So Doug, do you think the fact that JJ is constantly giving it to Vinny's wife on a nightly basis will keep him on the bench all year or just for now?

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    I think Tyrus set up JJ with Vinnys wife on purpose lmao.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    Also to comment, when we had pargo and hunter in together, I just wanted to fire Vinny for the thought of even putting them both out there. It was like he was asking for a run by DET.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    When James Johnson doesn't play on a depleted roster, considering Vinny will be here some more years, he'll never get significant minutes from here on out. If we're winning, I wouldn't complain. What keeps me laughing is when I see Vinny at the U.C. or on television, because he said that he'll miss Tyrus athleticism and energy. I love Tyrus but what else does Tyrus Thomas do?

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    I hope they resign him.

  • The game was very boring however its great to see Rose continuing to show he is improving healthy wise each game. Our defense was really good tonight but as Doug said our offense is ugle and brutal to watch. Brad continues to annoy me with every passing moment, Lindsay should be getting no more than six minutes a game. As for James Johnson another guy we should add to the mix of young guys we have failed to develop properly.

  • I fear they may be wearing Noah out Doug and thats why i cant wait to get Tyrus back (ya i know i am shocked i said that as well) so he can give Noah some minutes of rest.

  • I agree with you on you said Hunter did not hurt us tonight however Vinny needs to tell him to never under no circumstance shall he shoot.

  • On the ugly side, but we needed a win to stop the bleeding. That'll do for now.

  • I'm also pleased the team didn't lose with Gordon putting up 30 since while an early season game should never be seen as offering any real short or long term verdict on an off-season move, the boards would have been filled with panic and frenzy and I might've had to poke my own eyes out.

  • They were on the court together for good 15 minutes this game

  • Ok Doug forget what I said last article about JJ. Its definitely warranted now. If JJ cant get any burn with Tyrus and Kirk out, we might as well send him D league just to keep in shape.

    JJ has talent and we will definitely need him in the future, but he isnt going to give us much the way Vinny uses him.

    You guys remember how crazy at times Tyrus played as a rookie? He knew he had to be perfect in his time in to play. So he pressed. He went for every block. Climbed over people to try and grab every rebound..even when it wasn't there. ie the looking over your shoulder.

    I sense none of this with Taj. Taj has had some horrible stretches. Bad fouls, not boxing out (did you hear Noah ragging on him twice about it last night?) Taj plays as much as he can...which is about 20 mins because he is always close to fouling out every game.

  • Advice for VDN re JJ

    Vinnie might do well to try and make his bosses look good in their decision to draft James Johnson.

    Taj will wear down his rookie year and Noah/Deng are piling up minutes early in the season. While Tyrus Thomas is out the other players are getting high wear and tear that's unnecessary.

    Besides, wouldn't Bulls management like to see their first round pick do well?

    Vinnie's stubbornness in not playing James Johnson is becoming more and more evident. Really, to not utilize JJ's talent in at least some limited way is quite strange.

    Come on Vinnie, let the kid play.

  • John Paxson and Gar Forman need to go Chris Bosh...NOW!!!

    * Or something close to that would work.


    He is ticked off at his team and quite frankly, based on his comments and play last night, I think he has lost faith in them. Even the Raptors radio team joked that a house would be going up for sale in Toronto soon.


    He's coming to town in a few days, so maybe the Bulls' brass can keep him in town. Afterall, I would rather see him playing in Chicago long-term, than Miami or Cleveland.

    PG - Rose/Banks/Hunter
    SG - Hinrich/Pargo
    SF - Deng/Johnson
    PF - Bosh/Gibson
    C - Noah/Miller/Gray

    * Or trade Aaron Gray too and get some d-league players on the roster.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    If getting Chris Bosh means Jerry Reinsdorf has to pay the luxury tax, so be it.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    hay doug does miller play better during home games? maybe that's why he wasn't terrible? i havent looked at the stats yet.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Perhaps THE 76ERS! can trade for CHRIS BOSH! That would be AWESOME! They would make the PLAYOFFS! for sure! ;)

  • In reply to muhammond:

    This is a Bulls site, not a Sixers site.

    The opportunity for the Bulls to trade for Chris Bosh is right there in front of them. Paxson needs to step up.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I'd love to acquire Bosh, I just don't see how it happens right now. Even if you have the fodder for the deal, and you probably don't, why the heck would he sign an extension now, we can choose where he plays in the off-season. And without an extension it would be crazy to trade away important pieces for half a season of Bosh. If you can get him for expirings and such, great, but that isn't very likely. I don't see how it hurts to sit back and wait for the offseason, which also allows at least the opportunity, albeit a small one, to acquire someone even better than him.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    BTW "BG is a piston, if ur not booing then move to Detroit"...

    This is just a dumb statement. Because I dont boo a guy, means I should move to another city...Please...

  • In reply to muhammond:

    Oh Mr. Happy, you brighten up my day.

    How about this: Bulls package Hinrich, Deng and a no. 1 for LEBRON! They'd have to take it, I mean 2 guys and a no. 1 pick for ONLY ONE GUY!

    Then we trade Noah/Miller for DWIGHT HOWARD!!!

    Maybe Salmons/Pargo for Kobe/Gasol?

    Lastly, we take a Delorean back to 1988, kidnap Michael Jordan, and bring him back here!

    Rose, '88 Jordan, Kobe, Lebron, and Dwight Howard as your starting 5. Then Gasol off the bench. We'd go all the way! Make it happen Gar!!!

  • In reply to muhammond:

    Mr Happy

    PJ was imitating the Philly douche that came here and wrote in all caps..

    I attend a decent amount of games, and was embarassed at the crowd last night booing BG7. Let me say, I was not a big fan and was happy when he left, but there is NO reason why they would boo him. I get it, he plays for the Pistons, but that was class less...Im all for booing guys who say, drink during halftime, or something like that, but BG was a stand up guy who did a lot for the community.

    Boo Bulls fans..Boo...

  • In reply to muhammond:

    So Doug,
    Is there any inside news or gossip related to JJ or is it just Vinny being a prick.lol

  • In reply to muhammond:


    What is with the coaching staff? Can they teach something? Can they make better players? I think that JJ has a better feel for the game than Tyrus, but at the same time, JJ looks loss on the court. So my question is, it is the coaching staff that sucks? Do they have the hability to teach JJ how to fit in the game?

    I question the staff. Tyrus 4 years to develop?, D. Rose no 3 pointers, JJ just sitting on his pants. What is your opinion on this?

  • In reply to muhammond:

    Dan Frystak for GM! I love it, thanks for the laugh.

    Doug, seriously, what is the deal with VDN and JJ....I mean he plays Pargo and Hunter together but cant find some minutes for JJ, the # 16 pick...wtf is going on?

    Regarding Gordon...I applauded when he first came in but why shouldnt he be booed....he turned down nice contracts or he'd be here today making nearly 10 mil a season....instead he went to a dreadful team to make max money....I say Booooo to that. Dmband....be classy like BG and grab your crotch, give me a break that there is no reason to boo....its sports....you either cheer or boo...BG is a piston, if ur not booing then move to Detroit. It's not personal....its sports lets not forget.

  • In reply to CN71:

    I'm not among those outraged over Gordon leaving. I was sad to him go but also understood the reasons that saw him leave (from both sides of the issue), but I can't fathom why anyone would boo Ben Gordon. In fact, I just picked up tickets to 1/11 game the Pistons come to the UC (probably my only home game of the year since I now live in SF), and I'm pretty sure I'll cheer BG when he's announced.

  • In reply to CN71:


    It would just be nice to see the fanbase show some respect for a guy that was extremely productive for the team, and also did a ton of good things in the community. He did not leave on bad terms and has had a lot of good things to say about the team, etc. since he has been gone. As I stated, I dont see why you would boo? Because he plays for the Pistons, but they didnt boo the other players like that. The fans sure seemed to make it personal when they booed everytime he touched the ball..Im all for laying into guys if they are d-bags, but BG never was, and has been a class act since he left.

  • Pretty convincing. But what if you trade Noah now and Bosh signs with Miami? You've got one less piece to attract one of the other stars. I might agree if we edit it to say anyone other than Rose or Noah, acknowledging of course that doing so probably edits us right out of the running. For the record, I would certainly trade Noah for Bosh plus contract extension.

  • "The thing is, of the guys who've left, they never went on to do anything they weren't doing here anyway."

    I have to take some issue with this. Since the glory years, the following players have passed through only to get better later on down the road:

    Brad Miller: Became an all-star his first full year away from the Bulls.

    Ron Artest: You admit this.

    Jannero Pargo: In 06-07, he averaged twice as many points per game as he did the previous year with the Bulls, becoming a key scorer off a playoff contender's bench.

    Roger Mason: Had the forsight to draft him in 2nd round...and then never played him. He now starts for perennial contender San Antonio Spurs.

    Tyson Chandler: He may have done similar things for the Bulls that he did for the Hornets, but he did them much more effectively and more consistely with them. His first two years in N.O. he averaged over 10ppg and 12rpg.

    Whether it's due to lack of coaching, or simply poor talent evaluation and recognition, the Bulls are weak when it comes to player development. I don't know if that falls on one or many people. But it needs to be addressed. An easier way to argue this point is simply to look at the W/L totals from the last 9 years. Since MJ left(*single tear falling), the Bulls have been an average-to-below average team every year. Isn't this at least partially related to a lack of player development/talent recognition?

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