Brad Miller called for flagrant on Rondo

On a foul that was no worse than what Rondo did to Miller last year and didn't get called for a flagrant.   In fact, it was quite a bit less harmful given that he didn't draw blood and grabbed him by the chest instead of smacking him in the face.  

Otherwise the play was similar.   I know these refs aren't the same ones who screwed up the last call, but this kind of stuff pisses me off.

I like the way that Rajon "f--king whiney b--ch a--- p--sy" Rondo laid on the ground for 30 seconds to make sure he got the call before getting up and then being fine.  

It's just about this time that I'm realizing the Celtics have perhaps three of the biggest a--holes in the NBA on their team between Rondo, KG, and Rasheed Wallace. 

Screw the Celtics. 


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  • Greatest post you can ever make. Just retire now

  • Dead on! That's why I hope, if the Celtics get to the finals, that they lose on a game 7 at home on a buzzard beater...


    The play of the game. The Bulls were down 58 to 52. They make a steal, where Deng and Rose have a 2 on 1. Deng SELFISHLY doesn't pass the ball to Rose for Dunk, but instead dribble the ball off his foot. The Celtics come back down and knock down a 3 pt shot and the blow the game wide open.


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Unfortunately, Deng learned that play from Ben Gordon.

  • He had Rose in front of him on the left as I recall as soon as the steal was made. He was WIDE OPEN. There is NO EXCUSE for that.

    Even worse, Derrick Rose was being aggressive and having his way with Rondo through 2 quarters. Unfortanely, the 3 MORONS on the Bulls (Hinrich, Salmons and Deng) kept jacking up and got the ball to Rose a grand total of 1 time in the 3rd quarter.

    Salmons and Hinrich NEED to be traded.

  • I can't even type, I'm so frustrated.

  • Small correction.

    Rose had 4 touches in the 3rd quarter. Two of which, he took from the top of the key and drove to the basket.

    That's RIDICULOUS.

  • It looked like Deng was going to take one more dribble and pass it, but it went to far out so he to try and regain possession which he could never do

  • Rondo will never ever be on an all-star team because he is a dirty player and complainer, coaches will never vote him on a team.

  • In reply to Newskoolbulls:

    wish that were true but too many dirty players been allstars. Rasheed, Isaiah, Laimbeer. Anymore pistons come to mind? and just about every nba player complains, its a must to get the calls. i bet the international players have a tough time complainin in english though.

  • Doug, a truly fine use of the bully (media)pulpit. Well done. I'd rank KG as a-hole #1 with Rondo a close #2, and Rasheed rounding out the field as the guy that helped sink his team with it's about me technicals in a playoff series.

  • I HATE the Celtics... not as much as I HATE the Pistons or Lakers but still.

  • I think that play epitomizes everything that is wrong with Deng, and why he is just not a top tier player.

    Essentially, he is a robotic unathletic and not particularly basketball smart player who cannot create anything for himself or his teammates.

  • Brad Miller is a flopper and he is the dirtiest player in the nba. I don't know what game you guys were watching, but the Celtics don't play dirty. You bulls suck because your players foul too much.

  • In reply to borg:

    The Celtics are the biggest douche's in the world. KG is the biggest ass in the world. He thinks he's so great, but where is he in the clutch? One of the most unclutch players in the NBA. Rondo a thug who needs to get his ass drop by JJ with his martial arts moves

  • In reply to borg:
    I dont like how KG runs his mouth any more than the next guy but i dont agree that he isnt clutch. The guy and duncan have been the two best power forwards in the league for years. Im looking forward to watching rose go head to head with rondo in the upcoming years. Weather you like rondo or not, the guy is a hell of a point guard.

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