Berger: Bulls give Del Negro to mid-january

The Chicago Bulls must have had enough of head coaches being fired on christmas eve, as they now have given head coach Vinny Del Negro to mid-january to get his act together:

From Ken Berger

Rather than push the panic button too early and send the surrender
message to the players, GM Gar Forman and advisor John Paxson were
telling confidants that they preferred to give Del Negro until
mid-January to prove this season was going somewhere.

So the Bulls have given Del Negro another month to prove his worth. The coach with no former coaching experience is earning a league-low $2 million a season and has been given a lot of chances this season. The Bulls are 10-16 and the team have had a ton of blow-outs and embarrasing losses. The 35-point loss to Sacramento last night and the loss at home against New Jersey stands out.


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  • Great!!! Another excellent decision by Bulls management. By that time the Bulls record should be something like 10-30 and already out of the playoffs run; even the Knicks, Grizzlies, Kings and possibly the Timberwolves could be in the playoffs run. Management has planned for next summer but it seems that none of the Big Three will come to the Bulls. Who would want to sign with such a bad team, mediocre management and the WORST "coach" in the league?

    After last night's embarrasing loss to the Kings and all the previoius blowouts, the Bulls should have already fired Vinny. His decision of playing only seven players could result in an injury to Derrick, Joakim or Luol (the only players who have played fairly well this year).

    Please fire Vinny asap!!!!!!

  • Is there anyone out there that puts any blame on the players anymore? On their lacking the competitive spirit to pull out a victory when they are behind? I would just like *once* to see someone write about Deng missing jumpshots as opposed to complaining about VDN still being there.

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